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1 hour ago, Pompeyboyz said:

With the Mozambique season being March to October, you did say that it would affect continental competitions. 

Trying to think how the Faroes are in Europe as they have the same season setup

Thats true but our season ends before the continental season finishes for the same season?! Doesn't matter now as we're at least entering the competition(s) now. 

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2025 Season Review

We made two signings prior to the season starting, Brian Tientcheu from Cameroonian non league side CSYB for no fee and defensive back up Chamboco from Black Bulls. We made changes with our formation too, moving the RB forward to RWB; CM back to DM and RM to AMC. 

Whilst the changes were meant to be more attacking, it had an opposite effect, probably due to the lack of ability in the squad but we perserveered. Whilst we lacked the goals; just 42 scored compared to 52, 52 and 63 the seasons before we were defensively strong. This meant we went on to win our second title by five points to Ferroviaria de Beira who finished in 2nd place.

In the cup we were very poor, losing two of the three group games and finishing 3rd. 

Upon entering the Champions League for the first time we were drawn against Tunisian side ES Tunis, we lost the home leg 4-0 which all but ended our hopes of progression. We faired much better in the 2nd leg, even beating them 3-2, somehow. What was good though was the payday, netting £25k for participating but also receiving over £250k from gate receipts for the away leg. 

Kabine top scored once more with 19 goals, meaning he's scored 113 goals in five seasons. Last seasons most creative player, Paulo Magaia left for Portuguese shores, signing for Torreense in a deal worth nothing up front but we have 50% of any profit, although he has no value currently. 

We managed to get an upgrade in to the Junior Coaching this season with our new found riches from the ACL. However, at the end of the season the training facilities were downgraded and the board won't improve them again. 



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Transfers - March 2026

Four players arrive for no outlay. 


Antonio Barros was a pre-agreed deal as soon as the previous season had ended, he joined from academy club Mario Coluna and will be first choice alongside Kabine. Geny was a surprise, he was on my shortlist as a Mozambican abroad and from time to time I look to see who's somewhat interested in joining, he left Black Bulls in 2018/19 for Portugal, playing for Sporting and more recently Fafe before becoming a free agent. Alboury Aboubakar joins as a midfield reinforcement and our third foreign player, leaving us with one spot available. Yannick Mussica was a panic purchase as Fidel, our RWB, broke his ankle and will be out until June. 

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Youth Intake Preview - June 2026


Interesting, our first potential golden generation! 


Hopefully one of those full backs is for the left hand side and can be trained as a wing-back. 

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5 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Nice - just caught up. The kid at Benfica looks like he could be fairly handy. 


Yeah hopefully we can attract him back home in a few years time. We've just managed to sign another Mozambican who was released by Oliveirense but can't join until December when the window opens, our reputation must be increasing enough to make us an option for these players to come home to. 

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2026 Season Review 

Forget the first, I don't know, 21 games of the season; bearing in mind we play 24 league games. Ourselves and Ferraviario de Beira are sat neck and neck; same points, same amount of wins, draws and losses but we have the greater goal difference but they're top and we're second. At this point they win the title on virtue our loss coming against them. 

We both won on gameweek 22, easy wins against mid-table opposition. Luckily enough on game week 23 we played each other and thankfully we had home advantage, we prevail 3-2 in a firecracker of a match. Its our title now, our head to head record is the same and we have a greater goal difference. And it was nearly needed, we drew our last game of the season to Songo whilst they won, closing the gap to just one point

We faired better in the League Cup, winning our group consisting of F. de Nacala, Textafrica and F. de Maputo. We won the away leg of the semi final against Black Bulls 3-2 but succumned to a 2-0 home loss in a poor game which we had 5 first team players away on international duty. 

This season we entered the Confederations Cup, so it does mean we season a one season lag in which competition we enter. We were drawn against Zimbabwe's Highlanders, we won 2-0 on aggregate. We then faced Angolan side 1de Agostino, I didn't fancy our chances but we somehow prevailed 9-6 on aggregate. Democratic Republic of Congo side DC Motema Pembe were next, they lost in the ACL and dropped down to the CC, we smashed them 3-0 in the home leg and managed a 1-1 draw away from home; into the group stages we go

Antonio Barros was brilliant from the off, notching 35 goals in 35(1) games in all competitions but Kabine went slightly better in terms of minutes per goal with 35 goals in as many games. 

