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The rules of certain front-line strikers should be given more horizontal degrees of freedom.


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F9, dlf, and T, which are rules to implement strikers who perform rules 9 and 10 at the same time, need more horizontal movement. Traditional No. 9 stands on the opponent's defensive line and prepares to push the opponent's line back or attack the backspace. However, the so-called false 9, which plays 10 roles, shows different movements to become more involved in the game and connect with colleagues. The rules that exist to implement this false 9 in FM show downward movement to link with colleagues. The problem is that although they show vertical links, they are often isolated or less influential due to the absence of horizontal movement. Therefore, there is a need to move more actively toward the left and right half spaces. The rules of fm still have too many nine colors left. You need more free movement and playmaker tendencies of number 10.


Seriously, why isn't there a hidden guideline of the playmaker in the f9 rule, "another player tries to pass it to the player?" Isn't f9 a rule made to mimic when Messi plays in the striker position?


T in the striker position needs hidden instructions to come down one space and receive the ball, such as f9 or dlf. T is a typical playmaker and needs space. T in the second line has a space to look at and a space to occupy, pass, or dribble. In the picture, unlike the front line, Wing T can create space because it is more relaxed under pressure. TACTICALista_2021123092.thumb.png.b118c3fa5d0d46e8a22408fc1b9fac91.pngHowever, in order to catch the ball as shown in the picture, the front line T has to turn its back on the post and in this case, it cannot exert influence.


If it is close to the defensive line, there will be not enough space to turn around. Therefore, in order for T to secure space, it is necessary to come down one space to create his own space. Therefore, T in the striker position needs instructions to come down one space and receive the ball.

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