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Awaken the Giants: Rise of the Dragons


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The Prologue

Although this may sound like the title of some epic fantasy novel... this is in fact a love story.

A love story between town, country and football.

But it's really more than that.  It's deeper than that.  It's also a drama and tragedy and maybe a little humour written in as well.

In fact it'd be a true Shakespearean classic, but it's not set in England.  And really these days it's more of a Hollywood feel... but it's not set in America.  And one of the main players in our story is Canadian... but it's not set in Canada either.

However to understand where we are, we need to know where we've been.  Every good love story has a beginning.

Let's go back to much simpler times.

We're traveling back over 400 years, back to the 1600's.  To a small town in North Wales.....

called Wrexham. 


Wrexham has been around since the 11th century - if not earlier.  Of course back then it was just a small regional centre for trade between some of the larger towns in England and the smaller boroughs in Wales.  But that's also what made the town grow.  By the 17th century Wrexham was growing into a major market town and centre of commerce for Wales.  In fact it had become the most populous towns in Wales and a leader in the industrial revolution going into the 18th century.  But let's head back to the 1600's for a second.  During this time horse-racing was extremely popular in and around England and Wales.  Because of it's easy access and growing population Wrexham became a major venue for this popular event.  It became so popular that in 1739 a new horse-racing venue was built and it was called...

the Racecourse Ground. 


Now obviously it looked a lot different back in the 1700's than it does today, but it is in fact where Wrexham FC plays their games today.

After the Racecourse Ground was built the sporting event became even more popular and fans from all over England and Wales would flock to Wrexham in October for the annual race held during that time.  It was during the period of 1793 and 1819 that the Turf Tavern was built... which to this day is the oldest public house at any sports stadium in the world. 


In the 1830's a larger grandstand was built on the grounds to bring in even bigger crowds at the event. Around this time a local cricket club was formed and started playing games at the Racecourse Ground as well.

Things were going pretty well for Wrexham up until around 1857 when a local group of concerned citizens and the church raised concerns about the rowdy behavior of the drunken fans at these events -- specifically the annual event in October which drew thousands of increasingly more "working-class" fans than the "higher-class" that they thought would be drawn with all the improvements to the grounds.  The church had so much influence that it effectively was able to shut down the events and so ended horse-racing at the Racecourse Ground.

Several years later - October 1863 to be exact - members of the local cricket club and other citizens were meeting at the Turf Tavern and discussing ideas about bringing in a winter sporting activity for the Racecourse.  It was almost exactly one year later that it was announced that a football club would be formed and on October 22nd, 1864 the first match was played at the Racecourse Ground.  This makes Wrexham the 3rd oldest professional football club in the world.

Fast-forward to February of 1876 and the Football Association of Wales was formed in Wrexham, making it the 3rd oldest football association in the world.  The FAW created the Welsh Cup after the 1877/1878 season to run as the Welsh equivalent of the English FA Cup.  Fittingly it was Wrexham that won the first Welsh Cup and subsequently has won it a record 23 times while being in a total of 45 finals.  Cardiff City is the next closest to Wrexham's accomplishment with 22 victories in 32 attempts (actually a better winning percentage than Wrexham but who's counting).

Also in 1876 the FAW went about setting up international matches between Wales and England and Scotland.  The first match was between Wales and Scotland and took place on March 25th, 1876.  It was played at the Racecourse Ground... which makes the Racecourse the oldest football stadium in the world that's hosted an international match that's still in use today.

Let's bounce ahead to 1921 since this is when Wrexham is elected to the newly formed Third Division North of the Football League.  So I don't want to go into the whole sordid history and it's not like Wrexham's is filled with Cup victories and promotions and massive team victories.  In fact they've encountered many of the same issues that a LOT of other football clubs in and around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have suffered.  Mostly a lack of money.

They've also just really not been very good.

They've been adequate.


They stayed in the 3rd Division from 1921 up until the 1959 season when they finished 23rd and were relegated to Divison Four.

For most of the next 18 years Wrexham bounced back and forth between the 3rd and 4th divisions before a magical 1977/78 season which saw them finish 23-15-8 and earn their first ever division title in the Football League and earn promotion to Division Two.  They also got to the quarter finals of the FA Cup for only their 2nd time in team history... and quarter finals of the League Cup and won the Welsh Cup that year as well. 

Unfortunately their time in Division Two only lasted 4 seasons and they never finished better than 15th in the league before being relegated.  And it didn't get any better the next season when they finished 22nd and were immediately relegated to Division Four.  Again Wrexham spent years just bouncing back and forth between Divisions 3 and 4 up until a truly disastrous 2007/2008 season which saw them finish 10-10-26 and finish 24th in the league, earning them relegation to the National League and summarily ending their 87 year run in the Football League.

And that is where Wrexham has been for the past 13 years.  They have had some decent seasons where promotion may have been on the table, but they never quite got there.  This once proud franchise, the giants of Welsh football... the Red Dragons have been toiling in the National League and looking for a lifeline back to relevance.

But that wasn't even the worst of it.

Things got particularly bad during the 2011 season when faced with unpaid tax bills and ownership that appeared more interested in evicting the team than they did running it... Wrexham FC was issued a winding up order - which is essentially a legal way of saying pay your bills or we're shutting you down.  However 2 magical things happened during this time.

1.  Glyndwr University stepped in and purchased the stadium grounds and Collier Park - the training grounds for the club.

And 2.  The Wrexham Supporters Club was founded and they paid off the tax bills and forced ownership out. 

Since that time, Wrexham has been fan-owned.

Up until now.

It's November of 2020 and the football world is shocked by the announcement that Wrexham FC has just been sold.  No it's not that it was sold that is shocking, it's shocking because it was sold to Ryan Reynolds and some guy named Rob McElhenney.



That's right.  Hollywood has come to Wales.

But why Wrexham?

So the story goes that it was actually McElhenney who was the architect of the idea and approached Deadpool about it.  They got together and compiled a list of potential clubs to buy.  Allegedly there were multiple teams on the table but the combination of Wrexham's history, story and club sold the 2 that it was the best team for them.

"We love the idea of telling the story of a working-class town and a working-class club," McElhenney responded when asked about Wrexham.

"Sports is storytelling," Reynolds said.  "When you take a deeper dive in Wrexham, you see just how inextricably linked the club is with the community around it.  There's such a storied past here, and there's so much room to grow again."

