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[Suggestion] Player "Currently Playing In Position/Role" flag

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Basically, my suggestion pertains to players who are currently being played in a secondary, tertiary or otherwise non-familiar position by their manager, with the intention of it becoming a medium-to-long (that is, at least the next half-season or more) position. Examples of this include Joelinton - a striker by trade - now being played as a box-to-box midfielder by Eddie Howe; Bastian Schweinsteiger who was redeveloped from a wide midfielder to a central/defensive midfielder; Gianluca Zambrotta, a winger who became a, either-side full-back or the more obscure examples from this season of Dominic Schad at Kaiserslautern who, normally a full back, has been used as a central midfielder, and Marlon Ritter, previously a versitile attacking midfielder, now being used as a playmaking Six.

This should function as an editor flag/checkbox, where if the player is being played at a less-familiar position in real life with relatively little positional familiarity in-game, "Currently Playing in [DMC]" and "Currently Playing as "Regista (S)" could be selected for example, for a player normally an AMC/AML/AMR who has been reinvented over a preseason. This would be of benefit where the player has good individual attributes to play that role, but doesn't have the positional familiarity for the AI to otherwise select them there, meaning the player can naturally develop in that role without it being set in the database and possibly requiring the researcher to reduce other positions in familiarity or adjust the player's CA.

The AI Manager would then regard that player as if they themselves had begun training them in the new position, and it could be re-evaluated by the AI at the next transfer window.

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