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[FM22] Fun on Funen - Dalum IF


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Having been reading several career threads and in general just really enjoyed following other managers' game ventures, I've taking manners into my own hands, and challenged myself...I quite enjoy writing and therefore the hope is that providing updates will be a further boost to my motivation for this challenge, as I am well aware that no one cares about a Danish 4th tier team ;) 

The premise for the challenge is that I can only use players born on the danish island of Funen. Funen is located with Jutland and the Little Belt to the west, the Great Belt and Zealand to the east and Kattegat to the north, with just under 500.000 residents but only one team in the top division. Amongst Funen greatest exports are names as HC Andersen(Odense), famous singer MØ(Odense) and of course Christian Eriksen(Middelfart).

10 most populated towns on Funen

  1. Odense - 178,210 residents
  2. Svendborg - 23,324
  3. Nyborg - 17,164
  4. Middelfart - 15,246
  5. Faaborg - 7,065
  6. Assens - 6,209
  7. Kerteminde - 5,914
  8. Ringe - 5,912
  9. Otterup - 5,227
  10. Bogense - 3,891

Dalum IF was my first ever football club when I was 6 years old, and also the first team I managed ever in a game, CM 03/04, even though I was way too young to understand anything about the game at all. Since then, a failed merger between Dalum, B 1909 and B 1913 led to FC Fyn which went bankrupt in 2013. Dalum is the only one out of the three mother clubs who has since made it back into the divisions. 

Funen has one team in the danish superliga, Odense Boldklub (OB) and my aim is to finally give Funen a team that compete with the monopoly that OB have had for decades. But I can only do so with players from Funen. Roughly.  So yeah, yet another youth-only challenge, with the simple twist that I can use players born outside of Funen if they are brought in on loan or have come through our own youth system.

(Yes, I’m aware that this is a seen-before type of challenge with island-only players, and that there is a terrific Isle of Man challenge by Punch going on for example, but I will never claim to be original.)

⁃    Attribute masking is off
⁃    No transfer activity first window

General Rules:
⁃    Only players born on Funen is allowed
⁃    Players born outside of Funen can only be used if they’ve come through the youth setup 
⁃    Loans players born outside of Funen is allowed

Main Goals:
◦ Become the highest ranked club from Funen
◦ Win the Championship only using players from Funen or from youth setup 
◦ Win a Continental tournament only using players from Funen or from youth setup

◦    Gain promotion to the 3rd Tier - Completed
◦    Gain promotion to the 2nd Tier - Completed
◦    Gain promotion to the Superliga
◦    Become a professional club
◦    Become the highest ranked club from Funen
◦    Only Funen-born (or youth) players signed (loans excluded)

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Dalum starts of in the newly created 3. Division, being the 4th tier of the danish league pyramid. Each league consists of 12 teams, with the league dividing after 22 games into a 6 team Championship/Promotion group and a 6-team relegation group, totalling 32 games over the course of a season. 
Odense Boldklub has been the regional flagship for several years and dot face any competition whatsoever. The second highest placed team is Middelfart in the 3rd tier, whilst we are placed with fellow-townsmen Næsby in the 4th.


Our facilities are horrible, our economy is fragile and we only have one affiliate, Odense Boldklub. The squad consist of 13 players born on Funen already, leaving us with nine players which we will be looking to ship away. These players will still feature in games, but as we can only sign part-time contracts, none of them will be extended if they have contracts, and I won’t fight to keep them around, should another team come about.

Our facilities are horrible, our economy is fragile and we only have one affiliate, Odense Boldklub. The squad consist of 13 players born on Funen already, leaving us with nine players which we will be looking to ship away. These players will still feature in games, but as we can only sign part-time contracts, none of them will be extended if they have contracts, and I won’t fight to keep them around, should another team come about.

Status at the start of the save:
13/22 players from Funen
2/4 contracted players from Funen

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@Sport Lacost Thanks man, B.93 is a nice club to manage, hope you find it exciting!

As mentioned, FC Roskilde was the only clear favourite before the season to gain promotion, whilst we were in a bunch of 3-4 teams predicted to fight it out for the last spot. We soon found ourselves racking up a few wins in a row, gaining much needed momentum in a closely levelled league. A 2-0 win at home against FC Roskilde increased our undefeated streak to 10, and we were comfortably in the lead.

We finished the regular season with a 9-point lead before heading to fight the top-6 teams. 



Even though our two club top scorers left us in the winter (A 203cm tall CB from Svendborg, and our best striker from Fredericia), we managed to hold on to our lead, actually increasing it towards the end to 12-points, leaving us as clear league winners and promoted to the 2.division. 