Financially we're ok, we lost money of course as the wage expenditure has increased as well as the youth setup is now costing us £75k annually. We made further improvements to both the junior coaching and youth recruitment. 



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Transfers - February 2027

With us competing in the group stage of the Confederation Cup which kicks off this month we need business to be done early and the new players intergrated into the team. 



Just three players joined with two of them slotting into the first team. 26 year old Mozambique international Abel Joshua joins in December having been without a club since July when he was released by Oliveirense in Portugal. He will slot straight into the Mezzala role and had spent time at Amora and Guimaraes after leaving Black Bulls back in 2018. Alfons Amade is a bit of a coup for us, he was released by Belgian side Oostende, again at the end of the 2026 season and was without a club. He originally came through at Hoffenheim in the 2013/14 season and has played for the national side 21 times, whilst his preferred position is at full back he will be playing at DM for us. Matsolo is a back up CM who was released by academy club Mario Coluna. 

Despite our tough, upcoming tests against Confederation Cup opponents, we won't be changing from our 2-4WB/DM-1MC-1LW-2 asymetric formation. We scored hatfuls of goals last season, 65 in 24 league games and that has crossed over into the continental competition having scored 15 goals in our three rounds before the group stage. 

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Mozambican Youth - Aug 2027

The 2027 youth intakes for Europe, well particularly Portugal have been and gone and I wanted to do a bit of a round up of the Mozambican players coming through intakes. There aren't many, compared to Guinea-Bissau or even Sao Tome and Principe. 

Primera League

Second League

Third Division

So that's just 19 players that have come through since the save start that reside in Portugal. I could change Germany from view-only to Playable to the 2nd or 3rd tier and see if that produces so more newgens through their intakes. 

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5 hours ago, ToMexico!! said:

 I could change Germany from view-only to Playable to the 2nd or 3rd tier and see if that produces so more newgens through their intakes. 

Dont think this will change much.

I done now couple of nations saves focused on the national team and did some testing.

Mozambican will 98% come through teams in Portugal and maybe 1-2 popped up in random countries.

Most likely nations with a lot of mix cultures like USA, England, France etc

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9 minutes ago, Cheez3y said:

Dont think this will change much.

I done now couple of nations saves focused on the national team and did some testing.

Mozambican will 98% come through teams in Portugal and maybe 1-2 popped up in random countries.

Most likely nations with a lot of mix cultures like USA, England, France etc

Ah ok, I don't do any testing, I'm quite gung-ho in my approach with saves like this. 

It would help more if I had better scouting, so I could see those extra ones. 

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2027 Season Review

We'll talk about the Confederation Cup first, we reached the group stage at the end of last season and were drawn against CS Sfax (Tunisia), Sundowns (South Africa) and Berkane (Morocco). We did better than expected, only losing once but we didn't win a game either, drawing the other five games. We recevied around £350k in prize money and gate receipts from this campaign. 

In the league we were pretty good, winning a third successive title, this one our most comfortable. We won 21 out of the 24 games, losing just once to Costa do Sol. We scored an amazing 78 goals, out best return by 13 goals from last season, we also conceded less, just 15 to leave us with a positive 63 goal difference. 

We also reached the League Cup final after a three season absense in between. We easily topped our group of UD Songo, Chibuto and Vilankulo. We then beat Ferraviario de Maputo 4-3 over the two-legged semi final to face Black Bulls in the final. Upon reaching the final we had 14 players away on international duty but despite this we prevailed on penalties after a 1-1 draw. 

Antonio Barros was in sublime form once again, scoring another 31 goals in 37 games, he had a slower start due to facing tougher teams in the Confederations Cup. Kabine was much quieter notching just 19 goals in a much reduced gametime season. Abel Joshua was great in the Mezzala role, arriving late in the box and helping himself to 15 goals whilst left winger Geny made 23 assists, creating a new creative record, whilst Mussa and Fidel both reached double figures for assists. 

Our balance is slowly building, gate receipts are at a season high of £390k and prize money is currently at £265k with another of Champions League qualifiers to go this calender year. Player wages for the season are now at £90k whilst the youth setup is costing £85k. Our youth intake was dire again, thats why I never mentioned it. 



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19 hours ago, Cheez3y said:

Dont think this will change much.