It didn't take long for the Wrexham Supporters trust to believe in the plan and vote overwhelmingly for the sale of the club to the 2 Hollywood stars.

A statement from Reynolds and McElhenney after the sale read:

'It is a special day for the two of us to become the latest stewards in the long and storied history of Wrexham AFC. Together with the players, the staff, the fans, and the local community, we can now pursue our goal to grow the team and return it to the EFL in front of increased attendances, and in an improved stadium, while making a positive difference to the wider community in Wrexham.

'Wrexham AFC is only in a position to thrive because of the incredible efforts of the Wrexham Supporters Trust. Their members are a fitting reflection of the integrity and spirit of the town and they will always have an important role at the club.

'Since the Wrexham Supporters Trust put their faith in us, at the members vote in November, we've been getting to know people in Wrexham to understand how we can help move the club forward through our four guiding principles:

'The work has already begun with Gemma Owen and Steve Dale in the community team on a new women's football initiative. We are also committed to investing in current and identifying future members of the first-team squad as we build towards a promotion-challenge.

'In addition, we are in the process of developing an outstanding team off-the-field by combining the know-how of the committed club staff and volunteers with new hires and experienced advisors. Our CEO search is progressing, and we expect to have someone in place before the end of the season.

'All of these people will help us create the kind of commercial opportunities that the third-oldest club in the world deserves, and we will reinvest that revenue back into Wrexham AFC and the community.

'2020 was a difficult year and there are likely to be further public health challenges in the months ahead, but we hope to be cheering the team on from the stands as soon as it's safe to do so in 2021.'     

However, as can be expected, not everyone is sold.

A few media personalities and others around football think this is more a gimmick than a true Hollywood feel-good story.  Some have questioned the intentions of the 2 Hollywood stars and feel that they don't know enough about the game to make a difference.  There's also the feeling that if they don't win right away they'll just end up getting bored and giving up.

Ryan and Rob have - to their credit - said that their one and only goal is to get Wrexham back to the Football League and in fact take it all the way up the pyramid to the Premier League.  They've already invested heavily in the club in many areas, including fixing the stands, putting money into the youth leagues and the women's league as well.  They've also talked about increasing stadium capacity and about how important the fans are to the club.

So yeah, it's a love story... filled with action, suspense, drama.  And with Ryan Reynolds involved there's sure to be some humour as well.

The Welsh sleeping giants will awaken.  The Dragons are coming. 

All we need is a new manager and a new direction for the club.

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Chapter 1:  The Rebrand

With the successful purchase of the club, RR McReynolds Company, laid out their four guiding principles for ownership.

1.  To protect the heritage of Wrexham AFC.

2.  To reinforce the values of the community.

3.  To use our resources to grow the exposure of the club both at home and abroad.

4.  To create a winning culture.

These simple values would lay the groundwork for their ownership and everything they did with Wrexham.  One of the reasons they purchased the club was because of the history and heritage and what it meant to the community, something both Ryan and Rob said was of the utmost importance when they started this journey.  The town of Wrexham and it's people were Wrexham football.  Wrexham football was synonymous with Welsh football.  It was it's very foundation.  They wanted to protect the heritage of the club and the values of the community - hard work, passion.  Doing things the right way.  They also wanted Wrexham to become a force to be reckoned with not only in Wales and not only in England, but worldwide.  They didn't have any illusions of who or what Wrexham was currently... or how hard it was going to be to build this brand.  But if there's something Ryan Reynolds knows it's brand building.  

There's also something else both Ryan and Rob knows and that's how to surround yourself with the right people.

Once again, they understood that ownership of this club was one thing, but they certainly didn't know or understand football operations.  They knew they needed the right people around them, running this club in order to achieve the dreams they had.  Rob McElhenney shared a conversation he had with a football insider where he was told that it was possible for Wrexham to maybe fight their way to the top of the English football pyramid... but it probably wasn't probable.  He questioned that belief and said what was the point of dreaming if you didn't dream you could achieve the things you wanted.  But he acknowledges the hard work that lies ahead.

Both he and Ryan also acknowledged the people that had laid the foundation for this club and had kept it running all of these years.  But perhaps as a signal of things to come also said that in order to achieve the dreams they had, they also knew that some changes or adjustments would have to be made.

Those changes have already started to manifest.

First, they announced that the team was going to rebrand as Wrexham FC and be known as just The Dragons rather than Red Dragons.  They also negotiated a change to the name of the grounds from the Racecourse to the DragonPit or just the Pit.  They knew that the Racecourse Ground was iconic to the town of Wrexham but it paid homage to a time long gone and was known firstly for horse-racing whereas they wanted something that more fit the new direction of the club.  They also announced that they'd be expanding the operations of the club and hiring more coaches and putting more money into youth operations as well.

And finally they announced the hiring of new manager Gareth Rees.  A 26-year old ex-player and coach from Colwyn Bay, Wales.

This announcement came as a shock to the football world.  Rees certainly wasn't a household name and it seemed a strange hire for a club that has the aspirations that Wrexham did.  Many thought that the new owners would try to make a bigger splash with this hire and go with an established name and someone with ties to larger clubs in English football. 

But instead Reynolds had this to say about the hire, "We got together with the whole staff after the 2020 season, one that ended up with an 8th place finish and yet another missed opportunity for promotion.  We decided at that time that we would not be renewing Dean Keates' contract as manager, along with a few other contracts as well.  We appreciate everything Dean meant to this club as both a former player and manager for the past few seasons... but we said all along that adjustments were going to have to be made and that started at the top.  The manager is the head of the club in many respects.  The figurehead for sure.  Everything revolves around him and his vision - along with the board of course.  We wanted someone that shared our vision and quite honestly someone a bit younger and forward thinking.  Both Rob and I think this game is trending younger... both with players and with management.  Much like with American football new ideas drive the game and sometimes with older coaches it's harder for them to adapt.  I don't mean to disparage anybody that's been in the game for awhile, they have their place and certainly we want experience around the club as well.  We need experience around the club.  But we made it known that for the manager position, we wanted someone with fresh ideas and a fresh take on the game.  We had literally hundreds of applicants that our staff went through and dozens that we ended up contacting for interviews.  Gareth's name actually came to use through one of Wrexham's affiliate clubs, Colwyn Bay.  Their manager Craig Hogg contacted our team and said he had someone that we would want to meet with.  In his words he said this guy was everything we were looking for.  Our team did their due diligence and eventually gave Gareth's name to us as someone they thought we'd want to talk to.  Long story short - even though it's already run quite long - we had multiple interviews with Gareth, and were immediately impressed with his aptitude for the game, his forward thinking when it came to tactics and his love of Welsh football.  And even though he had no previous head coaching experience, he was a former player, scout and was active in youth development at Colwyn Bay.  He absolutely won us over with his desire to build Wrexham and his passion for the game.  In the end, we knew it was the right choice.  Gareth Rees is the guy that will help us get Wrexham FC back to the Football League and toward our goal of getting to the Premier.  I'm staking my reputation on it."

