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Sunderland - One Way Home (Ep 1)

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Ah, Sunderland AFC, this could be a long one!
Greetings all, I come from the North East of England with a story. Sunderland have been on a downwards spiral ever since 2017 when they were relegated from the English Premier League, ever since then it's been manager after manager delivering devastation. As a Sunderland fan myself I can personally say that crying on Netflix isn't the only crying that fans have done over this club. 
 Since we came down into League 1 it's been very up and down, bottling play-offs, to fighting for automatic promotion to being sat right in the top half; and we need a manager to consistently perform with this club. This is where I come in, on this game that we all love, let's try and find a way home.

 It's been a long ride sitting in the stands watching the goals go flying in from teams in blue, yellow and green, now let's see some go in for the red & white army, CMON!

As soon as I took the role as Sunderland boss I had a look around the team and saw my starting lineup. There were only a few players that had pretty much already confirmed there starting lineup position for the first year and maybe even the second year too: Alex Pritchard, Dan Neil and Callum Doyle. Obviously with Callum Doyle being on loan we will have to fight with multiple other teams to bring him back for another year but if possible I think that it would be a great opportunity for the club.  


 This concludes the first blog of "Sunderland - One Way Home", thanks for reading, I will release the next blog in the coming days.

 #HaWayTheLads #RedAndWhiteArmy #SAFC

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