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What should the Klopp-style underdog tactic look like?

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hi world.
I'm trying to do klopp style tactics can you help me?


GK- Pass It Shorter
WBL-Cross More Often,Byline,Dribble More,Stay Wider
WBR-Sit Narower-Run wide with ball,Cross from deep,cross more often,Take More Risks,Pass it Shorter
BWM- Fewer Risks, Dribble less, Shoot less often
MCR-Move İnto Channels
IF'S- sit Narrower - Close Down More
ST-Close Down More


Thanks for your ideas.

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If you're an Underdog, teams will often try to attack you and leave space to counter. Keeping that aggressive press but dropping the Engagement and Defensive lines back. If you really want to go for the Klopp style then you could keep the high line but drop the engagement back to standard - you see even LIverpool IRL going for a midblock during games a lot.

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