No pressure.

For his part Gareth had this to say when introduced to the press, "I am overjoyed to be joining the ranks of those that came before me at Wrexham.  This town, this club... this is Wales.  This is Welsh football.  It hasn't been so much lately.  But it will be again.  We are the sleeping giants.  With Rob and Ryan at the helm I think all things are possible.  As Rob has said, why dream if you don't dream big and our dreams right now are big.  But those dreams start with a step.  We know where we are and we know how big the hole is.  And we know a lot of eyes are going to be on us this season and going forward.  There will be some that have our backs and wish us luck and there will be others that think this is some gimmick and that Ryan and Rob are Hollywood nut-jobs - no offence - and that I'm not the right guy for the job.  That's fine.  We have to prove ourselves.  I have to prove myself to this town, this team and the supporters.  I am up for this challenge.  I can promise our fans that they're about to see entertaining football at the newly minted DragonPit.  There is a reason we have chosen that name.  When opponents enter this arena, they're entering our home... they're entering the Pit and nothing about being here is going to be friendly.  I am here to let you know, let our fans know... The Dragons will rise again."

If nothing else things were certainly getting interesting around Wrexham.

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Chapter Two:  Caught in some bad contracts

Let's talk about money.

Since the acquisition Rob and Ryan have fulfilled several promises including putting more money into the team than they certainly previously had available to them.  One big area where that's evident is player salaries and budget.  We're at over 50k per week to start the season and that's just crazy for a National League squad.  There are some League Two teams not spending that much money.  And when you break it down to individual contracts we have some guys earning the sort of money they'd get paid in League One.

Paul Mullin and Ben Tozer themselves are clearing almost 5k per week.

At least with Paul Mullin he's probably worth every bit of that.  This is a guy that played with Cambridge United last season in League Two and was instrumental in them earning promotion.  He was named the EFL League Two Player of the Season and won the Golden Boot award as well.  At the end of the season they offered him a nice contract to stay but he turned that down and signed with Wrexham instead, effectively dropping down 2 divisions but signing a larger contract than he had been offered.

Ben Tozer is a fine player, don't get me wrong.  But he's 31 and on the downside of his career.  Tozer had spent the last 3 seasons with Cheltenham and lead them to the semi-finals of the playoffs 2 years ago before helping them win the title this past season.  He also probably had an opportunity to sign another contract but also decided to drop down 2 divisions and sign with Wrexham instead.

So maybe... maybe you justify spending more money on those 2 players than a team like Dover spends on their whole team in the National League.  Maybe.

But when you add in a couple more guys like Hayden and Jones - both fine players - both making North of 3k per week themselves... you start the see the impact new ownership has made on this club.

However, those contracts come with a price.

And that price is it's real nice to have that "top tier" talent available to you... but it means that there's not a lot left over for depth and for some of your "lesser" players.  In fact we're overpaying most of our mid-tier guys and that's an issue.  Players like Devonte Redmon making nearly a k per week.  Rob Lainton making 1k per week.  Jake Hyde at 1200 per week.  Shaun Brisley at 1200 per week.  These are absolutely dead-weight contracts.  They're nothing but backup players making decent money on contracts that are nearly impossible to get rid of.  Or if you can make a deal it's probably on a free transfer because no other teams are willing to pay a transfer fee for those players and then pay the salary on top of that.  

And since we're already spending so much money on contracts, there's very very little wiggle room to make many other deals that need to be made.

Hold on, let me backtrack a little.

We probably don't "need" to make deals or moves.  With the quality of the players we have at the top we're easily good enough to compete in this league, or we should be, let's say we should be.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make deals.  You want to bring in depth now, bring in better quality players now... so they get better in the future.

In fact let's take a look at the squad.


And the youngsters.


So you see what I meant.  We have 3 or 4 guys that any other National League squad and probably most League Two teams would be falling over themselves to acquire.  But the talent level dips off mightily after the top.  Again, enough talent to compete without question... but not nearly enough going forward.  Especially when you look at the wasteland that is our developmental centre.  That's just bad.  Worse than bad.  Like non-existent.  No wonder the board wants to make big changes there.

We've already started the process of trying to rid ourselves of some of these bad contracts with aging players or guys that won't make the first team so we can replace them, but so far we've had very little luck.  We've also started the process of filling vacancies in our coaching staff.  Many... many vacancies.  Our whole scouting and transfers team was gutted.  We had no scouts, nobody in charge and no direction.  We also had to make changes in our coaching staff, where quite honestly we found many of the people holding jobs there just not good enough for our new direction.

Unfortunately finding staff that was as eager to join Wrexham was not as simple as overpaying some players and having them join us was.  

In fact we were told "no" many more times than "yes"... and on top of that we just didn't have the money to compete with top wages so we were offering contracts at less value than many other larger clubs were.  We spent a lot of time trying to gather staff.

But in the end it will be worth it.

Just about as important as the results on the pitch are the results off the pitch as well.  What we do in the backroom and on scouting trips sets the tone for the whole organization.

We need to get this right.

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Nice start, and well written.

If it interests you, I am in my second season in the NL and Wrexham are flying high at the top - 6 points clear. Only free signings but seem good players for level.

Best of luck.

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Chapter Three:  The Preseason

Can you feel it?

It's getting closer.

It's that time of the year.

The excitement is almost back.

Fans are buzzing about their favourite teams.

Preseason has started.  Teams are taking the pitch.  Tactics are being drawn up.  Meetings going on.  

Football life begins again.

And such it is at Wrexham.

Things have obviously been buzzing here since the end of 2020 with new ownership and a new attitude taking over.  Since the end of last season it's been a constant flow of information from the team about changes coming.  New players have been brought in, while others have been sent out.  Staff has changed.  A new manager has been hired.  A name change, a stadium revamped.  

But that's all talk.  

And so are season predictions... but the fans love them so here they are.