Our youth intake was slated to be good, however our facilities are abysmal so I didn’t have any expectations. On a side note, my Head of Youth is a member of the board, meaning that I can't get a new one until he leaves by himself.. Two players should apparently have alright potential, Erik Grieg and danish-moldovan Veaceslav Chirilov, and they might be useful to fill the quota of having 3 U21 outfield players on the bench that is a rule for every league under the Superliga. Chirilov actually became our youngest ever player at 16y and 12d and becoming the youngest ever goalscorer 4 days later.






As I mentioned above, we lost a striker from Fredercia, the town where the Little Belt bridge connects Jutland with Middelfart and Funen. As he was an amateur, and not Funen-born, I didn’t fight to keep him in the squad, increasing our percentage of Funen-born players. And, I didn’t have the money to keep him after all.
Having no severe income, our only affiliate link with OB being cancelled by our chairman after winning the board election (….), no TV money, low gate receipts and a bug causing teams in the 3. Division not being entered in the cup, our finances are horrible. Heading into the 2nd season, we have let go must of our contracted players, and the part-time staff has stayed on month-to-month contracts, saving us some wages. But, for this season I will rely on option of free loans, if we manage to persuade any usable players, that is….

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Having lost a significant portion of the non-Funen players, we currently only have 2 players out of 23 that is not from Funen, one of them being our starting GK. This hides the fact that most of our players outside of the starting XI are nowhere near good enough for this level, and we are in desperate need of some quality loan players. The season preview is a bit harsh on us I think, and my main goal for this year is to reach the top-6 and Promotion group. After that anything can happen. The level between the 3rd tier and the top teams in the 4th tier are not that substantial, so I definitely see some possibilities to put in some great performances.

Our finances are terrible, the board are not capable of finding a senior affiliate, even though they grant my wish every time, and there are almost no sponsorships coming in. Although I managed to sell our captain for a walloping £740.. We do have some wages to work with, and I’m optimistic that some good loan players will become available as we get closer to deadline day. Our reputation is low even for this level, so attracting good loanees is also proving difficult, as well as aging Funen-born players not thinking a move to Dalum is ambitious, even though we can afford them and they will provide a great asset….We even had a solid striker on trial during all of pre-season having just been released by OB, but his wage demands was a liiiitle too high for what he offers on a part-time deal..He instead opted to go to Hillerød, a team that got relegated to the 4th tier, to play as an amateur…..

It’s the start of season 2, we are in the cup(finally) against a team from our own division, and we will continue our positive outlook on the future!

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We have pushed through august which has been a mixed experience, but with a slightly upwards pointing arrow. Against AB on the opening day, we blew a 2-0 lead inside two minutes, and against Aarhus Fremad we turned the game from 0-2 down to 3-2, going into extra time only to see a late equalizer from our former striker, Mads Raben... 
An alright month which sees us sitting in 3rd.

We've advanced one round in the cup as well, thanks to goal from our own youth products! Both Chirilov and Grieg got on the scoresheet, with Grieg breaking the record for youngest ever goalscorer in the tournament! In the second round we've been drawn against SønderjyskE who was relegated from the Superliga last season, so thats a tough one. However, we played them in a friendly we're they grabbed a last minute penalty to win 2-1, so we might try our luck.

On the transfer side of things, we have sign two free transfers from Næsby + Middelfart and 6(!) loans have come in, but fortunately we aren't paying any wages or monthly fees! I would have loved to bring them in earlier, but their clubs demanded to high fees. Lindbäck and Hauge both play LB, but Hauge is versatile enough to cover at DM and CB, so I'm not too worried. And they are free cover after all.



Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-05-kl-17-07-44.png  Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-05-kl-17-07-58.png 

Skytte, cover for RB/DM: 



Hauge, Starting LB/CB:



Ibsen, starting RCM:




Lauridsen, starting CB:



Gärtig, cover CB:



Stahlfest, cover CM:



Haysen, starting ST:



Lindbäck, starting LB:



These additions leaves us with a squad looking like this:

23 players
6 loans
15 Funen-born players*

*Some players don't have their birth place registred, it just states "Capital region of Denmark", but I've done my research and they're all born on Funen, luckily.

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A decent month where we advanced in the cup and put a few wins together in the league. The performances against SønderjyskE, Roskilde, Hellerup and Kolding were nothing short of amazing, and the first away win of the season against Hellerup was so needed! On the other hand, the loss to the only amateur team in the league, Brabrand, just proves that the league is so close, so a day off will be costly..
We've now played bottom of the league twice, Aarhus Fremad were they stole a draw in overtime, and now Middelfart who stole a point from a set piece..


