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Does anyone from sigames even play play the xbox edition????????

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To whom it may concern,
Having toiled for some time now as to who or if even to get in touch. But having put in a hell of lot of hours and countless season into the game I feel the time is right and the need is greater than ever. I would like to express my extreme disappointment in what on the surface looks and plays like a good game but once you start to look deeper and the longer you play the game the real flaws are all to visable to see. This leaves the user so frustrated that it becomes hard to put into words. The feeling that I get is that nobody who developed the game actually sits down and plays the game on the xbox and that it is merely a game for show so that Microsoft have a version of FM. When the reality of it is that what Microsoft have is what I would call a Football Manager Templete that is fraught with bugs and that is only me scratching the surface of the game. 
Having played FM since the age of 10 going back 27 years now when it was once Championship Manager. I have been playing FM on and off over the years on various formats and can only describe the Xbox format as a couple of ponies dragging along a ten tonne truck. The game is such a grind after the first couple of seasons. This is where the game falls so far short of expectation. Even when you put 10 league into the game you struggle to scout the world for players that will in turn help you get through the seasons. The soucting is substandard to be polite in this respect. Not only that when you get to player search and you scroll down it seems OK to start with but the further you get down the screen it continues to jump back up and you loose your place and end up giving up in the end. There is no real theory being the scouting on the xbox edition and you largely rely on the inclusion of the 50 wonder kids that get highlighted towards the end of the season (I can only assume this is why this feature was put in the game). This however is of no use whatsoever if you choose to go a smaller team and fight up the leagues. This being said the game feels like it has been built to support people who like to go the big clubs in the game. Perhaps the xbox edition is then aimed at the younger generation. I might be wrong. 
As someone who I would call as a purist, I like a challenge and often start with a smaller club or unemployed. I take each result on chin. However once you get through season after season the game looses it appeal and you start to see things happen that you wouldn't see in real football. You will  ultimately on course for what would be a good season and possibly high expectations then all of a sudden before you know it you have lost or drawn 12-15 games in a row. Or over a 5 game period you will clock up 30 plus yellow cards or by the end of the season some of your players are clocking up 15-20 yellow cards a season. I can no longer play the game any real enjoyment. And these things simply don't happen in real life football situations. OK you go on a bad run now and again. I get that. But not to the extent as shown in this game. It becomes so far from being realistic its borderline plain stupid. And after putting in hours of effort the reward is quite simply 'nothing' 
So I guess my real question is have any of the developers actually put the hours in on the xbox version to see how bad it plays the longer you get into the game. I just feel that from the perspective of a fan of the idea of the game, the reality is that it is just that 'an idea' rather than a reality. 
Some feedback would be very much appreciated. Do I expect to get some feedback? I would like to think so but as I write this I feel the liklihood is quite the opposite. I do hope I am wrong. 
Apologies for going on and if I have repeated myself at any point. And thank you for taking the time to read this. 
Kind regards
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I will leave it to others to answer your points in depth but I will try to answer a few of them.

Of course the developers play and test the game in depth but there is no doubt now that the many differing versions of the game that are available do make the testing processes more challenging. Yes, there are bugs in all the versions, some more noticeable than others but realistically, given the complexity of the code, tis will probably always be the case to some extent.

The game code is not written to favour any particular age group or for those managing a bigger club.  Playing at a lower level will always be a challenge and that is how it is meant to be and adapting to those challenges as the game progresses is very much what the game is all about.  What works in season one may not work in season three and that is where your skill comes in.  You need to identify changes as they happen, look at why they are happening and adapt what you are doing.

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I do appreciate that the game is a challenge and the complexity of the code is clearly that very complex. My biggest gripe with the game is the scouting screens mostly. You have added in this year 'jump to header' 'jump to row' and this makes it all most impossible to search down the list of players as it jumps all over the place because as soon as you flick the right analogue slick you loose your place witch is terribly frustrating and you end up giving up. Surely this is basic mechanics of the game, which in turn will help players play the game more freely. Also when you go to your shortlist now and change the view from overview to general info and lick on a player it reverts back to overview. I just wonder that having been several month since the game has been out if it is tested as you say it has then surely these bugs have been picked up as it puts you off the game when you can't search through your shortlist without feeling Utter frustration. You simply have to add players to your shortlist and wait for other teams to put in an offer and complete with them. It just feels like the game cannot simply cope with a list of players on a single screen. It's even noticeable on the squad screen when you scroll to the bottom of the screen it constantly wants to jump back up. This never happened last year. But this year some of the changes made have made the more frustrating on the interface side of the game. 


Thanks for getting back in touch. 


Much appreciated 



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