Let's start with the bookies prediction on promotion odds.


So Wrexham is picked to take the top spot by pretty good odds.  And on the flip side the bookies see there's virtually no chance we're fighting against relegation. 

What about Top Player odds.


Predictably with the top talent on the squad the bookies see several of our players are good bets to take top player this year.  In fact 2 of our boys hold the top spot with James Jones and Paul Mullin going neck-and-neck for the award.

And who do the bookies see as top pick for the top goalscorer.


This one really couldn't have been much of a surprise.  Paul Mullin lead League Two last season in scoring and there's really no shock here that the bookies clearly see him as the class of the National League this year.  Barring some sort of injury I think it'd be shocking if he wasn't at the very least amongst the league leaders if not the top by a good margin.

Let's look at how our season tickets sales have gone.


6,000 season tickets sold is outstanding.  There are teams in the National League that won't come close to that this year.  Heck there are teams in the League Two that won't draw that this season.  Our fans are incredible.  We hope to do them proud this season.

Let's look at some of our transfers.  We'll start with who we brought in.


So 5 transfers in, very little money spent from the transfer budget.  And how about transfers out.


2 transferred out and 4 loaned out.  We've had issues moving guys as I said previously, but luckily we got these deals done with gave us the flexibility to make the other moves we did.

Let's take a closer look at the players we brought in.


So Lainton is okay at keeper but he's certainly not a first choice.  Good enough for this league?  Probably.  Good enough going forward, absolutely not.  So we looked around and found Eastwood who was a definite step up and will be our first choice keeper going forward this season and into next.


Hayden is excellent and Hosannah is very good.  Cleworth could turn into something nice as well.  But other than those 3 we're a little lacking in depth and quality so we decided to make a few moves with our defensive backs.  The first move was to bring in Bwomono, who can either play on the line or as a wing-back.  He'll be a first choice starter as well.


Hector-Ingram was someone we wanted for his flexibility.  Mullin is obviously our starter at the striker position but Hector-Ingram offers nice protection there as a backup and at the same time can start at the mid-attack position in both center and right.  He'll be a starting option at several positions.


Medford-Smith was the one guy we wanted to bring in.  We felt like we were lacking on the right-side defense.  Medford-Smith can play right side or right wing-back and is a lovely player for the price.  He's another starting 11 pick right now.


And then last but not least we grabbed Zain Westbrooke up for 30k from Bristol.  Beyond James Jones we felt we really lacked depth at the center-mid position.  James is outstanding and is obviously the #1 option there and we do have Dave and Dan and other backup type players there, but we felt we needed another starting option.  Zain will be that guy.

So now that we have our team.... how did the friendly competitions go.


So I can't explain our first game against our 2nd team..... other than maybe they're just that good?  Or maybe we just weren't prepared.  Either way it served as a little bit of a wakeup call and we rebounded quite nicely.  Now look, it's preseason and we don't want to read too much into it but as others have said multiple times, it's always better to win than lose.  Preseason though is mostly about getting in shape, working on tactics and just generally getting in your work.  And we've done that.

So it's done.

Just around the corner things begin for real.

We are ready.

We think we're ready.

Now we just go out and prove it.

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Chapter Four:  It's Paul Mullin's World.... we're just livin' in it.

We're not going to be able to find enough superlatives to tell you how good Paul Mullins has been so far this early in the season, so we're not even going to try.

We're just going to tell you what he's done.

8 games.  11 goals.  1 assist.

En Fuego.

So what does that mean for how the team is doing though... because the team is more important than any one player.

Well let's discuss the season so far.

Opening game:  Wrexham v Yeovil Town


This wasn't a very eventful match, nor was it really very competitive in spite of the first score not coming until the 62nd minute.  Wrexham controlled the match from start to finish and it was really just a matter of time before they put one in the back of the goal.  Yeovil played valiantly but in the end, Wrexham was just the better team.  Mullin scored the first goal of the season for Wrexham on a penalty kick.  Davies added one later in the game for his first of the season.

Win #1

Game 2:  Wrexham v Eastleigh



After a little bit of a slow start vs Yeovil, Wrexham came out firing against Eastleigh.  Mullin gave the team the lead in the 17th minute but was only getting started as he added 2 more goals later in the game to finish the hat-trick.  That's 4 goals for Mullins through 2 games.  Hayden added his first of the season later in the game.

Win #2

Game 3:  Wrexham v Notts


The first game of the season that had me sweating... just a little.  Notts scored the first goal in the 4th minute and then pressured us throughout the first half.  The 2nd half didn't begin much better but we kept Notts from finding the goal against despite them putting up shot after shot.  In the 75th minute Mullin finally got one past their defense and tied the game.  I was settled for the draw at that point but Mullin again came through just 3 minutes later with the game winner.  Goals 5 and 6 on the season through 3 games for Mullins.  And an impressive win to boot.  

Win #3

Game 4:  Wrexham v Southend


Credit to Southend for keeping things close.  There wasn't much action in the first half but Dior Angus got us on the board in the 40th minute on a penalty shot and Paul Mullin - who else - doubled the lead with shot on goal in the 82nd minute.  Southend did manage to put one in but by then the game was well in hand.  

Win #4

Game 5:  Wrexham v Woking


This game was never close.  McAlinden ran past the defense in the 4th minute and got his first of the season.  It was my man Mullins with another in the 10th minute.  And Mullins again with another in the 18th minute.  The rout was on.  Or so it seemed but the rest of the half was quite and so was most of the 2nd half until Woking finally got one back late in the game.  However, that was all the scoring that would be done and the 3-1 victory secured.

Win #5

Game 6:  Wrexham v Grimsby


Another not really close game.  McAlinden, Jarvis, Angus and Mullin all got on the board this game in what ended up a 4-2 match.  Mullin has scored in 6 straight games.

Win #6

Game 7:  Wrexham v Dag & Red


This game was crazy.  

We were warned about Dag's defense and it really played out in the first half... really for the first 2/3rds of the game.  It was a back and forth affair although we completely controlled the tempo and put up way more shots we just couldn't get anything past them.  However, they couldn't get anything past us either, in fact they had very few attempts on goal.

This game into the very late stages... 81 minutes in to be exact, looked like it was going to end in a draw... until Dag made a mistake in the box and David Jones made them pay with a penalty shot.  That broke things open and Bwomono hit an absolute bomb from 20 metres out in the 85th minute to make it 2-0.  And we weren't done yet as Mullins - who just wouldn't be denied - found the net again in the 90th minute to complete the 3-0 rout.

