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Using Extreme Mentalities

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Il 25/12/2021 in 20:26 , Lesterfan_Cambiasso ha scritto:

Can extreme mentalities (i.e. Very Attacking or Very Defensive) be used in your base tactic

Yes, cause mentality determines individual mentality of your players and limit passing style or tempo for example. You can be on a very defensive mentality but still attack a lot. a 424 is still an attacking module even if you use very defensive(with the correct tweaks obv). Check for each player their individual mentality to see how attacking minded they are while changing team mentality.

Il 25/12/2021 in 20:26 , Lesterfan_Cambiasso ha scritto:

and indeed do you do ever do this?

I use very attacking mentality only if i crafted the right tactic for that. Different mentalities lead to different movements and passing options and could not be the perfect choice for your team.


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