I done now couple of nations saves focused on the national team and did some testing.

Mozambican will 98% come through teams in Portugal and maybe 1-2 popped up in random countries.

Most likely nations with a lot of mix cultures like USA, England, France etc

I had a bit of scour of Germany last night and found three Mozambican/ Mozambican 2nd Nationality players who have come through at their respective clubs. 

Why Magaia hasn't been called up to the national team yet I don't know, maybe he has and he's rejected. 

I also looked at a number of English and Spanish clubs but they haven't produced any newgens with Mozambican nationality. 


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2027/28 African Champions League 

I wanted to do a quick run through of our ACL campaign this season. 

We faced Vita Club of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Preliminary Round, a tough one to start. 


Or not. First Round next and we faced USM Alger from Algeria. 


Another comfortable victory over two legs to see us into our first ACL Group stage. We were drawn against Egyptian side Zamalek, another DR Congo side, TP Mazembe and a familiar side in Ashanti Gold from Ghana. 


We did quite well despite finishing bottom of the group, picking up a win over Ashanti Gold and draws over TP Mazembe, netting us £100k for the win and £66k for each draw. We also made around £200k in gate receipts from the away games. 


We then received the above prize money which leaves our finances very healthy. 


Which leads to...




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48 minutes ago, ToMexico!! said:

I had a bit of scour of Germany last night and found three Mozambican/ Mozambican 2nd Nationality players who have come through at their respective clubs. 

Why Magaia hasn't been called up to the national team yet I don't know, maybe he has and he's rejected. 

I also looked at a number of English and Spanish clubs but they haven't produced any newgens with Mozambican nationality. 


All three looks pretty decent.

Germany is also one of those nations, where random players from all over the world pop up.

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2028 Season Review

We've already covered the AFC campaign so lets get straight into the league...

It was another title and the most comfortable one so far, with a winning margin of 16 points to 2nd placed Ferraviario de Beira. We scored a record 86 goals and conceded just 17 leaving us with a positive 69 (nice) goal difference. The best thing this season though was the fact it was our first unbeaten season, winning 21 of our 24 league games and drawing against Incomati, da Beira and de Mocuba, which were all away from home. 

We reached a second successive League Cup final, only to lose 1-0 to de Mocuba. We had previously topped our group and beaten F. de Beira over two legs to reach the final but we were then missing 10 first team players due to international call-ups over the various age groups. 

Towards the end of the season we entered another Champions League campaign and were drawn against TP Mazembe again. Unfortunately after reaching the group stage last season, we fell at the first hurdle, losing 2-1 on aggregate.

We made two signings this season which I hadn't mentioned, Aziz Kayondo joined in pre-season, initially to be our left wing back but he was useless and we pushed him back to full back. Eliezer Yoboua joined mid-season from Ivorian academy side CF Deportivo Football Academy (or CFDFA for short). He slotted straight into centre back and formed an all foreign back line for us. 

Antonio Barros was formidable once again, scoring 41 goals in all competitions with 29 of those coming in the league, meaning he now holds the most goals in a season record for the league. Kabine had another good season scoring 26 and being runner up in the scoring chart for the league with 23. Geny scored 14 goals and delivered 19 assists from the left wing and Abel Joshua scored nine and made 13 assists as the Mezzala. 

With the Champions League money from the start of the season we opted to make improvements to the Training Facilities after they were downgraded a few seasons ago, they are now back to an average level. We also increased the youth recruitment but there was no option to improve the junior coaching. Despite the increased expenditure we ended the season with a profit. 



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Transfers - March 2029

We've steamed through pre-season and passed the transfer window, ready for another new season. Here's who has joined the club this season. 


Both were early signings, agreed when the European window was open but ours was closed, they had to wait until December to join when our season was over. 

Pablo replaces Kabine in the starting line-up, the former Belenenses forward originally started at Costa do Sol before joining Nacional then Maritimo. We also signed David Aly from Mafra, a new GK, he will compete with Zavala for the starting spot and probably take over through the season. 

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Poached Player Review - Mar 2029

We've had the 2nd player that was poached by Benfica come through their intake. 

Abdala Matola looks quite decent but is inferior to Machava in terms of ability. 


Artur Machava has progressed well but not enough to warrant being given a professional contract. Hopefully he will get released and we can swoop in for him. 

