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Battle Of The Bosses

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Hello this series sees a friend and I go head to head, same save file, same team over one season to see who is the best manager.


What is Battle of the Bosses?
The challenge is we both take charge of the same team and only reveal progress at 3 stages. At each of the 3 stages we will be recording our progress for you all to see.

1. End of 1st Transfer Window
2. End of 2nd Transfer Window
3. June 1st

Points will be given based on final league positions and where we finish in the cup competitions.

Person with the most points gets to either pick the team or spin the wheel to pick the next team we battle as.


Episode 1 sees us cover Pre-Season at Real Madrid: https://youtu.be/Wc780RZsvDI

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This time we're going a bit different, We're both Salford but over FIVE years instead of one. The 3 season 1 updates are here:

Tuna: https://youtu.be/ehZEpU3QkW8
Elmo: https://youtu.be/eUlmkrz0pGI

Tuna: https://youtu.be/zwhk6frdesQ
Elmo: https://youtu.be/cb7VLmh3lpU

Tuna: https://youtu.be/ioZrBHP6DpY
Elmo: https://youtu.be/B2h8Q16-dp0

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