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Finances - overall balance vs transfer budget

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Hi guys

Started a new season with Man Utd... I edited the transfer budget to 100 million (from 30) but forgot to increase the overall balance in the Editor.  

In the first transfer window I spent most of the budget...   I'm now in the January transfer window and I have a transfer budget of £114 million (after selling players and doing well in the league)....however my overall balance is down to £125 million.  If I spend all of my transfer budget and after sign on fees etc...I'll be left with just £5 million in my overall balance.  

I presume that's bad news even for a club like United...would I suffer under FFP / struggle to get to the end of the season etc?  (I'm worried by increasing the transfer budget in the editor by £70 million but not the overall balance that I've screwed up the finances and so I shouldn't spend this money...?)

Thanks for any help.

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The second half of the season is when prize and TV money will hit in, so it may not be too bad.  Remember that a transfer budget is just a budget and there is no requirement for it to be spent and being prudent will endear you to the board as long as you have some success on the pitch.

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