Win #7 --- Mullins scoring streak at 7 matches as well

Game 8:  Wrexham v Stockport


On paper - and on the schedule - this was the toughest match to start the season as Wrexham held first place on the table going in and Stockport was in 3rd place.  And for awhile it definitely played out as the toughest match with Stockport taking the 1-0 lead before Davies struck back less than 10 minutes later.  The game was a back-and-forth affair and looked very much a draw until Davies was able to put another in the net in the 88th minute to secure the victory.  

Unfortunately the scoring streak for Mullins ended this game.

But more importantly... 8 matches with 8 wins.

Here's the table.


I'm not sure how you can ask for a better start.  Undefeated through the 2nd month - 8 games - with a 15 goal difference and a 6 point lead in the league.  I mean it certainly isn't over.  Look at how some other teams are doing like Chesterfield who haven't lost yet and Bromley with 1 loss, Stockport with 1 loss, Notts with 1 loss.  In the case of Stockport and Notts their only losses this season have come against Wrexham so otherwise they've having great seasons so far.  Unfortunately for Notts they can't find ways to win either, or they'd be much better off.

Regardless, it's just 8 games.  Now, it's a superb start, it's 8 games, 8 wins... but there is a LOT of season left and you can't expect that we just keep rolling along. 

At some point there's going to be a bump or two.  It's how we respond to that that will make the difference.

Here's how the players look so far this early season.


It's no surprise that Mullins finds himself on top here with a lovely 7.7 average rating so far this year.  36 shots, 21 on goal and 11 in the net so far is incredible.  But he's not the only guy on the team playing well, it's definitely a team effort that has lead to this start.

Again... we can't get too far ahead of ourselves.  It's a wonderful start but that's all it is.. a start.

We put that behind us and forge ahead, the same as if we were 0-8.

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14 minutes ago, Punch said:

Decent start, conceding way too many goals though. Need to sort that out in a hurry :lol:

I mean it is pretty close.

Paul Mullins 11 total goals vs all opponents 7 against.

I wonder how long that will last.

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Chapter Five:  Dragons Rising

After a really good run like Wrexham had the past month and a half, the obvious question is "can it continue?"

Yes.  Yes it can.  Mostly.

But not quite the same.

Let's break down the games.

Game 9:  Wrexham v Aldershot


Despite the score this game wasn't really particularly close in the stat column.  Dior Angus was the player of the match with his 2 goal performance but we controlled the tempo from start to finish.  There was never really much concern here, just patience while we waited for our chances.

Win #9

Game 10:  Wrexham v Chesterfield


To this point in the season this was the game of the year.  #1 vs #2 in Wrexham v Chesterfield.  Although Wrexham held a decent advantage in points for it being so early in the season, Chesterfield was distancing themselves in 2nd place as well and were obviously one of the other class teams of the National League as well - along with Bromley, Grimsby and Stockport.  Those teams had really separated themselves so far.  

And despite this being what some fans call "boring" football considering it ended in a 0-0 draw, it really was a very good game.  

Let's look at match stats.


So we said it was a very good game - assuming you like great defensive, chess matches.  It was also obviously a very close game in the stat column.  Neither team had any real statistical advantage in any category that mattered.  The only exception being shots on target where Wrexham held the slimmest of advantages with 4 shots on compared to just 1 for Chesterfield.  Chesterfield has been the class of the league when it comes to defense so far this season and that's easy to see considering how they held Wrexham not only out of the net but kept them from creating too many chances either compared to most other matches.  The good thing to see from Wrexham is that they matched Chesterfield's defensive efficiency as well.

So you could either say it was too bad that neither team could come through... or you can applaud how well both teams played to secure the draw.

Game 2 should be very interesting between these 2 teams.

We're now at 9 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses.

Game 11:  Wrexham v Barnet


This is a game I felt we should have won more comfortably but we escaped with the win so there's not much complaining to do.  It is worth nothing - for those maybe paying attention - that ever since Mullin's 7-game scoring streak was snapped.... he hasn't scored in the last 5 games.  Ouch.

10 wins 1 draw 0 losses

Game 12:  Wrexham v Maidenhead


Mullin's snaps his scoreless streak with one in the 25th minute and it ended up being all we needed to secure the win here.  Another "not-so-great" game statistically... but yet it's another win as another opponent can't score against us.  More than anything so far this season, defensively we're playing top quality football.  While our scoring has been hit and miss, our defense has been there pretty much every game.

11 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses.

Game 13:  Wrexham v Torquay


Another breakout offensive game for the good guys.  The bad news was Bwomono was carted off and will miss a couple of months.  The good news is Jordan Davies put 2 in the net, Mullins scored again and Dior Angus netted another as well.

So we end the month sitting at 12 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses overall.

Here's the table.


By virtue of the fact that we keep winning, we're slowly creating a little distance between us and the other teams at the top of the league.  But we are far from the only teams playing well.  Grimsby and Chesterfield have also been fantastic.  Stockport is playing well.  Notts went on a little run and finally started winning games.  There is quality competition in the league... but as of right now there is only one at the top of the class and that's Wrexham.  We're steamrolling through the league at the moment.

Let's look at the team's stats.


One thing of note is that we're 2nd in the league in scoring, not that it's mattered much in the win column since - as I noted - our defense has been better than our offense... but it just goes to show how well other teams re doing.

And who's on top of the player stats.


Mullin still finds himself on top in scoring after a particularly blazing start to the season, even though he's slowed down of late.

It's shaping up to be a fine season and we've really only just begun.

Let's see how it continues.

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Chapter Six:  Continuance

There's no earthly way or knowing, which direction we are going.....

Except when you're going up... or sideways.

Never down.

So far.

Let's dive into the results.

Game14:  Wrexham v King's Lynn


Easy game on a very rainy day.  McAlinden scores twice.  David Jones puts one in.  We stroll to a 3-1 victory and continue racking up points.

13-1-0 on the year so far.

Game 15:  Wrexham v Wealdstone


This was supposed to be a relative walk=in-the-park on paper.  But you always have to look out for those trap games.  We sat several starters this game and we possibly paid for it.  

Mullin's put one in early and it was mostly a defensive affair after that until Dennon Lewis equalized late in the 85th minute, sending the Wrexham supporters home in misery.


