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Is pass directness the same in Ti as in Pi

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Hi !

I’m really not sure (as I did not try it in the current match engine). I’m more encline to say that it is not the same.

First, you have less latitude in the passing directness in PI than in TI.

but, mostly, I would say that the TI affects the whole. In consequence, all your players except to receive a type of pass, their mentality is set to a certain directness. Futhermore, I do think that a player who plays direct pass in a shorter passing team will have less directness than a player in a direct passing team (but, I might be wrong)

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47 分钟前, CARRERA说:

PI‘s are always correlated to TI‘s. If your TI is is direct, that’s the starting point from where you can individually adjust your player. 

The PI display might have some glitches here and there, so don’t get irritated by that. 



you are right

is it the same with tirgger press?

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