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Tyler's issues with FM. Minor issues. Match engine... Again.

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Since match engine is a mess, it generates unrealistic stats. I already told you that I once saw 56 attempts made by the opposition in full-time stats. Do you know what the all-time record for top five league is? 47 attemps in one game. Atalanta against Empoli, season 2018/19. But it is an absolute anomaly. In general a dominating side makes around 15 attempts per match. It is a lot. In FM the dominating side will have at least 20 shots. It is a starting point. In most cases there's gonna be more. Like 30 is absolutely not a problem. Full time possesion stats can also be really weard. Like a team playing 10 men for 75 minutes manages somehow to control the ball for 67% of time. Or you see your team constantly attacking  (attacking not counter-attacking) and in the end you have only 35% of possesion. What is actually happening between the highlights? Is it central defenders passing the ball to each other?

Another problem is bookings. A probability of a player recieving a yellow heavily depends on what part of the match it is. No referee wants to get himself into a corner, so it is unlikely that he will book a player in the first 15-20 minutes, unless he has no other choice. He will talk to a player and save cards for later. In the game a booking on minute 1 is something that I see regularly.

And at last goalkeepers. I have never seen them commiting a foul or recieving a yellow card for time wasting. Not a single time.




1. Test the match engine until it starts to generate realistic stats. If you see stats like 35 shots/20 on target (for one team, not combined) in a match between same division teams – something is definitely off. Do it again!

2. Collect the data on minutes on which yellow cards are usually recieved. You will have a lot of cards on 85+ minute and very few cards in opening 10-15 minutes. Add the data into match engine odds. Just like activating "get stuck in" mode increases odds of a booking, current minute should also either increase or decrease these odds.

3. Make goalkeeper commit fouls. Plain and simple.

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