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Clarification on England WP rules in FM 2022 Xbox

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I am looking for some clarifications on the England work permit rules for FM 2022 Xbox.

Previous FM versions Brexit WP rules allows for players to be signed if they were current internationals, with a sliding scale of percent of games played based on national ranking of their country. FM 2022 Xbox does not list such rules under work permit eligibility. Does the internationals rule no longer apply, or is it simply not listed in the "rules" section?

The WP rules state "1 point if the player is an active player for a team in one of the top 6 leagues in Europe." Question #1: what constitutes an "active player?" I am at Coventry and need to pick up free transfers, how much does a player have to play for them to get this point? Also, I assume the top 6 leagues in Europe includes the Premier league? Or is it the top 6 non-Premier leagues in Europe (i.e., does Erdivisie count or not?)

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