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I started a save a few months ago where I tried to increase my use of data hub/data to help me run my team. Based on this experience, here are few things I would like to see added:
(1) I think the scatter graphs in the data hub are great for looking at a few individual elements, but do not provide a holistic view if you are trying to compare two players. The stats tab in the player comparison area is OK, but it doesn't really help me if I'm trying to compare 2 LBs for instance. I would like to see the stats per 90 section in the player comparison area replaced with a polygon that compares two players in key areas, similar to how you compare your player to league averages (even better if you could customize the polygon).
(2) Because I found holistic player comparison difficult in the data hub, I ended up creating some statistics views in the squad section. A lot of stats available in other parts of the game are not available to add to your squad view such as: xG/90, Possession Lost, Possession Lost/90, Possession Gained, Possession Gained/90, and Clearances/90. I would like to see those added to the chalkboard so they can be used in squad views.
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