Game 16:  Wrexham v Halifax


Another stormy day and another game "easy" game going astray.  Okay, so we're not losing and you can't expect to win every game so we're not complaining, but there are games where you think you completely outclass your opponent and should have an easier time than you do.

This one was basically over early as both teams scored in the first 10 minutes and then did virtually nothing after.  More to the point we completely dominated the stats in this game.  3-1 shots, 3-1 shots on target, 55% possession.  We ran all over Halifax but just couldn't get the ball in the net.  These things happen, we know they do.  So it's how you respond to it that matters.  

You take the point and you move on.

It's better than a loss.


Game 17:  Wrexham v Bromley


Bromley held 2nd place in the table when we met up.  

They're in 4th place now after we took them down 2-0.  Paul Mullin was the star with 2 goals, while once again our defense was stifling.  

It's funny how well we've played against the other top teams in this league while "struggling" at times versus those we should dominate.  In the states they say "any given Sunday" when referencing the fact that any Sunday (the typical day that American Football games are played) any team - no matter how bad - can beat any other team - no matter how good.  That's why you play the game.

Let's look at the table.


We still hold a comfortable lead that isn't going to go away as long as we continue to just not lose.  

The real story in the game continues to be those 2nd tier teams that are putting on quite the show for a playoff spot.  It is quite entertaining.

Let's look at our player stats.


Luke Young is doing very well away on loan.  Mullin obviously is still our star but isn't the only guy playing well.  Westrbrooke and Hector-Ingram have been excellent pickups off the transfer market.

I do not know how long this good form is going to continue.  But we're going to ride the ride for as long as it lasts.

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Chapter Seven:  The Cup/Trophy story so far

We take a break in your regularly scheduled action to catch up on the FA Trophy and FA Cup as it's played out so far.


As you can see things have gone quite remarkably well so far, all things considered.

We'll turn most of our attention to the FA Cup because that's been our strongest competition.

Despite just a 1-0 score we got through our Qualifying Round relatively easily.  Where things got interesting is in the First Round where we went up against Cambridge - Paul Mullin's former team.  Of course Mullin's helped Cambridge secure promotion to League One last year, however they were really struggling this year and sitting at the bottom of the League One table.  Still... they're 2 divisions ahead of Wrexham and obviously should be a good challenge.


Game 1 at our house was a real back and forth affair.  Cambridge got on the board first in the 13th minute but we came back with a shot by Hector-Ingram in the 20th minute.  Cambridge came out firing in the 2nd half and went up 2-1 in the 49th minute.  Things got quiet after that with Cambridge holding possession and playing keep-away with the ball.  But they never put much pressure on us after their 2nd goal, preferring to sit back and play defense.

It cost them when we grabbed possession away from them on a tipped pass on their side of the field and with a quick lob from Lennon, Mullin got past their line and one-on-one beat their keeper for the draw.

We're headed to their place for game 2.


We were able to control better possession this game than the first despite playing away from home.  The first half was rather quiet with neither team making any real challenge to the other.  The 2nd half was a different story as Hector-Ingram scored twice to secure the relatively easy victory.

On to the next round.

We're up against another League One team with Rothertham... and this time it's a good one with Rot holding on to the #2 spot in the league table.


This time it was Wrexham and Hector-Ingram getting on the board first.  Unfortunately in the 2nd half Rothertham came back quickly with 2 goals to go up 2-1, which held until Mullin put one in and we escape with another 2-2 tie in game one of a series at home.

On to their place for game 2.


We lost Hector-Ingram early in this game, a bad blow for the team.  However, we bounced back and scored twice before the half.  They put one in before the half themselves to go into the break with the good guys leading 2-1.  We sat back and played a more possessive game in the 2nd half which served us well as Rotherham couldn't find away around defense to put in the equalizer.

Another victory and it's on to the next round.

We're definitely playing at a much higher level in these competitions and exceeding all expectations.

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Chapter Eight:  ben-Dover

We are in to December and we are still unbeaten in the league for the season.

Next up is Dover.

Automatic win.

Why even play.

Game 18:  Wrexham v Dover










Our first loss in the season is to Dover.



Let's see how it went down.


Well that makes sense then... I mean we only put up 20 shots, 10 on target and couldn't score.  While they had 4 shots... 4.... 2 on target and they both went in.

That's why we play the game.

I can't even say we just looked past Dover as we completely dominated them... but lost.

Oh well, I guess it couldn't really last forever.


Next up... Game 19:  Wrexham v Weymouth


This was very much looking like 2 losses in a row as it appeared the boys weren't recovering from our surprise loss versus Dover just a few days back.

Weymouth jumped out to a 2-0 lead and nothing was going our way until the 77th minute when Hayden finally put one in the net.  In the 82nd minute David Jones added the equalizer and we were going into stoppage time at least with the draw in hand.  But with 5 minutes of time added... and 5 minutes needed Weymouth made a mistake in midfield and we pushed the ball upfield quickly with McAlinden getting around his man and putting the winner in, shocking Weymouth to take the victory.

Easily our most exciting game of the year so far.


Game 20:  Wrexham v Solihull Moors


Seemingly still on a high after our come from behind win in the last game, we came out firing on all cylinders in this match and took an easy 3-1 victory.  Solihull may have scored first but 3 straight goals from Wrexham made it look simple from there on.


Game 21:  Wrexham v Altrincham


A win's a win they say and we're going to take them any way we can get them.

This wasn't pretty.  It was very much a letdown after the last 2 games.  However, our defense held solid and didn't afford Altrincham many opportunities.  And while we lacked substance of our own and failed to hit the mark many times, we did score in the 10th minute and that was enough to take the win.


Let's look at the table now.


Stockport continues to put pressure on us to win.

Grimsby, Bromley, Aldershot, Notts and Chesterfield are all there as well fighting for their spots.

Notts continues to be the unlucky member of the group so far.  They only have 3 losses on the year - which ties 2nd place team Stockport for the least losses in the season so far - but they also only have 10 wins out of their other 18 games.  They deserve better.

And there's Dover.

3 wins on the season... and one of them against us.

I'm not bitter.

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Chapter Nine:  A Thriller at Oakwell

Setting the stage - FA Cup Third Round Action

The place - Oakwell Stadium

The opponents - Wrexham v Barnsley

In front of 13,000 plus screaming fans, Wrexham took the field against Barnsley.  A National League club versus a Championship club that finished 5th last year, losing in the semi-finals of the playoffs against Swansea City.