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Mozambique National Team - April 2029

As we play through season 9 of this save, I thought we'd give a bit of an overview of the national team. 

At the start of the save Mozambique were ranked 115th in the World Rankings and as of April 2029 find themselves in 129th, falling as low as 134th in March 2029. I feel this drop is due to the number of real players have retired and the quality of the newgen players has not been as good. We also take into consideration that many of the Mozambican players that have come through have dual nationality and will wait as long as possible before declaring for Mozambique. 

Since the save began there have been four African Nations competitions and Mozambique have failed to qualify for any of them. 

  • 2022 - 4th in Qualifying Group B
  • 2023/24 - 4th in Qualifying Group D
  • 2025/26 - 3rd in Qualifying Group B
  • 2027/28 - 4th Qualifying Group A 

Also there have been three World Cup qualifying campaigns. 

  • 2021/22 - 3rd in WC African Qualifying Section 2nd Round Group 4. 1 win from 6 games, which was against Malawi
  • 2023/25 - Lost to Sudan in WC Qualifying Section 2nd Round. Lost 3-1 on aggregate. 
  • 2027/29 - Lost to Gabon in WC Qualifying Section 2nd Round. Lost 3-1 on aggregate. 

There has been four African Championship of Nations. Which is for players playing in said nations own league, so Mozambican players that play in the Mozambique leagues only. 

  • 2023 - Failed to Qualify
  • 2024 - 3rd in African Championship of Nations Group C. Won against Egypt B with only win. 
  • 2026 - Failed to Qualify
  • 2028 - Failed to Qualify

Current Top 5 Newgen Players

  1. Edson Mario - 18 - RB - originated at Stuttgart in 2027 but signed for Chemnitz on a free in 2028/29. 
  2. Antonio Magaia - 20 - CM - came through at Dortmund in 2024 and has played three times for Dortmund first team. 
  3. Basilio Sitoe - 21 - ST - joined Frankfurt in 2023 and not yet called up to Mozambique. 
  4. Antonio Macamo - 21 - RB - currently at Benfica. Would love to sign him but his £1.4k current wage is a stumbling block. 
  5. Paulo Magaia - 23 - CM - former player of ours, hasn't really kicked on since leaving for Portugal. Not interested in rejoining. 

Hopefully with another upgrade or two we personally can kick on a start producing some better Newgens which in turn should see Benfica poach some more players from us. 

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Seems like it will be domination in the league from now on, unlucky draw in the Champions League last season, can't get much tougher than Mazembe but I am sure you'll start competing well on a continental level in no time. Nice to see you brining in some Mozambicans from Portugal! Great Progress!

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1 hour ago, corinthiano said:

Seems like it will be domination in the league from now on, unlucky draw in the Champions League last season, can't get much tougher than Mazembe but I am sure you'll start competing well on a continental level in no time. Nice to see you brining in some Mozambicans from Portugal! Great Progress!

Yeah there were a couple of seasons of close titles but now we're dominating, this season even more so. 

Yeah it was an unlucky draw but we can't get the rub of the green every draw. Yeah more and more are open to coming "home" even though most of them wouldn't improve us. 

We need to start producing better players ourselves to push forward. 

Thanks for reading!

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2029 Season Review

After going unbeaten last season it was disappointing not to follow suit this season. We were well on course though, winning 13 games in a row before drawing to Matchedje de Maputo in a derby match. We won the following six games on the bounce before eventually losing to a bit of a bogey club in Black Bulls, just 1-0 though. We rounded out the rest of the campaign emphatically with three more wins which actually saw us garner more points than last season despite losing a game. We scored five less goals than last season with 81 but also conceded less with just 14, two more than our best season defensively. The league was won at a greater margin than last season with 17 points seperating us and 2nd placed Ferraviario de Maputo

In the League Cup we reached another final, winning this time beating Costa do Sol despite having 14 players missing on international duty. We cruised our group with three wins from three before narrowly beating Black Bulls 3-2 over two legs. Kabine scored his final two goals for us in the final having played a substitute role the whole season. 

I will post seperately about the ACL campaign once we are knocked out. 

