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Next opponent analysis

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I don't do anything I just go in an observe what's happening in the game but if it's a game i really want to win, I'll watch goal highlights of the other team to see if there is a pattern to how they score and that's it

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It depends of whether or not you use opposition instructions and man marking. Also, unless you change your tactics completely (shape or roles) most of the time these modifications will bring only small advantages, so it isn´t too helpful against weaker teams. If you're clearly better, leave it untouched. However, if you're the underdog it can bring marginall altought valuable advantages.

eg. If your next opponent analysis says they have lots of speed, but maybe are short on crosses you can try playing a narrow deffense and instructing your players to force the legs (righ lb/force right leg, left winger/force left leg) in the opponents fullbacks or wingers, so that you have better chances by guiding those fast players to the sides and forcing them to throw crosses. Or, if the other team happens to be way better than you, but their goalkeepers are bad at passes or they lack bravery, you can force your way by pressing the keeper aggresively in corners.

There are some guides, but there are ways to assess certain situations so that you can have at least some gains, even if they are marginal, and maybe even perform a giant killing or take away a really dangerous player by zoning correctly. For example, PSV's only real threat is Gotze. If you can take him out by man marking him and forcing them to use other players as playmakers then you have half of the match done.

For more specific situations you can just ask here or mathe a thread.

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