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Would you consider this a flop + would you sell?

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I purchased Renan in my 1st season thinking he'd be the future of my left side defence and wing, and was a hyped player in my database. Paid 17 million for him. He hasn't developed the way i had hoped. Not good at defending or attacking, doesn't provide many assists either. Should I renew his contract to keep depth, or just sell immediately? I dont know if clubs will buy, and also probably little chance I can sell him for his price tag.






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Looks more like a decent DC to me, who could still do a job at DL. At 23 he's probably not going to improve massively but he looks pretty solid, if unspectacular. If you can extend his contract for roughly the same wage I don't think it'd be a bad thing. Equally, if you can sell him for a decent amount I'm sure he's easily replaceable. I don't think he's a flop. He's just not standing out in any way.

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He is a very solid defensive left back who, looking at his attributes, is a solid player for you. What do you expect of your left back is a better question. Is he supposed to be bombing down the wing and bagging a lot of assists? Is he supporting the midfield? If it is the former, he is not going to ever really cut it for your expectations. The latter he can do. I'd also consider retraining him either as a CB or a DMC. He could play all roles. To be fair he would be a nice utility player. 

The other question to answer is what are his wage demands like? He is on a pretty cheap deal right now. Test the waters and see what he expects from a contract. If he is still cheap relative to his ability, give him a 2 to 3 year contract, say. And from there you can decide if he can be worked into the squad elsewhere, or if you can sell him on. 

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