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How to edit continent rules...


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hace 7 minutos, krlenjushka dijo:

Default continent rules are hardcoded and cant be edited.

Ouch... :seagull: Ok, thanks! There's no way to change number of teams by nation to go to a continental cup then... :confused:

I'm having some issues with Guatemala teams in North American League... 

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Ah, that's what you're trying to do. It's probably possible. Might be possible directly in your Guatemala file using "qualify team for competition" with the correct seedings (not that I know what they are). If that doesn't work you could probably just edit the CONCACAF League itself and change how it draws teams. As long as the number matches up and seedings are either used or adjusted so that teams enter in the right rounds and all the Champions League qualifying places remain in tact it should work. I've edited the existing Caribbean Club Championship to double the number of teams that enter it and it all still works and qualifies teams correctly for the Champions League, so doing something similar for the CONCACAF League should definitely be possible too.

That said, North America is a bit of a mess. IIRC both the CONCACAF League and Champions League throw up errors even if you don't touch them.

Never actually checked before but it seems the same is happening in my version. The top 2 from the Liga Nacional and a random lower league team qualified for the 2022 CONCACAF League. But that's the last season of it and Champions League qualification works correctly from 2023 onwards so I'm not worried about it.

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