The end of September sees us at 3rd, but its so tight so nothing is guaranteed at all.

We'er overperforming accordig to the wage spending, but this hides the fact that we aren't paying anything for our loan players.

On deadline day, we actually signed two more loanees who goes straight into the starting XI. I'm happy with our depth now and we might even lose a couple of the loanees at winter due to us not fulfilling the 'regular starter' promise, but I think we're set.






The draw for the 4th round of cup tees up against Karlslunde from the 4th tier, which is absolutely the best draw possible! We're one round away from prize money in  the cup, and even though its not a lot, a double tie against one of the big clubs might mean a game on tv which will help our horrible finance situation. We won 2, drew 1 and lost 1 against Karlsunde last season, so we're the favourites but it might be a close game!

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And our board is still a joke, they can't find an affiliate AND they refuse to pay for my coaching badges because of our financial situation, but is happy to pay 3k for the badges to my assistant manager...


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October started really well, and after our win against top of league, AB, we ourselves climbed to the top. Næstved just seems to be our bogey team, and against Skive our keeper dropped the ball into the net from a corner..
Chirilov became the youngest-ever goalscorer of the 2.Division with his late winner against AB.
We had to go to extra-time to beat Karlslunde from the 4th tier, but we got through to the quarter-finals of the cup! Here, we will play Vejle from the Superliga, bringing in £18.5k in tv-money to help the finances.

Unfortunately, Karlslunde managed to take out out best player, Laurits Lillemose, who will most likely be injured for the rest of the season… 

Our finances continue to plummet due to our lack of income. I’m £1.7k under the wage budget and spending more will just ruin the economy even more. 

The league is incredibly close with only 6 points separating 2nd from 10th.. We went on a six game unbeaten run, but two straight losses has put us back in with the bunch. 

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A strong performance against Brabrand we’re we managed to be clinical for once. Our away record is horrible though, 9 points from 9 away games and we apparently realt struggle to take our chances away from home, even though we produce them really well.


A strong home record puts us in second place at the winter break, with 4 games left of the regular season. We just need that top 6 finish.


Vejle were simply too strong for us, but we did not help ourselves with a red card after 25 minutes in the first leg, and an own goal + penalty against in the second..We can be proud of the cup run we had, but the personal mistakes cost us dearly…

Haysen leaves us after 6 months on loan where he scored 7 goals in 19 games in total, meaning we need a new striker.

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Updated the first post with the addition of the 10 biggest cities on Funen, as I will be referring to them when signing players. Numbers according to wiki.

The january window meant the addition of a couple of amateur signings for cover, none of them have any real ability but I would rather bring them in now than having some Funen-born players retire due to them not finding a club. We might need them for rotation next season.

Luca Kjerrumgaard - we lacked a striking option, so Luca was brought in from OB.

Julius Fechtenburg - Back to Dalum he returns after a year at Aarhus Fremad

Philip Stoustrup - Pacy player who returns from Næsby

No one left us but we did have some offers for Grieg and Ibsen from clubs in the Nordicbet Liga(2nd tier) for £0…Ibsens contract is up at the end of the season and we can’t match his ambitions so he will leave anyway. We need him for the remainder of the season tho! 

The tactics we have been using are a 4-4-2 diamond with a Shadow Striker. Kristian Weber has been our main goalscorer since I started the save, and we don’t have any quality wingers so we will continue with this formation for the time being.



Our chairman is resigning at the end of his current term, hopefully the new one is able to upgrade some things or find an affiliate!


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Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-14-kl-21-32-36.png2 from 2 in March, both at home so we keep our great home form. The attendance also surpassed 1k in both games, so the gate receipts is evening out the expenditures for now.

Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-14-kl-21-34-54.pngAB also keeps winning so we’re still sat in second place. Top 6 seems secure so my pre-season objective is met, now we push for promotion!

Election is coming up, hopefully the gentlemen brings a small pot of Gold! Hellerup, who we just beat, got bought by an english tycoon and turned pro the same day..what could’ve been..

I’ve started on my first badges after a long battle to convince the board, but a National B-license is coming up. 

Chirilov has been called up to the moldovan U21’s, a big cadeau to our first youth intake haha

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And just like that, our centerback pairring is gone..The Nykøbing coach was unhappy with Lauridsens role being a BPD, and with Gärtig playing time..We have Olsson left, and with Lillemose coming back from injury soon, they Will form our central defence.

