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U18 Development Advice: Balancing Mentoring, Training, & Game Time

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Hey all,

I know that training is the most important variable for U18 development, but is it the only one that I should be considering? I'm managing Barca, the B team is in now up in the Second Division, and some of my more promising 16-17 y/o's are capable of playing at that level.  As I see it, I have a couple of options, and I was wondering how better players would think about this:

1) Keep them in U-19
    Pros: More time in training, about the same level coaching as B team
    Cons: Bad competition in matches, no mentoring, worse coaching than senior side

2) Promote to Barca B
     Pros: Lots of game time at a challenging level, more training time than option 3
     Cons: No mentoring, less training time than option 1, worse coaching than senior side

3) Promote to Senior Side, register/play for B team
    Pros: Mentoring, game time, best coaching
    Cons: Substantially less training time due to senior side match schedule

My thoughts were #3 for those with lower professionalism & #1 for those with good professionalism.

Attaching a few screenshots for reference:

option 3

Spirited + Evasive/Unflappable -> 15-17 prof -> option 1


bad personality -> option 3



Training king


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