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FM22 Xbox Edition PC

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So, I've spent the last 4-5 editions of FM addicted to the Touch version, It's faster and simpler (better for my lifestyle due to limited time). However, this year FM22 did not come with Touch for PC (majorly disappointed). I don't have a switch so won't be getting FMT on there. I also don't own an Xbox, I'm a PS guy. My question is... Can I buy and download FM 22 Xbox Edition for PC without having a console?


Also, can the PC version of Xbox Edition be edited, such as adding Logos, Faces, Kits etc.?

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  • SI Staff
9 hours ago, The _Captain said:

I know you are staff, but I feel you are incorrect. It's 30 seasons on xbox, but on PC I am sure it is unlimited?

For xbox edition on PC it is correct as it all has to be cross play compatible so the same restrictions exist on both xbox and pc

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