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It’s getting ridicoulus..Two away games, two losses as usual. In 7 out of the 11 away games, we’ve conceded inside the first 30 minutes..

We finish 3rd in the regular season and it is going to be a dog fight for 2nd place. Unfortunately for us, we have 5 away games left…



A lot more ‘elite talents’ than promised in the preview, none of them are world-beaters of course. The two unambitious strikers(Kristiansen & Østergaard) might be helpful at this level when they become eligible at 16 however.

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Entered the promotion stage with another loss away from home to cement our position of the worst away team in the group..But what a way to bounce back!! Huge away win against AB, and supersub Chirilov grabbed a goal off the bench against Roskilde to push us into promotion contention once again. 

AB are looking like the safe bet for promotion, and the incosistency by the rest of the group will determine who joins them.

A New chairperson elected, no pot of Gold this time. He changed the club vision to “repair the clubs financial situation”, so I’m glad he recognises it. Our HoYD is still on the board, so nothing can be changed there.

Before the game against AB, our star striker broke his leg and is probably out for the rest of his contract period....

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From heaven to hell within 10 days..We can’t beat Næstved(or score against them), and we always draw with Aarhus fremad. Promotion is looking unlikely.


We have AB at home and Næstved away in our final games, and we need to win both. Næstved are undefeated in 7 matches so the odds really are against us. Injuries and suspensions has cost us dearly

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Næstved drew! We just need to get the 3 points v AB, and then it is all to play for in the last match!


We bottled it…The first time AB beat us and it had to be now..Gutted.

We lost the last game against Næstved as well so we finish in 4th place, 8 points from promotion. At the start of May it all seemed great, but 1 point in the last 5 games is just embarrasing.
13 points away from home needs to be improved if we want to get promoted. We’re the best home team so we definetly proved our quality.

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 I was hoping that we could sneak into promotion for the second year in a row, but the jump in level and player wages proved too big. Maybe I could have done something more with the 1.5k I had left over in wages, but it would simply ruin our finances completely. 
Losing our loaned-in centerback pairring made tough times even worse.
We had an amazing cup run mostly thanks to a lucky draw, but a quarter-final with two 1-goal losses, is really more than we could have hoped for.
We were named as the 'biggest surprise' in both in the league and the cup.


Still only one player who is not from Funen, but unfortunately Ibsen, our best CM, won’t extend his contract due to the fact that we can’t match his ambitions..
For the upcoming transfer window we will be looking for some jumping reach particularly..In the 3. Division we scored the most goals from corners(13), but this season we scored 4, conceded 7(!!) and conceded another 7 from indirect free kicks! If we can even this out a bit, we should be able to get into the promotion stage once again. The board only requires us to avoid relegation, personally I want to get promoted as soon as possible.Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-16-kl-21-05-19.png
Our board found an affiliate! Fc Fredericia from the NordicBet Liga(2nd tier).
They pay us £0 Per year but we can loan their youngsters free of charge..
The board has provided us with an injection of £11k to cover our debt of £100k..

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Still absolutely gutted with the way we bottled it last season, we head into the 3rd season predicted to go down. Again. Fremad Amager and Middelfart were relegated to the 3. Division while Lyngby and Hvidovre joins us from NordicBet Liga. Lyngby are gigantic favourites to get promoted of course, but the rest of the league is still close.


We’re still 11th in the Wage spend Per annum as we we’re last year and of top of that we are also the worst team in when comparing abilities to the rest of the league. A challenging year ahead but last season proved that anything can happen at this level.

We’ve re-signed Olsson and Christoffersen on loan and Lasse Hauge as our main leftback on a permanent part-time deal. While writing this, the season is about to start at the start of august so any additions to the team is still possible.

Next Update will be at the end of august with a squad presentation and an overall view of the club.

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Sk-rmbillede-2022-01-20-kl-20-04-55.pngRight, first a quick look at the start of the season. We have played 4 games and are still undefeated. In the draws we had the better xG, but we still need to be more clinical in both ends. But positive first month. 
Still early days but nice to be tied with 1st place.

The squad at the 1st of September is as follows. The preferred XI is highlighted and the squad players in spoilers.
Mathias Würtz - Haderslev
Starting GK for the 3rd year running. Pretty consistent but has his moments og disaster which have cost us a few points.


