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[FM22] The Oceania Perfectionist - From Palau to New Zealand and every island in between

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Every couple years I have a save in Oceania, and I think after 28 seasons of not leaving Northern Scotland it may be time to enjoy the Pacific sun with a new high of 17 Oceanic nations to manage in, I am going to start with the lowest reputation nation and work my way up to the highest, winning every league, cup and maybe even subdivision in the continent!


So this is the setup for the save, entirely Oceania based but with everything in the continent loaded in full detail.


I'll be starting in Palau and working my way up until I finally make it to New Zealand!



Edited by Makoto Nakamura
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3 minutes ago, James__Curtis said:

Yes Makoto! You know me, exactly the type of save I love seeing you do. Good luck, will be following this for sure!


KUTGW in general!

Thanks James, it's much appreciated! 

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2022 End of Season Review



We should have won, but instead we scored a 92nd minute own goal so we're definitely here for a 2nd season.



adcc3af251727da52b33e85832cfb4e9.png 5469025c576d951969745fb8b31d722d.png a84721dc1bf05a1ed10bb1668e604e1e.png


Best XI

Joeli Naivakananumi

Josh Innes - Joel Forss - Saroj Glover - Harley Pickering

George Moekapiti

Justice Brangman - Nitheshwar Diallo

Adam Tikomaimereke                                                              Seveci Brook

Campbell Ali



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8 minutes ago, shaunvamos said:

How come the Palau flag is the German Empire flag? Isn’t it the blue and yellow one shown in the video?

It is, but it's because the Palau flag isn't in the base game and the nation was made over the old German Empire one.

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2023 Pre-Season


An unbeaten pre-season with a lot of goals scored!



Predicted 1st with newly promoted Team Bangladesh the favourites, and no they don't appear to have any Bangladeshi players.



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6 hours ago, Kloppy said:

Enjoying this. Very unique leagues on show. 

Glad you're enjoying it! Palau is definitely an FMCU first. :D 

1 hour ago, karremansje said:



Ehm @Makoto Nakamura..... Adult League and only 171  for the tv-rights ? What kind of  adult channel is this ??? :kriss:

Well there's not a lot of people in Palau. :lol:

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2023 End of Season Review




We were good enough! We finish the season unbeaten and we win the playoff with a 4-1 win over Team Friendship! With there being no more competitions in Palau it means I can look for a job in the next lowest rated nation, Micronesia. I'm free to stay managing here in the meantime.



3ff4a32477e4ef7a9f73b31711bf1923.png 52beb82cc1e4407d30f29211aba8c340.png 542070be4dc57572eebbb9965c8ef26a.png




2023 Best XI


Joeli Naivakananumi

Josh Innes - Joel Forss - Saroj Glover - Harley Pickering

George Moekapiti

Justice Brangman -  Seveci Brook

Nitheshwar Diallo                                              Adam Tikomaimereke     

Campbell Ali



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