Nobody, and I mean virtually nobody, gave Wrexham a chance in this game.

And that's why, ladies and gentlemen, we play the game.



Statistically to say it wasn't pretty would be the understatement of the year, but you don't play football on paper, you play it on the pitch.

Barnsley controlled this match from start to finish.  They put up twice as many shots.  They held a 3-1 advantage in possession.  Wrexham couldn't keep the ball and they couldn't keep it away from Barnsley.  It was relentless pressure.  

But that didn't stop Paul Mullin from finding the back of the net twice.

Nor did it stop Jake Eastwood from denying Barnsley time after time after time... in fact 9 times in total.

And one final time in the 94th minute of the game when Woodrow starred him down on a penalty shot with the game on the line... and was denied by a magnificent save.

Wrexham manager Gareth Rees was asked about the penalty shot after the game and had this to say.  "I'll be honest.  My heart was skipping fast for the last 10 minutes of the game when all I wanted was to hold possession and slow the game down.  When we committed that foul in the 94th minute, I think it stopped.  I definitely had my head down and couldn't believe that the effort these lads put in all game long was going to be lost to a penalty kick.  I hate to say that I really thought it was over right there even though Eastwood had been just spot on all game long.  Barnsley had just played such an incredible match, truly incredible.  But at the same time I knew Jake had it in him, so I put my head down and closed my eyes and just waited to hear the reaction from the team.  It was incredible.  The whole game was incredible.  I've never been a part of anything like this so far in my career and I hope to be a part of many more to come.  I'm so proud of the boys."

It was absolutely incredible... magical... and will go down as one of the best matches that Wrexham has played in their very long history.

This is what dreams are made of.

And it's on to the next round.

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Chapter Ten:  Rolling along

The new year is upon us and the games continue on.

Will Wrexham's excellent form continue or will the new year bring a bump in the road?  Let us see.

Game 22:  Wrexham v Notts Co


It appears our recent praise of Notts Co was well deserved.  I just wish it wasn't proven against us.

Truth be told though, we've thought Notts an unlucky team so far this season.  They've played very well with little to show for it at times.  However, in this game they thoroughly thrashed us from start to finish.  It's been very few games that we didn't outshoot our opponents or deserve victory even when not attained.  But in this case, this truly showed Notts' worth.


Game 23:  Wrexham v Boreham Wood


After our disappointing turn against Notts, we may have taken out some frustration on poor Boreham.  We allowed Boreham all of 4 shots on goal and none of them on target, while we put up 21 shots ourselves and found 3 in the net.


Game 24:  Wrexham v Yeovil Town


Another bit of disappointment here, but that's just because I expect to win every game... knowing we can not.

The fact is Yeovil had been on quite the run when we came against them this match, having gone without a loss in their previous 10 games to this point.  Both defenses were on point this game as shots numbered barely in the double digits on both sides.  We were quietly happy to come away with the draw here.

For some reason we have decided we're going to struggle a bit on the road, having only won 1 of our last 5 matches away from The Pit.


Game 25:  Wrexham v Grimsby Town


Back to some good home-cooking and another bounce-back performance after somewhat of a subpar game the previous match, this time with Grimsby suffering another defeat at our hands.

Amazingly we really didn't play our best game in front of goal on either side, but the final numbers certainly didn't show that.  We put up 13 shots to their 11 and while we "deserved" 2 goals to their 1 statistically... the final score showed 4-0 on the board.  Grimsby even held a sizeable possession advantage as well.  Regardless, we take the win and move on.


Game 26:  Wrexham v Maidenhead


Maidenhead hasn't had a good year and has struggled mightily on defense.  We certainly weren't going to allow things to change against us and followed through with a decisive 3-0 win. 


So how does the table appear after this month.


Cream rises to the top and that seems to be well played out this year in the National League. 

It's for certain the top clubs have definitely separated themselves from the pack.  While we certainly have put some distance between us and the rest, the other playoff teams have marked their territory as well.  We still hold our own destiny in our hands with 10 points between us and Bromley and still feel we're going through with automatic promotion.  The real excitement in the league is the 6 teams below us fighting for position.  We just can't allow complacency to take hold.

Let's look at the player stats through January.


In the coming month we have our 4th round FA Cup match with Peterborough.  They are another Championship squad that we should be afraid of, but we're not.  We've already faced and beaten better competition in the FA Cup, so we know that we can win.  Maybe that's a bit conceited but it's true and it's how we have to approach the match.

We continue.

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Chapter Eleven:  Could it be a Hollywood tale?

FA Cup Round Four

Wrexham v Peterborough

Could Wrexham's magical run against much higher ranked opponents continue through the FA Cup in Gareth Rees' first season as head man?

Or is the fairytale over?

Maybe... maybe not.

But it's fun regardless.

Let's talk about the game.

Peterborough brought out their 4-4-2 formation so we countered with a 4-4-1-1.  Typically I think you see a 4-5-1 working well against 4-4-2, but we like a little more punch up front so we used the Centre-attacking midfielder rather than just a centre-midfielder.

We knew this was going to be tough and probably should have gone with a cautious approach, but we're not a cautious team so we went with a positive style of play.

Peterborough struck first in the 8th minute and that immediately started making me think my positive approach may not have been the best choice.  I stepped it back a bit and went with a balanced play style.  We struck back in the 28th minute with a finely struck goal from our man Paul Mullin with the assist by Westbrooke.  The rest of the first half was uneventful with neither team gaining advantage. We went into the half all tied up.

Gareth gave a rousing "you can do it" halftime speech and Wrexham took the pitch.

It was more back-and-forth until Wrexham struck again in the 70th minute to take the 2-1 lead.

We gave instructions at that time to play defensively and sit back and attempt to hold possession.

That worked just wonderfully.... 

allow me to explain what happened next.

With the game drawing down, into and after the 80th minute and a win being in our reach, we gained possession and raced down the field.  A throw-in from the sideline lead to a header attempt on goal from Westbrooke.  It wasn't to be however as Peterborough's keeper made an amazing save yet knocked the ball back into play where Wrexham found possession once again.  We worked it around trying to find advantage but an errant pass allowed Ward to gain possession.

He quickly passed to Edwards as seen below.

You'll notice their man sitting far up-field unchecked.  I wondered why.  I screamed get back.


I kept screaming as I then noticed Burrows running up the left side completely unmarked... while we were allegedly in a completely defensive mindset.