Phillip Gejl - Odense
Snapped from Næsby halfway through the first season as I expected Würtz would have been snapped by some bigger teams, but still a backup at this point.
Simon Grube - Odense
Kasper Kreutz - Odense

Both keepers from the recent youth intake, the one who’s showing best progress Will be future No. 1, simple as that

Nicolai Skøtt - Odense
Starting RB, club captain and in fact also our best RW. Which is why we play a narrow formation. Solid performances and recently went from amateur to part-time


Jonas Skytte - Odense
Also picked up from Næsby, his versatility is greatly appreciated having been played at CDM quite a lot. Solid level which gives us flexibility

Oliver Olsson - Loan
Second season on loan from Vejle our first choice CB is a physical wonderboy for this league. A fan favourite, my research has led to information telling that he played for a youth team near Svendborg as a U7 player, the closest I can get to his birth place haha, so he might be a future permanent signing.
Bjorn Hadley  - Loan
A Suriname international and former Man U player has joined on a free loan from AGF.  Is also capable of providing cover on LB.


Samir Dizdarevic - Bosanska Otoka
From our latest youth intake, we get a player born in a different nation. Way too young still, but might develop nicely into a useful player.

Lasse Hauge - Nørre Aaby/Middelfart ish
Joined from Aarhus Fremad on a free as he is the best option we could pick up right now.. 


Aske Adelgaard - Loan
Loaned in on deadline day for free to provide cover for LB. Hauge has performed under par so will get his chances.

Laurits Lillemose - Bogense
Versatile player that has been deployed at CB quite a lot. We simply play better with him at CDM where he is first choice


Oscar Secher - Odense
From our first youth intake, he is pretty much 3rd choice as Skytte is 2nd choice at CDM

Louis Christoffersen - Loan
Second season with us, and best performing CM while he has been here. Leaves us in December as his contract with his patent club runs out..
Nicolo Pissini - Loan
A bit of Exotic creativity from Roma. No idea how he came up in our player search but will be replacing Ibsen as our attacking CM


Julius Fechtenburg - Odense
Back at Dalum after a loan spell, he is a useful squad player when we need creativity at CM or CAM.
Alexander Nicolajsen - Assens
Performed really nicely in the first two seasons and Will definatetly get chances throughout the year

Kristian Weber - Odense
Top goal scorer in both years with 12 & 13 goals, he has been our only option at Shadow Striker. This costs us some pointe because he gets quite a few suspension points but now he has a bit of competition for the spot.


Remy Rasmussen - Svendborg
And that comes from Remy. Born in Svendborg, he was released by Aalborg BK from the Superliga, his pace and versatility in the offence could prove really useful to us. Had a great pre-season at Shadow Striker so Will get his chances.
Erik Grieg - Odense
From the first intake, Erik Grieg might get some chance to showcase his technical attributes.

Jeppe Kristiansen
- Odense
From the recent intake, he is already the best striker at the club. He proved that in pre-season grabbing his first hattrick and being a constant threat, but will have to wait until October to make his debut
Diego Brasili - Loan
After the Pissini deal, I went through all of the Italian U20 teams to hopefully find a player that would suit our needs. Brasili and a couple of others caught my eye, but we went for him and hopefully his size and pace can lead to a lot of goals. 


Jakob Østergaard - Odense
Also from the recent intake, The Blonde Bomber posseses some good qualities and scored 2 goals on his debut against Karlslunde becoming the youngest scorer ever in the league. After 4 games he has 4 goals and is topscorer. 
Veacheslav Chirilov - Odense
Super-sub from the first intake and Moldovan u21 capped Chirilov will continue to get his chances of the bench this year.  
Luca Kjerrumgaard - Odense
Signed from OB in the winter and grabbed 5 goals in 15 apperances. Not a guy I Can rely on for the long-term but useful as of now.
Frederik Humlegaard - Svendborg
His pace and flair was some rare qualities at this level and he was really missed at the end of last season when he broke his leg. Contract expires around the same time as he fully recovers.

The finances and facilities are still at a horrible level.
We need promotion to attract more and better players at a permanent level. Our reputation sucks and that is also what the player agents are telling me(get promotion). We wont choke this year!

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Not an 'official' update but simply need to share my frustration as this happened alot last season as well...

We are over-performing in relation to our overall attributes but under-performing in relation to the stats. We out xG our opponents so often, but can't convert whilst the opposition finishes every small chance they get..

From the first 6 games of the season, I've attached a few examples that really annoys me.
Hillerød-Dalum 2-1

Dalum IF 3-2 Skive

Dalum IF 2-2 Karlslunde IF

Jammerbugt 1-1 Dalum IF

It is still early days and I will just have to trust the process I guess..

