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FM22 - my starting attempt at a Wengerball - Fabregas 2007/08 tactic

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Hello guys

Not sure I'll have anymore patience/time/interest to develop this further but I think this will be a good start-up point for anyone who wants to develop a Fabregas Wengerball tactic. I was pretty fed-up of the 4231 Giroud/Ramsey Wengerball tactic I did for many years and I've always struggled with the Invincibles 442 in FM so went for this as it's more interesting than another 433.

Pretty good results from the 1st year. Struggled a little bit away in some games, but then again I beat Chelsea away, beat Man Utd in the FA Cup semi, beat Man Utd away on xG (...lost 2-1 proper), so I think it has some legs and can be developed into a better tactic.

In true Arsene Wenger style, I won the FA Cup and finished in the top 4. 2nd best attack in the league (but I didn't set up set pieces so I'm sure it would've been 1st if I'd taken the time).

Goes without saying that the football really is gorgeous. Properly properly beautiful stuff. Something I have not done any work on at all is setting up counter-attacking transitions properly. I've seen a few very nice counter-attacking goals but I'm sure I've only reached 50% of its potential in this tactic.

I'm sure a proper FM tactic builder can make a better job of this. And someone that knows FM22 better than mine can make better 1st year signings and probably go close to winning the league. I dropped plenty of stupid points.

PPMs are pretty essential, I'm only 1 year in so a long way to go in terms of getting them right, but I'd say the front 4 + Odegaard all need to Play One Twos at the very least. Perhaps you can change the left-sided IF to an AP, or just generally move them round a little bit to get better balance, but it's not far off being a good tactic IMO.

Odegaard is obviously the key player here in the Fabregas role. I've taught him to run through the centre but he only just learnt it so the whole year he was without it. You can play around with his PPMs. 'Gets into opposition area' or 'arrives late' would be excellent but I'm not sure which works best. He has 'gets further forward' as a PPM but I'm not sure that's aggressive enough on its own, I've seen instances where he could have been played in through the middle but he stopped his runs.

You might want to think about testing out 'looks for pass rather than shot' for at least 2 or 3 of the front 5 (Odegaard has it from the start), as that might help the engine closer recreate the Wenger walk-it-in style.

I think I nerfed the IFs quite a lot in the 2nd half of the season by adding 'roam from position' to their PIs. Do not repeat my mistake! Very bad, won't be doing that again.

The left back on IWB-A was an addition that evolved from the Ashley Cole/Bellerin role, and I think it really lends itself well to the tactic, but perhaps it's a little aggressive. IWB-S perhaps would be better, and gives the front 5 a bit more space. But if you're a real purist I guess you'll just change to a WB-S in keeping with Clichy's real life role.

I also had the tactic set to 'fairly narrow' for some time and that worked well. I'm not sure which works best, I'll leave it to better people than me to work it out but I'd imagine fairly narrow is better than standard width.

I'd guess you'd want to get your DLF-S to play with his back to goal, something I've not taught Vlahovic yet (ignore Isak as DLF-S below). If I hadn't gone for Vlahovic I'd have bought Calvert-Lewin.

Obviously you can just flip the tactic over according to your team's strengths.

I've gone for intelligent attacking players with very good passing/technique/first touch. You won't pull this tactic off properly with players who have decisions/composure/anticipation/vision/passing less than 14. I was pretty much stuck with Nicholas Pepe (stupid) and Juan Mata (old and slow) on the right-hand side all year, (didn't want Saka's standing growing too much before I had a chance to mentor him) and obviously ESR is still very young and raw, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well the tactic did in the circumstances.

Matuidi also has some horrible PPMs that don't lend themselves to the CM-D role at all, but he's a Model Citizen and that was super important to me as I really like mentoring players. I love Morten Thorsby very much for the same reason. Thomas Partey was basically confined to the bench all year (also horrible PPMs for a CM-D and I don't see what role he can play in this tactic) and now I've had a gigantic clear-out of all the rubbish to hopefully go into the 2nd year a much much better team, but like I say I doubt I'll continue, just don't have the time.

Good luck if you try it out. Properly beautiful football!






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Got a little more time so I've jumped back on this. Started again to give the save a little more of an Arsene Wenger touch.



Still working on getting the best out of Odegaard. Managed to teach him to dribble through the centre, now working on getting ball played into feet and getting into opposition area.

Not best pleased about the AMR at the moment. Supporting role might be better, perhaps IF-S with gets further forward. Don't know if the strikers are on the right side either but seems to be working a treat at the moment and loathed to change it up at this stage.

The football is STUNNING. Every highlight is groan-worthy. Just wow.

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90+5 minute equaliser for Wolves won me the title on the final day.

I can't stress enough how gorgeous the football is. One-touch, slick gorgeous football. Some lovely counters too.

I've got the right-sided player set to AP-S at the moment. Everything else the same.

I had the left-sided player set to 'roam from position' for nearly half the season. Kept wondering why he wasn't performing, but took that off and instant improvements.

Still working on PPMs which should really set this tactic apart.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 08.51.53.png

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11 hours ago, Novem9 said:


I understand why you changed doubled DLF for DLF-AF, but why exactly you don't like RPM in this tactic?

Many thanks in advance!

Maybe cos of the PPMs but just didn't find it attacking enough. Can try once Odegaard has 'gets into opposition area' and perhaps also 'arrives late into area'. Fabregas was an attacking player, gotta remember that, and this tactic is based around him.


6 hours ago, sejo said:

What about "out of possession" instructions?



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