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Error in Nation Rules: "Require Maximum of 22 teams for Canadian Premier League, found 44"


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I've been creating a pyramid for Canada and whenever i test my rules, no matter how many times I have deleted the leagues and re-put together the division order in the nation rules, I get this message telling me I have double the amount of teams that are actually in the league. I have tried on a new file and on the regular database but still the same result.

However, I have tried with other countries and it seems to work, could it just be a problem with Canada?


If i set the max number of teams to 44 I get (Can Sec is Canadian Second Division and Can Prem is Canadian Premier league): image.png.d7cfd4ce2ec6fc364e484df273878e2e.png

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Have you got the Prem set as the parent competition to the Sec? It could be that it's adding all of the teams together since they're considered the same competition.

Parent competitions aren't for higher leagues that teams promote into, they're for grouping a set of leagues together.

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