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Youngster - DM, SV(a) or IWB(s)

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Hello guys and happy new year.

Looking at this lad attributes, which role you'd be more inclined to? I'm actually looking hard for a SV(a) for quite some time now as I only have Camavinga able to play that role. Maybe he has the talent  to play that role?






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10 horas atrás, ExploitedSpace disse:

He definitely does have the potential to excel in that role! Just need to train his finishing & get him the “arrives late into opposition area” trait. 

Yes, I think I'll use him as a SV, but I think there's no need to waste some of his potential in training his finishing, as he will never be decent there, it's too low. I'll try to focus in other areas instead

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Em 02/01/2022 em 12:03, Crazy_Ivan disse:

Elite Ball playing Centre back......in my high line team I would salivate over his attributes. He's a Van Dijk ready to go albeit he needs to tag on a few points on his concentration but at 18 that will come.

Sorry I've missed this post. 

Yes he could definitely be a BPD too. But I will use him a a kind of IWB(s), because the proper role won't be possible with the tactic I'm using because I use 2 DM, so that role doesn't work. I use some PI to try to mimic the role, or close.sychev.jpg.e064fb214078c0a3d27008ba6cd6649b.jpg






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