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Showed some of the matches in the previous post, but here we have the full month of September. Generally good performances across the board, we fought well against our cup-rivals Vejle from the best league, but an early direct free-kick leaves us out the tournament in the Second Round. We should have beaten Hillerød as shown above, and we played well against Lyngby who just have more individual quality. I'm frustrated with our conversion but encouraged by our play in general, hopefully we can keep the performances up.


3rd place right behind the two relegated teams from NordicBet Ligaen and good performances against both of them. Aarhus Fremad have looked good as well and have a good budget so they might be an outsider. The league is not as close as last year but the bottom teams still steal points of the top teams. 

Bjorn Hardley who is on loan from AGF to play CB, broke his foot against Kolding so he will probably miss the rest of the regular season... This moves Lillemose to CB but it is really not ideal in any way, hopefully we can cope with this and still be in promotion contention when Hardley is back.

The next update will either be at the winter break or at the end of regular season. I really just want to push through and get to the 2nd tier and not fancying updating every month from the same league as last year haha.. Until we get promoted I will stop with the monthly recap of our games to get forward way faster.

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Amazing run of games, only losing two games and after my complaint of our conversion, we have been more effective haha. Undefeated at home and a better away record this year (4W 4L 1D), means we are actually top of the table at the winter break. Our 2nd round defeat to Vejle in the cup has provided us with the blessing of no midweek games so we have just had to deal with the standard suspensions and injuries.


Lyngby had a bad period after they beat us where they dropped points to some of the bottom teams, but the top-2 have created a small gap to the rest. It is still a dog fight between 3rd to 6th which could prove really beneficial to us in the long run.

The stats are also a nice read for Dalum IF fans as we top the xG chart and look really solid for the xG against as well. We have created the most clear cut chances & most shots and luckily our strikers have been able to convert them.

Top performers:
Diego Brasili – 8 goals from 13 games
Kristian Weber – 7 goals + 3 assists from 17 games
Jakob Østergaard – 7 goals + 1 assists from 14 games
Niccolò Pisilli – 2 goals 5 assists from 18 games

Brasili has been a great addition to the team so hopefully we can keep him for the remaining 14 games, his coach Lazio has complained about the role he is being played in, even though I have personalized his role to fit Lazio’s demands. His first 3 goals coincidentally came from 3 assists from his fellow countryman Pisilli who is our main creator in midfield.

Weber is continuing his form from previous season which is always nice, and he is joined by 16-year-old Østergaard! He has taken the spot next to Brasili through some great performances and this has put former lead striker Kjerrrumgaard fully out of contention.
Kristiansen, the other unambitious 16-year-old, debuted 3 days after his 16th birthday making him our youngest ever player, and he scored his first goal 6 days later! Good performances from the rest of the strikers has kept him out a bit, he has 2 goals from 4 appearances tho and will continue to get a lot of game time.

We have signed Tobias Arndal from Tarup just outside of Odense on a amateur contract. He didn’t even want to negotiate for a long time, but now he has signed and will be a solid rotational option due to his versatility! Christoffersen is leaving us at New years and maybe Arndal can take his spot at CM.

The board are loving me at the minute but they are still not able to find us an affiliate to improve our income or wants to give me another coaching badge...

And we will cross our fingers for April..


Will update again at the end of regular season with a recap of January included.

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Finally back on the save after a few days away which has prevented me to finish the regular season. Until tonight!


In the last four games of the regular season, we played 3 teams from the top-6 and drew against them all before a narrow win against Hellerup ended the draw-streak. We've kept 3 clean sheets too which is delightful.


We finish on top! 9 points more than this time last season, but we really need to keep focus going into the Promotion Stage. It is sort of a 3-horse race with Roskilde sniffing around in 4th, so we hope to compete with the two pre-season favorites and relegated teams from last year, Lyngby & Hvidovre. We open the final 10 games with a home game v Lyngby!


We had our youth intake as well, this time without any terrible personalities lurking. Previously I have been keen on introducing the young guns into the first team, but we will wait it out  and see how Nielsen and Hansen improve. Hansen is really similar  to Grieg from our first intake, I noticed.

Will provide a short update halfway through the promotion stage before we finish our 2nd year in the 2. Division.

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We kicked off the Promotion Stage with another narrow game against Lyngby where they took all 3 points after a moment of magic from their striker.. We followed with another close game against Aarhus Fremad to get a point, before blasting Hvidovre away from home! Brasili was in a goal draught, spoke to him before the game and boom, his first hat-trick!  Against Kolding and Roskilde we came from behind to grab all the points, showing great character and we have put ourselves in a very good spot halfway through the Promotion stage!