Barros goes from strength to strength this season scoring 43 goals in 32(1) games along with creating a furhter 17 goals for his team-mates. New strike partner Pablo notched 28 goals of his own in 33 games. Disappointingly no other player hit double figures for goals, most likely would have been winger Geny who ended the season on the injury table having damaged his spine in a game and will be out for up to 13 months. Right wing back Fidel was the 2nd most creative player after Barros with 13 assists, whilst Abel Joshua and Geny both created 11 goals. 

With the increased Youth Recruitement and Junior Coaching we can now see the Youth Setup is costing us just under £300k per season, so until I can sustain that amount of money per season we won't be improving them further. Player wages cost half that at £150k per season.



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2029 Youth Intake Review

I completely forgot to take screenshots of the intake at the time. 

This was dubbed an excellent intake and it was certainly better than all the previous ones. The below screenshot shows the best players signed from the intake. 


Chissano | Mavui | Jamal | Machava | Mario | Sidat

Machava is the standout from the intake and most likely will be promoted to the first team next season. He is retraining to a CM as we don't use an AMC. His mentals are very good for a player of his quality in Mozambique. 

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Kabine November 2029

A little bit of a tribute post to Kabine as we have just set him to be released. 

He started his career at the club in 2016 and had a brief spell away from the club in 2020 with Black Bulls but returned a season later as the save started. Since then he has scored 203 goals for the club in that time (not including the original spell). But as a 31 year old his physicals are appalling now and whilst he could do a job for us from the bench its not a fitting way for him to dwindle down his career. 


I've created a table for the top scorers at the club, Barros should catch Kabine in the next 1.125 seasons :D 

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Transfers - March 2030


Four players joined this window. 

Stephen Tetteh joins from Ghanaisn academy side Right to Dream, he replaces Ugandan left back Kayondo who was released after wanting triple his wage. Antonio Macamo comes home after being released by Benfica in the summer, we agreed a deal and had to wait until December for him to join. He can cover RWB, DM and MC for us. We then paid Porto £2.7k for the unwanted Francis Charsalira, he replaces Kabine as back up striker. Last to join was Shelton Dava from league rivals Incomati as cover for the LW as Geny is only a matter of weeks away from playing again. 

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African Champions League - April 2030

After last seasons Preliminary Round exit we needed a response and we got that. 

A bit of a coincidence as we drew TP Mazembe again in the preliminary round but we smashed them 4-1 in the first leg and 1-0 in the return fixture. We would then face Nigerian side Warri Wolves, who by the looks of it had been relegated in the domestic league. Anyway, a 4-0 home win was followed by a 4-2 away win, which meant we reach the group stage for a 2nd time. 

In the last group stage appearance we drew five and lost once, could we do better against ES Sahel (Tunisia), FC San Pedro (Ivory Coast) and Petro de Luanda (Angola)? 

We drew the first three games, a familiar story was unravelling it seemed but two losses followed, we rallied to get a first group stage win against San Pedro. That win somehow propelling us above both San Pedro and Petro de Luanda to finish 2nd in the group with six points. 


We were drawn against Egyptian side Zamalek in the quarter finals, a tough task. We faced them at home first and Antonio Barros put in an inspired performance, smashing in a hat-trick to see us win 3-1. The away goal proved crucial for Zamalek though as they won the return fixture 3-0 to win 4-3 on aggregate

The quarter final appearance netting us £659k in prize money along with around another £500k in gate receipts. 

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Youth Intake Review - June 2030

This was dubbed as a excellent intake. 


The junior coaching upgrades have started to become fruitful. 

1 x 2.5* CA, 4 x 2* CA, 7 x 1.5* CA. Its just a shame the PA doesn't follow suit. Also the personalities are garbage but its expected as our HoYD is really poor but we can't afford the wages for a better one. 

Chamboco | Tivane 

Despite the CA there must be some really low PA's here with the above two probably being the best players. 

Still work to do with the recruitment. 

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2030 Season Review

Back to unbeaten ways in the league, dropping points in just two games against Costa do Sol and Maxaquene, both 0-0 draws. We equalled our best ever goal scoring record of 86 and conceded just 14 for the second season running. 

We won a second successive and fourth League Cup title beating Ferraviario de Nampula in the final 4-0 despite having 20 players away on international duty. 

We've reached the group stage of the ACL again for the third time, we beat 1 de Agosto (Angola) 5-1 on aggregate and then beat RS Berkane (Morocco) 6-3 on aggregate. We are yet to find out our opponents. 

