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Friendly Match List Issues

Kirkus Octavius

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Hello dev team,

I'm not even sure whether to report this as a bug or just a design issue. It is the pre-season. Clubs the world over are playing friendlies. You are shown a list of all upcoming friendlies like the one attached.

Issue 1: I can never consciously and deliberately find this list. There does not seem to be any way that I can go to any part of the UI and say "Hey, I want to see all of the upcoming friendlies". For actual competition matches, you have to go via the Competitions tab => Matches => Fixtures and Results, but Friendlies? The list pops up when it pops up and you can nevvvvverrr find it again, until the next time it pops up, typically just before your own friendly. If you cannot find something via the UI I think there is a compelling case that there's a problem with the UI.

Issue 2: I'm a top flight club manager in Italy. I'm sure that the contest between the Rusttown Railway Football Club under 23s and the Barrowville Market Under 18s is fascinating to Gladys Smith who wants to see her boy Arfur play in goal, but it has very little bearing on Serie A. And there is NOTHING that allows me to filter the list down to matches which are played in a specific country, by a specific team, or by teams from a specific country. If I want to attend a friendly match featuring, say, Napoli to sit up in the stands in my AS Roma training jersey to freak them out and mess with their Neapolitan brains, even if I already know when that match is on, I still have to wade through oceans of matches that I have no interest in to try to find it. (And also if I DO go to check the exact date and time of the match, I may never be able to find my way back to the Friendlies list; see point 1 above.)

Thus my proposals are:

(a) To have a clear navigation path to be able to get to the list of friendlies as easily as to get to other lists of matches;

(b) To have the option of filtering the list down at the very least by country, ideally by other measures (like seniors matches) as well.

There are a couple of issues that I found which follow on from this, but they're separate issues.


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