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Total Control: FM22

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Total Control is the tactical DNA that I try to create in every FM version. Highly influenced by Guardiola's Barça of 2009 and early 2010's. The goal is to have highly entertaining possession-oriented football, based on positional play, smart teamwork and quick first touches.

It is not a game-engine-breaking tactic, but it leads to beautiful, entertaining football with amazing results, if you manage your team correctly. This is what this game is about, eh?

Total Control is not about retaining as much possession as possible. This can easily be done by wasting time and passing endlessly between the defenders. Total Control is about minimizing the opponent's possession, through smart positional play, and maximizing your actual attacking intent. Total Control makes it so that when you are watching your game, you are actually watching YOUR game... and the opponent trying to adapt to it.

It is a tactical DNA, an overall philosophy that SHOULD be tweaked to your tastes and squads. I do not believe it is really plug-and-play, but hey, it's a good start if you want to enjoy your team!

Total Control V22.4 (Link at the end)


With this tactic, possession is kept "naturally" by optimizing the number of easy options every player has. This is to make sure that you don't need to pull some magic players to make it work. The tactic works by itself, the players just make it more or less "dangerous" over the course of a season. You should control the game whatever you do, but:

- Being prone to counter attacks will depend on your defenders' positioning and speed.

- Outscoring your opponent will depend on your SS' Off the ball and acceleration

These are the main points that will make or break your season.

Let's break it down

SK-De: Your goalkeeper will come off his line, but in a Def duty, will not launch long passes that would be intercepted 50/50. The positioning of your team will most probably lead to large spaces to exploit for your lateral defenders so your keeper can help you keep control of your game.

CD-De: Defenders participate actively in possession recycling. They are available if things get messy, but they are mainly there to prevent counterattacks and quickly press when you (rarely) lose possession

IWB-Su: These guys are extremely pivotal to the strategy. They are your ONLY wide option, for rainy days. Otherwise, they are going to support your central play with more dynamic options.

DM-Su: He mainly assists your central defenders to give them some room for error. He will be the main link between the defenders and the attacking unit (all MC/AMCs/ST). Considering the movement of your attacking unit, this guy will probably have much space to operate. And if he doesn't, that means he has good passing options in front of him. He doesn't need to be super technical because of that, but he needs to be physically present.

RPM-Su: This guy needs to be everywhere and quick with the ball. He will have little space once he gets the ball so good first touch is essential.

EG-Su: Main offensive outlet. Every player of your attacking unit will just gravitate around him and he will get many passes in a game if he has good Off The Ball.

SS-At: These guys will gravitate around the EG and provide quick passes until the shape naturally provides an easy through pass (generally from a 1-2 with the F9). They will be the main goalscorers.

F9-Su: Depending on the player, he will assist, score, dribble... He is the player with the most creative freedom, but the tactic will naturally lead him to provide the last pass that pierces the defensive line.

General possession map and stats. With FC United after promotion. I have a very underdog team, midseason with so-so knowledge of the tactic. I will try to update the results as things evolve.





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