There's not much more I can say about Antonio Barros but his goal scoring record is ridiculous, another 46 goals this season in 38(1) appearances which leaves him teetering on the edge of 200 goals for the club. Mid-season we signed Zimbabwean Leonard Mkuruva from Dynamo Harare for nothing, he went on to score 23 goals in 22 games and called up to the national side. Geny came back from injury and made another 16 assists whilst Fidel had another good season making 13 assists from RWB and Abel Joshua hit double figures (just with 10) from CM. Cameroonian defender Brian Tientcheu gained citizenship and switched allegiences to Mozambique and was duly called up to the national side. 

Upon reaching the Quarter Finals of the ACL and receiving a lot of prize money I took a gamble and improved the Junior Coaching again and they now sit at an Exceptional level, we need to start producing some players. The youth setup is now costing an eye watering £512k per season. 



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25 minutes ago, ToMexico!! said:

Eliezer Yoboua - December 2030

With his loan back from Porto due to end in a few days its a good time to show you his value now. 

Eliezer Yoboua

We have a 50% profit clause inserted in his deal, so if he can improve at Porto and they then sell him for even half that value we will get a good portion of profit. 

He looks good despite beein a weird unambitous but 10+ determination guy.

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3 hours ago, Cheez3y said:

He looks good despite beein a weird unambitous but 10+ determination guy.

Yeah that seems to be his only problem. I'll add him and any others I sell to a shortlist to keep track of them. 

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Youth Intake Review - September 2031


Originally penned as a potential golden generation but its been downgraded to just a good intake. 


I'm quite happy with it to be honest, we get two good players in Wilson Junior and Eugenio Jose plus a couple of Namibians, the net is finally being cast further. 

  • Wilson Junior  - LB - We're struggling for left sided players in this same, especially Mozambican's
  • Eugenio Jose - CM - becoming a problem area so this is a welcome sight. 



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2031 Season Review 

This season felt like a real slog; we won the league, was awful in the Cup but had another excellent ACL campaign by reaching the semi-finals. The slog was the injuries, the fitness levels and the international call-ups which compounded our lack of depth in key places. 

We made a couple of signings prior to the season starting...


Fofana joined as cover for the CB and LB slots but when Eliezer Yoboua left for Porto he was promoted to first choice CB. I then signed another player...


Abdul Boli from Ivorian non league side Atlantis for no fee. His signing along with the decline of LW Geny due to his spinal injury promoted a change in tactic, scrapping the LW and having a AMLC instead, although I can't work out whether Boli would be better as a Trequartista or a Shadow Striker. 

The league was won with four games to go but despite the margin of winning the title being 17 points we didn't feel as fluid, we scored 10 less goals than last season but we did have a great defensive season conceding just 13. 

In the League Cup we were really poor, going out in the group stages. We played two games with most of my players away on international duty which was the problem. 

Having qualified for the Group Stage of the ACL we were drawn against Amazulu (South Africa), Asante Kotoko (Ghana) and TP Mazembe (again!). We won our opening two games before being thrashed by TP Mazembe. We then lost to Amazulu before winning our last two games. We were then drawn against another South African side Cape Town City who we beat 2-1 away from home after a 0-0 home leg. We were into the semi-finals for the first time and would face Algerian side JS Kabylie, home leg first we won 2-0 but away from home fell to the same scoreline resulting in penalties which we lost 5-3. The kicker in that game was that they scored in the 1st minute and 95th minute. 

Barros had a quieter season by his standards, scoring 34 goals in 35(2) games whilst his striker partner Mkuruva managed 28 in 35. New signing Boli scored 13 and made 16 assists from AMC. Beyond those three the quality in the squad has reduced due to age with Fidel (RWB, 32), Amade (DM, 31), Abel Joshua (CM, 30), Geny (LW,31) significantly declining in ability. Luckily we have the two youth prospects coming in for next season and another very good transfer arrange which you will hear more about in a transfer/squad update in the new season. 

The semi-final appearance in the ACL netted us £1.15m in prize money plus the league prize money is up to £130k compared to around £60k when the save first started. Gate receipts were £350k for the season too which helps. Our youth setup is now costing us £740k per season but has began to bare fruit, I've said it before but we won't be making any more improvements until we have two or three million in the bank. We've just signed a new 2-year deal with a pay rise for the first time this save. 



