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MORE CHANGE IN POTENTIAL - add realism - late bloomers and more

gergo fmstories

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we've seen a lot of late bloomers in football lately. 

Like Mo Salah became propably the best footballer of the world while being good but not special until 24 or something. 

I know sometimes (rarely ) scouts just get it wrong, but it would be much more realistic to

1/  actually know LESS about a player's potential in the earyl years - MUCH MORE white stars! 

2 / let some random players just surprisingly  flurish under proper coaching even after 25...  
I dont know how can it be coded but something truly random + if the coach personality matches the palyers or somenting he can suddenly surprisingly develop into a world class player - nobody ever think he could be.  I dont know like Scott McTominay has 3 star potential, but if ManUtd succeed he could become the next Jordan Henderson in this late 20's. 

It would add an extra surprise  factor to the game and also it would be worthy to focus on those 3 star squad palyers more...



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