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FM21 tactical help - Don't care about possession numbers

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Hello guys,

Would you change something in this tactic to fit a play style where possession numbers and high pressing is not what I'm looking for, but yes be a little more patient with pressing and more incisive attack. 

I've tried with positive mentality but I find that the ball goes forward to early and since this is more of a bottom heavy formation, it's doesnt work quite well.

The position that I'm always changing is the DM(s), as I find that even with "hold position" PI I find him too advanced for my liking and the consequence is that there is no one there to recycle possession if needed. But at the same time I feel that, when defending and if he is on a defend duty, he retreats too much. So It's a role/duty that I'm always in doubt.


FB(s) - Sit narrower, cut inside and take more risks

FB(a) - Stay wider

SV (a) - Move into channels

AM(s) - Roam from position, move into channels


Thanks for your time



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