Alas Burrows was all alone up the sideline and headed straight for goal.

And one-on-one he was not to be denied as he put the ball in to make it 2-2 with 7 minutes left in the game.


Or not?

Have faith supporters.  Faith.

For it was just 2 minutes later that Mullin's smacked a header in the top left corner off an assist by Jones that proved the difference in the game as Wrexham comes away 3-2 winners in another absolutely breathtaking FA Cup match.


Statistically we were still at a disadvantage, but not nearly as badly as we were against Barnsley.  We put up a decent amount of shots, shots on target and acquitted ourselves with an okay possession rate compared to games past.  We outdid our xG and probably once again should have lost... but we didn't.  And that's sort of all that matters.


These last few FA Cup matches have taken their toll as we've racked up more minutes than any other National League club between the regular season the FA Cup and the FA Trophy as well that we are still going strong in.

We have drawn Tottenham for our next match and we will be at home.  I fear our run may be over.  The fact is Wrexham has nothing left to prove right now.  We have most likely gone as far as we could go this time around.  However, I'll never count the lads out. 

I can't ask much more of the team and if they falter at this point, it is not through a lack of heart.


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Chapter Twelve:  The beat goes on

Let's start with some good news.  We made a request of the board to upgrade our youth facilities which were just adequate.  At first they turned me down but after having a meeting with them and explaining why we needed it, I received this message.


Thanks, Ryan.  This is a much needed upgrade to increase the quality of youth that we run through our program.

Let's get on with the games... we played 5 this month.

Game 27:  Wrexham v Torquay


A pretty straight-forward affair.  We only allowed 5 shots and pretty well controlled the tempo of the match with a 61/39 possession margin.


Game 28:  Wrexham v King's Lynn


I'd say we're finding our form but we've pretty well been on form most of the season.  McAlinden scored twice in this one and we allowed just 3 shots as our defense stood tall.


Game 29:  Wrexham v Wealdstone


Wealdstone gave us much more a match than others have which is somewhat surprising considering their position in the league.  They struck first in fact and kept us in check all the way until the 67th minute.  It looked like we were to settle for the draw in this one as we struggled to find our shots.  However Redmond found his way around the defense in the 76th minute and put in the game winner.  Statistically we were a bit fortunate as we were out-shot and out-possessed in the match, but it's the finishing that matters.


Game 30:  Wrexham v Chesterfield


Back-to-back strong opponents as Chesterfield lays 4th on the table.  Both defenses were up to the challenge here as neither team put up many shots or shots on target.  The first half was relatively quiet but Chesterfield came through early in the 2nd half requiring Wrexham to come from behind again for the 2-1 victory.


Game 31:  Wrexham v Aldershot


Aldershot is a playoff contender and played like one.  Their defense has been spectacular this season having given up only 17 goals so far which leads the league by a fair bit (Wrexham has given up 23).  We count ourselves lucky every time we go against them and come away with a result.


Let's look at the league table.


If we're being honest any thoughts of a challenge from any other team this season, despite how well some are playing, has gone by the wayside.  Bromley in particular is playing quite well but barring some complete and total collapse this title is all but wrapped up with our continued victories.  Now it's really just a matter of how many points do we score and records do we capture.  The real competition still lays between the next 6 spots.  Notts continues to be the unluckiest team I've ever seen with just 4 losses on the year but those 12 draws loom large for their position on the table.  However if they hold place and fight for promotion in the playoffs... I wouldn't bet against them.

Let's look at the player stats overview.


And team stats overview.


And just for fun let's look at how the Premier League looks since Liverpool has just gone crazy this year.


And look at Tottenham there in 7th place... our opponents for the upcoming FA Cup match.

Well at least we're at home and looking at a capacity crowd for the spectacle.


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Chapter Thirteen:  What might have been

It was a capacity crowd at The Pit.  10,500 plus screaming Wrexham fans.

And although we are the Dragons, we looked to play the part of the slayer in this one-sided FA Cup affair.

And play it we did.

We controlled possession.  And although Tott put up more shots - 16-6... we actually had more shots on goal - 5-4 and a higher xG as well.

Unfortunately, as I have said before... the game isn't played on paper.

And the one thing we didn't have... was any shots that actually went in the goal - whereas Tottenham had 3.

And thus ended the fairytale for The Dragons.

Nobody held their heads low this day though.  It was a great day for Wrexham football to have made it this far and to have had the victories we did during the run.

Nobody could say we hadn't given it all.

Nobody could say we didn't show heart.

It just wasn't meant to be this day... but there will be other days.


We turn our attention to the FA Trophy and finishing the regular season and our well-earned upcoming promotion.

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Chapter Fourteen:  Sleeping Giants

Not that there was much suspense involved but we managed to secure at least a playoff spot this month.

And we exacted a bit of revenge as well.  

We'll get to that.

We had a busy month with 5 season games, so let's see how it went.

Game 32:  Wrexham v Barnet


Our offense was on point in this game as we doubled up Barnet for a 4-2 victory.  We continue to allow our opponents to get an early lead on us only to come firing back.  In this case Barnet went up 2-1 before we scored 3 straight for the easy win.


Game 33:  Wrexham v Bromley


Bromley is securely in playoff contention and one of the top teams in the league.  And they played like it by holding Wrexham to only 10 shots with nothing going in the net.


Game 34:  Wrexham v Halifax


With time winding down in the first half of an uneventful game, Paul Mullin took advantage of a foul in the box and put his penalty shot in for a 1-0 lead going into the half.  2 more goals after halftime secured what ended up being an easy victory.  Amazingly Wrexham only had 11 shots on goal but made each shot count.


Game 35:  Wrexham v Dover


Oh sweet revenge.  The lads were ramped up before this game after being embarrassed in the last match versus Dover.  And they made them pay.  Repeatedly.  

There's really not much else to say about the game.  Mullin got the hat-trick.  Westbrooke scored twice.  We gave up one late.

Game over.


Game 36:  Wrexham v Weymouth


I honestly thought this might be another embarrassing loss for an opponent given our latest temperment.  Weymouth is stuck at the bottom of the table and most likely facing relegation themselves, much like Dover.  We put up 23 shots but had problems scoring... probably should have had at least 1 more goal, if not 2 in the game.  However, we only allowed 5 attempts and nothing in.


How does the table look now.


Next is our semi-finals match against Chesterfield in the FA Trophy.


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