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Sort of Consolidated Bug Report / Feature Request from long-term testing

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Hi Riz et al.,

I've probably done in the region of 40-50 long-term sims (25+ years) with 1.5 as I look to finalise some of the prospect generation stuff I do. I consolidated my main findings into a list below:

1. ELC's incorrectly sliding a year (I know this one is ongoing)
2. Cap calculation issues (there are still some issues with the cap calculator specific to buried contracts above 1.125m AAV)
3. RFA Arbitration bug we found in NTHL last season (explained below)
4. How AI selects new GM's at NHL level - choosing reputation over ability
5. NHL teams occasionally not hiring HC's and staff (see my other post regarding AI Teams not hiring staff)
6. Fired GM's & HC's getting their reputation reset to 1 - IRL HC's and GM's often float around the NHL after being fired, or become assistant coaches but normally when a coach is terminated they never work again in EHM.
7. Teams not hiring "balanced" coaches - splitting between Goalie, Defence, Forward, as well as conditioning and technique based coaches. General Improvement needed here - easiest way might be to split coach role into Goalie coach, fitness coach etc. roles?

RFA Bug:

1. Oettinger with SJS was RFA eligible for offer sheet and arbitration
2. PHI offer sheeted Oettinger, he accepted
3. SJS did not match offer sheet
4. Oettinger was supposed to join PHI but board cancels transfer
5. Game "reset" the rights and so Oettinger was no longer arbitration eligible as he accepted an offer (but PHI board cancelled it)
6. RFA rights then expire on 1st August, but the arbitration is not done (I checked the news items of SJS, he did not go through an arbitration award process)

Feature Requests:
1. Ability to modify waiver periods (would help in online leagues if in-season waiver periods were 5 or 7 days instead of 1 day)
2. Ability to make waivers only possible during trade window periods (so after TDL - noone can be put to the minors unless they previously passed waivers)
3. Try to have more common philosophies between President, GM and HC, speaking specifically about playing styles
4. Nearly all NHL teams should have Presidents at this stage
5. Ability for NHL teams to hire staff from other NHL teams for "higher" roles i.e. AGM -> GM, Coach -> Head Coach etc.

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