A 8-point gap to Hvidovre before the final 5 games! Even if we match our poor form from last season's final 5 games, promotion should be pretty much secured. We are ahead on every tie-breaker as well, Goal Difference, Goals Scored and Away Goals Scored! The 4-0 away v Hvidovre was significant in that way also.

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Promotion!! Following the last update, we took a surprise win away from home against Lyngby before clinching promotion by beating Aarhus Fremad 3-0 at home! A year too late but we're going to the 2nd tier which should be a solid place to build a foundation for the future, but most importantly we need to survive! It is gonna be a struggle every year but we have shown promising signs against the better sides..


The final three games will be included in a season recap-ish kind of update where I will go further into detail with my thoughts for the Nordicbet Liga.

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I rotated quite a lot after we clinched promotion, to give some experience to some younger players and to see if we some undiscovered options in our fringe players.

This left us on 2nd place 4 points behind pre-season favorites Lyngby and 10 points clear of Hvidovre, so at the end of the day, quite secure promotion actually.

Our cup run ended early on this time, against Vejle once again who actually went all the way to the semi-final once more. This might have helped in having fresh players throughout the regular season, but I really hope to facilitate another cup run in the upcoming season!


I would like to highlight a few of the performers, even though most of them probably won't be here next season, they played a huge part in our promotion campaign.

Diego Brasili - Top goalscorer this year, the loanee from Lazio grabbed 14 goals in the league and was just a huge presence with his size and pace!

Oliver Olsson - His second year with us on loan from Vejle, we will probably face him as Vejle got relegated to Nordicbet ligaen, but another player with great physical presence and he will be a big loss as he was 1st choice CB for 2 years. I will try and sign him when his contract is up, as he is born in and around the southern parts of Funen, Svendborg.

Tobias Arndal - Joined in the winter to replace a great CM, he really surprised me and stepped up with some nice performances. He is an amateur and will be here for the coming season.

Niccolo Pisilli - Another italian who really linked up well with his fellow-countryman! His first 3 assists was also the first 3 goals of Brasili, so their connection was on point. They will leave us and return to Italy to become  bitter rivals, playing for Roma and Lazio respectively. 

Nicolai Skøtt - Our captain had 6 assists from RB, and his pace will be really useful the coming season as well!

Jakob Østergaard - The 16 year old striker really surprised us this year! 13 goals in his first season with us, and a great partnership with Brasili up top, I hope he can bring his good form into the 2nd tier of Denmark, we really need it!

Jeppe Kristiansen - I had high hopes for Jeppe, but he really didn't hit the ground running and ended up as 3rd choice. 3 goals to his name is okay as a 16 year old, but we need him to add to that!

Some more info on our season follows:
Big moments - Finance update - Best XI - Awards - Finances

The 2nd tier should be a great place to lay some foundations to this club, even though we will have to fight a lot to stay here, and it will be like that for a few seasons I reckon. Some big reputation teams in  the league so they might pull some TV games, which could help our terrible financial situation. We will have to fix that somehow, even though we can only sign semi-pro players on 1-year deals, so there is no sell on potential in the squad.. This time around I will aim to spend all of the wage budget, rather than just 50% to save our finances a bit, but we need to spend every penny to stay up this year, and the years to come...The challenge just got bigger, but we will have to do some work and look forward to the future.


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For the first time since the 13/14 season, a team from Funen has found their way into the second highest league in Denmark. And for the first time this save, we face a huge challenge in the season to come.


The teams are way ahead in their annual wages, and we have trouble signing anyone. Even on loan.

The free agents wants higher wages than I can offer so instead they happily join lower division teams as amateurs for free..

Either that or they think that we can’t match their ambitions.
Domestic loan players has likewise become a problem, their clubs wants them to play with higher level players.

I have once again went through every single team in the Italian Serie A to find free players, and this has resulted in 2 centerbacks and 2 midfielders joining. They are they best ones we could find..

Jean Paul Touadi - CB, Roma
Alessandro Tumminelli - CB, Salernitana
Bruno Sabatino - CM, Salernitana
Aleksandar Stankovic - CM, Inter

More bad luck followed when the cup draw was made for the 1st round, as we have come up against Brabrand away from home. An amateur team in the 2. Division yes, but we could have drawn non-league teams without players..

Big Challenges this season and I genuinely believe that everyone is against us and wants us gone..But we will fight against relegation, and see how far it takes us!   

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As expected, we have had a terrible start to the season but some close results in fact. However, these are not accurate to our performances, we went down 0-4 against Helsingør, before grabbing two late on, and against Esbjerg and Nykøbing we were dominated for 89 minutes before grabbing one back.. Lyngby and Hobro also really deserved the 3 points, but we fought  well and a couple of Team Of the Week performances from our keeper, has given us 2 points for August..

