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442- Fitting in a variety of attackers

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I'm in my second season with Fortune Sittard, having taken them from the brink of relegation after I was sacked by Brest. In our second season, we've managed to shed some dead weight, bring in some young attacking talents, and as such we are reaping the rewards and currently sit in 5th place midway through the season.

I've mostly been playing a 442 system, with three variants, one more direct, one low block, and one posession-based, fluid, and dominating. 

The main system looks a little like this, but the roles have been changing (still struggling to get all the parts clicking perfectly):


The role of the supporting striker, and RCM and LM change depending on personnel (WPa, CMs, DLPs, DLF and TF are all used depending on situation).

My mains strike partnership have been Baratta and Stewart.

Here they are- Baratta first:


And his stats:


And Stewart, and his stats:



As you can see, the strike partnership has been working pretty well. Sometimes Baratta has played off the left (and done well), when I want to bring in some more physical presence up top.

I have two other top talents at the club however.

I have just brought in Paraguayan 18 year old William Perez. He is a) pretty good and b) really in need of game time to develop. 


I suppose there are a number of options:

1) William Perez stays as 3rd/4th choice striker- plenty of sub appearances for either role, occasional start in lesser games (although the fixture schedule is pretty light.) CONS: Doesn't maximise development.

2) I try and start all 3 at once:

a) By changing the formation (to what?) CONS: Have to learn new system, 442 working well.

b) By shunting Baratta or Stewart out wide. CONS: Disrupts existing partenrship that is working v well.

3) Loan Perez out. CONS: Can't shape training as much, miss out on what ought to be a v useful option.

Any suggestions? I was thinking Baratta on the left, Perez DLF, Stewart AF. Only formation change I could see being any useful would be a 442 diamond.

Then there is the 4th piece of my attacking talent.

Jose Martins has all the abilities to be a top forward minded CM. However, he really has been struggling. Any thoughts on where he might be better suited to playing (I've though about moving him outwide, to be a wide playmaker perhaps..?)


Ideally, I'd like suggestions on a 442 that fits all these pieces into one system, to get my best talents on the pitch at the same time. 

Failing that, any system changes that you think would get the best out of these 4? I've considered and tried a 4312, with Martins as a Mezzala, but I'm not convinced it is any good.


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I like 3 of your 4 players, and especially your Portuguese AMC. I’d try playing him in the right MC position and make it attacking, and turn the right winger into a support position. I’d consider playing him in at least half the games too. He looks awesome.

The one player I’m not so keen on is the Paraguayan mostly due to his workrate, pace and acceleration. He’ll be to slow and not work enough to get into position. 

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  • 3412 or 5212 whether you would like wingers or not
  • an asymmetric 433 
  • 4231

Honestly you can mould a lot of these players to fit into any system regardless of position familiarity 

Now these players can play in a 442 however the way i would play it like a man u 442 like the 07/08 how specifically focused on the attacking trident played and the system. For example your Paraguayan could be a poacher so looking at how the man u 07/08 system worked create your own and modify to suit your needs. The defence is something you may need to work out if you don't have the players. 

Martins stats look like a Iniesta with the dribbling and playmaking also he could help pressing and close off passing lanes 

Perez stats are good and looks more like a striker if you can improve his anticipation and OTB then you can have an Inzaghi like player just slower but usually in these circumstances its not what he does it, its how he does it; so he if can't go past them quickly enough then shoot from afar.

Just my thought process on these players.

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