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Olympiacos have had no GK contracted for 6 months and are 2nd in the league.

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I've just looked up Olympiacos in my game and noticed they haven't had a single goalkeeper contracted to them in over 6 months (only the greyed out trial players), yet somehow they are 2nd in the Greek league table. 

To give a little background, I've reached 24th January 2026 in-game. Olympiacos had 2 goalkeepers 18 months ago. I signed one of them on a Bosman free in summer 2024. The other was sold in summer 2025. They haven't had a contracted GK since then and went a whole season with just one GK prior to that. 

This raises three main issues:

1) On losing their two first team goalkeepers, why did the club AI not think to replace them over two separate transfer windows - even if it was just with a free transfer or loan? 

2) Considering they have been playing with trash in goal for half a season now, how are they still competing for the title?

3) Are AI clubs too reliant on these non-contract trial players? Is that why no one has been signed?

I have a save game from the date above if that is of any help. 

This sort of stuff just causes me to lose faith with the game AI and invalidates a lot of the achievements for the  human player.

This is especially disappointing as a lot has been discussed on here in recent years about the ability of the AI clubs to manage their squads long term and I thought it had been addressed in this year's version. 

Clearly it's still an issue. 






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  • passenger58 changed the title to Olympiacos have had no GK contracted for 6 months and are 2nd in the league.

I remember this happening to Celtic a few versions ago (Fmm20 maybe?). In their case it did tank them a bit and their manager got sacked and they offered me the job (which is how I noticed!). I took the job, settled for the best free I could find until the next transfer window. Was a fun little challenge - but clearly it shouldn't happen.

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