The game against Brabrand was the best we had so far and that resulted in a loss after extra time..They went up 1-0 and then didnt record a single shot in almost 100(!!) minutes, before a freekick was saved for a corner, resulting in a goal..After we used our last sub, we lost 2 guys to injuries so we finished with 9 men and are out of the cup..


Every team has won a game so far, except us.

I went a bit crazy when searching for players who were willing to  join on loan. So we brought in 4 more guys, bringing our total of loanees to 8. None of them have made an impact yet, but they were free and that is what our finances allow us to do..
Mathias Eriksen - LB, Brann
Lenny Uhlmann - CB, Jahn Regensburg
Halil Haidoura - DM, Duisburg
Ehprem Giesenberg - ST, Duisburg

We said goodbye to Humlegaard who went to B.93 for the remainder of his contract and replaced him with Frederik Jørgensen from Assens and also said goodbye to Lasse Hauge. Both had terrible ratings in the spring and were getting paid way too much money, so they have left..

Financial overview for August:

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The date is the 1st of November and we have cemented our position as the worst team in the league, but in some of the closer games, we have actually been performing quite alright. But we simply dont have the level required for this league, we cant create chances and all of our strikers has a  combined total of 2 goals..

We literally cant improve our team either. The older free agents would rather retire than negotiate a deal with us, as "It is not beneficial for their careers to play in the NordicBet Liga". And the younger free agents would still like to be amateurs rather than play for us. I am so disillusioned at the moment, not because we are bottom of the league, but because we cant even do anything about it..

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I'm not an expert but, in my experience, when it feels like you're wading through treacle and can't go up a level, there are myriad little ways in which it can be just around the corner. Better tactical familiarity, young players developing that little bit, even just one player going on a good run of form and getting you the results that raise your team's confidence a bit. 

It was a brilliant promotion so fingers crossed you can somehow survive! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Appreciate the comment @mzeqiri and you are absolutely right! I found myself trying loads of different tactical changes and formations, but out best performances still came from the system we have played all throughout. Still frustrated with the board tho, they could help me out a bit in pushing the club the right way haha.

Covid got the better of me in the last couple of days so the save have been on hold, but will be back to fight relegation sooner rather than later!


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Back from it’s hiatus, the challenge is back on! Although the activity and game progression might not get back to the speed it was, this is my main save and will still provide updates in similar style as previously.

We finished the last batch of games before the winter break last night, and we went undefeated! 

2 wins and 2 draws and an overall improvement in play. We switched back to our diamond formation with some defensive adjustments and utilizing the pace from Giesenberg and Brandt upfront, we are creating enough to challenge anyone, examplified with our win against 1st place Vejle! Giesenberg is yet to score though, but he is getting to the chances. A 20cm offside robbed him of his first against Vejle..


It has all of a sudden become a close battle at the bottom. The league splits in 5 games and the two halves are pretty much set. If we can keep up the good performances, we have good chances of making it a fun relegation group.

From January 1st, we have Mads Greve joining us on a free transfer from HB Køge. Mads has been brought up in the OB academy and made most of his appearances for Vejle in the 2nd tier. Mads returns to his hometown of Odense and even though we were to drop down a level, he will still be a solid player with some needed experience.

We have also started the January window with the mandatory rejections from players, only to see them signing for lower-levelled clubs on smaller wages. So nothing new on that front.

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We brought in a couple of loans from Esbjerg, a striker who instantly raises the level of our striking corpse, and a left back to help us provide some depth on that position. None of them have made any impact yet. 


What a fall from grace..We ended 2024 with high hopes and optimism after going undefeated for four games and creating chances in each game, but the end to the Preliminnary Phase has been utterly terrible.. Losing to Hobro was expected, but against Fredericia we had a 1-0 lead until the 86th minute and the collapse against AB was probably the nail in the coffin..AB was in 10th and we could surpass them with  a  good performance, but they put 4 past us from 3 headers and a penalty and a massive 1.91 xG... The last game against HB Køge was the absolute final straw for our survival chances...Bad results and even worse performances in 4 out of the 5 games.


Before the last 10 games against the bottom six, we're completely isolated with Helsingør. We will give it our best until it is mathematically impossible to survive, and then probably use a couple of games to look forward to the next season. If we can somehow manage to surpass Helsingør, there is bigger prize money from the TV pool so that is a nice incentive.

We had our youth intake and to no surprise it was a golden generation. We will see how many of them can make it through to the first team.

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