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Team Form report - with basic match stats

gergo fmstories

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Basic match-by-match stats are ridiculously hard to find and practically  impossible to compare. 

What I want to see is for example how may shots on target we had, chances created, possession etc on matches and be able to compare them. 

An absolute bonus would be to be able to generate match-by-match report on them to see the progress. 

An ideal way would be something like the player "Form" report where you see basic stats match-by-match.


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Thanks I know its there but i consider it "hard to find"   since you have to click 3-4 times to get the info about 1 game.  :)  - and still you cant compare these stats cant see progress and trends and stuff like that. 

A want to be able to see stats like "in the first hal of the season we hat x shots on goals, in the second half we had y. 

Also avarage metrics and stuff like that. 

Lets say you sign a playmaker in january and you want to see his impact - this way  you go and compare the  chances created before- after and get a better picture.

Or you know that you tweaked something it your tactic mid march, and you want to get stats before/ after in a certain date range. 

 I miss these things. 


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