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Transfers - March 2032

We made some changes to the squad, releasing six first team players from the squad due to their declining ability. We promoted three from the U20's and signed three. 


Edson Mario is the biggest signing of the save so far, he was released by Chemnitz despite having played solidly for them in the past three seasons. We had to break the budget to sign him though, we're paying him £1200 p/w which is more than twice the next best paid player. He will be first choice RWB despite his poor attacking technicals. 


Arnaldo Manjate joins to play in one of DM roles whilst Manuel Sitoe will be back up striker. 

The European intakes are coming up soon but recently they've dried up in terms of Mozambican players coming through, we've also not had a player poached by Benfica since 2026. The overall quality of the newgens for Mozambique is decreasing internationally but is increasing domestically, which is a good sign. 


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13 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

How do you track players of Mozambique nationality coming through in the European leagues?

Manually at the moment, then adding them to a shortlist. Will be easier when I have scouting in Europe available, I can then create filters in the search area.

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1 minute ago, ElCuriosoJr said:

Nice transfer there with Edson Mario. Where do you intend him to play? As a full back, or given his height and areal ability as a centre back?

At RWB, we're struggling there for players and we have three decent options at CB already. He's not great technically there but will do a job as a stop gap until we can find someone, I may even find a wide midfielder/winger and drop them back. 

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Poached Update - July 2032


Both players have moved on from Benfica.

Artur Machava - played 17 times for Benfica B before leaving on a free to join Rio Ave. He spent a season on loan at Felguiras in the 3rd tier before coming back and playing eight times in the top flight for Rio Ave. He's just been put up for sale at £250k, so I've bid for him. I very much doubt he will want to join us. 

Abdala Matola - didn't play at all for Benfica or the B team and has just joined Oliveira Bairro in the Portuguese non-league. 


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Youth Intake Review - September 2032


Again its gone from an excellent intake and dropped down. 


Two standout players in terms of PA but one overall standout player. Both have pretty good personalities whereas the rest a pretty rubbish. We also gain two more nationalities through the door. 

Julio Pedro - wow, thank you very much, he will go straight into the first team next season as a starting DM. 

Altino Vaz - raw but has potential. Ideally needs to work on his defensive positioning and decision making. 




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2032 Season Review 

We were back to our old ways, scoring goals for fun and winning lots of matches. 

The league is a foregone conclusion now, we won it with five games remaining, our earliest title confirmation of the save so far. We set a new record for goals scored with one game remaining too, our previous record was 86, a 5-0 drubbing of Maxaquene took us to 87, we then beat Nampula 3-1 on the final day of the season to take us to 90 goals scored, next stop 100. We also had our best season yet defensively, conceding just 10 goals. 

We had a better season in the League Cup, winning our group and reaching the semi-finals. We were then dumped out of the competition by Ferroviario de Maputo 3-2 on aggregate. 

In the ACL we were drawn against Rivers Utd (Nigeria), Zamalek (Egypt) and Orlando Pirates in the group stage. We won our two opening games before losing to Orlando. We beat Rivers Utd for the 2nd time which gave us a good chance of qualifying for the next stage but we proceeded to lose to both Orlando again and then to Zamalek in the last group game. The away game to Zamalek, netting us nearly £400k in gate receipts alone. 

Antonio Barros rose like the a phoenix from a previously poor goal scoring season by his standards to score over 50 goals for the first time in a season. The 27 year old notched 51 goals in 39 (1) games whilst Leonard Mkuruva scored 35 goals in 39 games with 13 assists too. Abdoul Boli was also in fine form in the Shadow Striker role, scoring 23 and assisting 25 goals. I gave plenty of game time to the three promotee's, we moved Mario to CB and played Jamal at RWB, he played 38 games making 13 assists in the process; Wilson Junior played 8 (2) games at LB whilst Eugenio Jose made 33 appearances in CM scoring three goals and making five assists. With the introduction of Julio Pedro from this seasons intake into midfield next season we're beginning to look at lot more self sufficient. 

We end the season with a decent profit, we made no further improvements to the facilities and I plan to get another ACL group stage under our belts before committing to another upgrade to the training or youth facilities. We made just over £1m in prize money and £600k in gate receipts. Player wages are creeping up mainly due to Mario who is on £1.2k p/w. 



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