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How to evolve your squad when you're on the "top of the world" ?

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Hey guys !

Hope you're all well during the Covid crisis.

I finished my third season as Head coach of Arsenal, and it went pretty well :

- Premier league : finished 4th at the first season, then 2nd during S2 and S3 (loosing to one single point to Liverpool, while beating them twice in the PL)

- National cup : won the FA Cup against Liverpool in S3

- European level : won the 2 CL i qualified for (S2 and S3) against Liverpool (1-0) and Man United (2-1). I also won the Supercup.


So here I am, summer transfer market before S4 and, I'm blocked. Some of my key attackers are not doing well :

- Zapata is getting old and a bit of injured, even though he's still a great player ;

- Isak has been kind of a disapointment. As I'm facing more and more low blocks (as I am very dominant in both Premier League and CL), he has less space to run and score, and "strong players" like Zapata are better to move defence. He also has been quite a disapointment as a player on the wing.

I'm confident about my midfielders (Odegaard, Tonali and D. Rice has regular starters, ESR, Fofana and Camavinga as sub's).

My defensive players could be better (looking for a good BPD, as Gabriel and Lacroix lack of passing imo).


But here is the thing, the players I might want to target are overpriced (Mbappé in Liverpool, Haaland in City) or not even interested (SMS saying that my Arsenal team isn't competitive enough) and I don't want to take the risk of a lower quality but youngers players (as my Board expect now amazing results).

Futhermore, I'm feeling like PSG : facing lower blocks against bad teams, taking risk in order to score. I decided to play "like City" as I have the possession and the players for, and as I feel its one of the best ways to win with my team. However, I fear that teams are going to understand how I play and counter it (pretty much the case already though).

TL.DR : I don't know how to manage the new and high expectations my Board gives me. I'm facing the transfer window with fear as I'm afraid of building a non-balance team. Any advice ?

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