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[FM22] Project 11 Out Of 1.3 Billion - Bulding A Nation With China - We Found Not Only 11...We found 23! [Finished]


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March 2022


Decent start to the season.

Unlucky game against Guoan, but we are top 4 and the board wants top 4.



Yes, Taishan is using the Belgish tree as striker.


Coming Up


Interesting April.

Due to the World Cup in Qatar, we play all our CL group games in roughly 2 weeks.


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30 minutes ago, abulezz said:

Who do you think will give you the most trouble in the Champions League? 

The South Korean and Japanese teams are so much better then us.

We got maybe 2-3 players which are great and the rest is mediocre.

They got players in all position, which is atleast a good player.


Just a quick scout report. The top 10 players would improve us so much.


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18 minutes ago, Watson156 said:

Really progressing nicely. What leagues do you have active? I've sometimes found that when I only have a smaller number running, especially without the main European leagues then some big name managers will move to your nation.

Ty. Yes we did some nice progress already.

I always load up the big 5 with view below. I also added the Asian nations and the lower leagues of Portugal, because of Oriental Dragons.


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11 hours ago, the_hdk said:

brilliant story so far, as always :)

will keep up reading. especially as im really not familiar with asian leagues. 


what is your plan on national team? going to naturalize foreigners like you did with saudi arabia? 

Ty. :)

At the moment I got no real plan for the national team.

Idk yet, if the naturalization goes as smoothly as it did in the KSA save.

There are two players, which I show later, could get be eligiable in 2023.


The problem is noticed is, that some teams are struggling with their finances. All Guangzhou Brazilians are listed, because their are in debt.

As it seems I picked by random the right club, because our owner is puttin in a lot of money.


With Shenhua I want to max out the facities/recruitment as fast as possible and see what playes we can get.

Maybe after a couple of years, I will switch to other Chinese club and do it again.

Maybe I take over Oriental Dragon and get them up to the 1st tier in Portugal.

Also hopefully a random Chinese palyer will pop up in some intake all over the world.


I guess there will be a lot of trail and error.

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August 2022


Weird game against Taishan, but the rest is green.

Guaon finally lost a game too, so we are again first.




Coming Up


Next up the CL 2nd round game.

Due to the World Cup only 1 leg.


In the league we got the important game against Guoan to start the September.

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Weird things that only happens in Asia...


Guangzhou sacked their manager.

Nothing special I know, but their Caretaker is...


Current Guangzhou captain and main CB for China...Zhang Linpeng.

AND he is joining us on a free for next season.

So you can argue...Shanghai Shenhua is currently managing Guangzhou FC.:lol:

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  • Cheez3y changed the title to [FM22] Project 11 Out Of 1.3 Billion - Bulding A Nation With China - We Found Not Only 11...We found 23! [Finished]

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