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Help breaking through the parked bus

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I seem to have ran into the same issue that I have had for the last few years on FM. That is I create a tactic that helps me over achieve. I then recruit players to fit the style but then run head on into the issue of teams parking the bus against me and begin to rack up draws and narrow losses.

I was using the attached tactic with my Newcastle save (I know I know but I'm a season ticket holder and wanted to free spend that cash after years of Ashley) and had an outstanding season finishing 3rd. I got some excellent results and played some outstanding tiki taka style football that I was looking to achieve. The idea is that the inside forward on the right is the main goal threat with the false 9 dropping deep dragging defenders out to create space for him. Full backs high and wide to stretch play and support attacks with the inside forward on the left roaming around to find space and be creative. This all worked brilliant the first year. Fast forward to season two were I heavily recruited in the summer players to fit this style (great first touch, composure, anticipation and decisions) and I'm dropping so many points against teams where I find myself either A:- hitting a stalemate were neither team are creating anything resulting in the most dull boring games ever or B:- numerous chances where I hit the woodwork a dozen times or the opposition keeper has the game of his life.

I've tried altering a few things to help change this with very little luck including increasing tempo and risk to positive, the f9 to a complete forward on support to be more of a goal threat. I've messed around with the CM pairing as Mezzala or CM on attack and BWM but I still struggle to break down stubborn low block defences.


Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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Up to positive mentality to encourage more players to join the attack

Remove work ball into box. It might not be very effective against teams who camp the box with most players.

increase passing directness to allow more vertical / diagonal passes

build up through the least protected areas (most likely both flanks) to avoid being outnumbered straight away in build up phase

some one should attack the central area or at least the left flank channel. So I would either look for the left CM or the Wide player as an attack duty.

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