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In-Game League Rule Changes

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Noticed in my Bundesliga save that the number of subs was reduced from a maximum of five (max. three stoppages) to three from 2022/23 onwards; just wondered if the game has the in-built capability to change these things? e.g. might it mimic a decision to go back to five subs at some point in the future of the save?

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I think this is a pre-determined change, right? Like, due to COVID, a temporary move to five subs was implemented in the real world, and, at least in-game (RIP, real life). that temporary rule expires in 2022 because COVID is gone (sadface).

We'll see what happens in reality at the end of the season, I guess.

But I don't think there are organic rule changes over time. I'd be perfectly pleased to be wrong about this.

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