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[FM22] State Hunter - Gotta Catch 'Em All (Save ended due to technical issues)


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Campeonato Brasileiro Série C Final - Second Leg


Conceding a goal after 16 seconds is not exactly the best way to build a comeback...second best again and another runners-up finish in the Série C for me. Cant complain though, getting promoted was already a big surprise and what was more important in the quest to close the gap to Vasco (AC).

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2036 Season Review


Squad by Appearances



Best Eleven


This is the first time in a few seasons that I actually spend a full season at a club and it was a nice change. The summary might look disappointing with three heavy defeats in three finals but in the Série C we did really well to get promoted, which will help us improve the club. We will double our wage budget to R$1M per month and can improve the squad again.

We did rotate quite a bit, especially when we had the Copa Verde going and the squad coped well with it, I did have to loan out some disgruntled players but overall the squad was happy.

Top Performers

Gilson Carlos


What a season, scoring 34 goals, the most a player has ever managed in a season at Rio Branco (AC). His sheer athleticism and physicality meant he was always in front of goal ahead of opponents, if he was better on the ball it could have been a lot more goals. 

Pedro Aloízio


Rock solid at the back, was key for us in defence.



Excellent season as our DLP and is still improving. Should be able to make the jump up to Série B.



Nothing out of the ordinary here, a bunch of debt like most lower league clubs in the country. Hopefully the Série B money helps with the situation.

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2036 Brazil Review

Série A: A big shock as América (MG) win their 1st title ahead of another unfancied side Fortaleza. América (MG) were ahead pretty much all season but did slip up towards the end to ensure final day drama. They played out a drab 0-0 against Fortaleza, which opened up the opportunity for Flamengo to leapfrog them, but they were only able to draw away at Ceará to stay in third. At the other end of the table Porto (PE) do go back down after their debut season and CSA are also straight back down. Sport and big Rio side Fluminense are relegated along them. Botafogo (PB) win Série B and will play in the top tier for the first time since 1980. Along with them Athletico Paranaense, Vasco (AC) (damn) and Novorizontino go up.


State Championships (in Ranking order)

1. São Paulo: Corinthians beat RB Bragantino on penalties to extend their record to 33 titles.

2. Rio de Janeiro: Fluminense beat Vasco to win their 35th title. Flamengo are still record holders with 46.

3. Rio Grande do Sul: Internacional beat rivals Grêmio in the final again to claim their 48th title and are now 4 behind their rivals who have 52.

4. Minas Gerais:  Américas (MG) beat Atlético Mineiro for a second year in a row to win their 21st title. The beaten finalists are record holders with 53.

5. Paraná: Foz do Iguaçu amazingly win 3 in a row to and overall by beating Athletico Paranaense. Coritiba are still record holders at 42.

6. Santa Catarina: Criciúma reatin the title to win their 14th overall. Avaí are still biggest winners with 20.

7. Ceará: Fortaleza beat Ceará in the final for the second successive year and extend their record to 57 titles.

8. Goiás: Vila Nova (GO) beat Grêmio Anapolis to claim their 16th title and first since 2005. Goiás are record holders with 36..

9. Bahia: Bahia make it two in a row and extend their record to 59 titles.

10. Pernambuco: Sport beat Náutico in the final to claim their record extending title number 50.

11. Alagoas: CRB win four in a row and earn their 42nd overall, leaving them just 1 behind CSA with 43. 

12. Mato Grosso: Cuiabá win their ninth title in a row and 24th overall and are now tied record holders with Mixto (MT).

13. Pará: Paysandu retain the title and claiming record extending title number 55.

14. Maranhão: Sampaio Corrêa claim the title back from Imperatriz on penalties to to extend their record to 48 titles.

15. Rio Grande do Norte: After six years of dominance América (RN) dethrone ABC to win their 37th title. ABC are still record holders at 66.

16. Paraíba: Botafogo (BP) make it three in a row to win their record extending title number 38.

17. Sergipe: Confiança (SE) win their 33rd title and are now just five behing record holder Sergipe at 38.

18. Amazonas: Nacional (AM) upset Série B side Atlético Amazonense to extend their record to 49 titles.

19. Piauí: Record holders River (PI) make it three in a row and now have 38.

20. Acre: Vasco (AC) make it 5 on the bounce and 13 overall. Rio Branco (AC) were runners-up and are still comfortably the biggest winners with 32.

21. Distrito Federal: Gama break Brasílias streak and win record extending title number 17.

22. Espírito Santo: Serra make it two in a row by beating Desportiva to claim their 8th title. Rio Branco (ES) are record holders on 39 titles.

23. Roraima: Náutico (RR) win the title for the fifth year running to go up 11. Atlético Roraima are record holders on 23 title wins.

24. Tocantins: Interporto beat Tocantinópolis again to win their 11th title. Palmas are still record holders with 14.

25. Mato Grosso do Sul: Operário (MS) win the title again after 4 years and extend their record to 19.

26. Rondônia: Genus beat Guajará to claim their 5th title. Ferroviário (RO) are record holders with 17 despite not existing anymore.

27. Amapá: Ypiranga (AP) win three in a row and extend their record as biggest winners in the State with 19 titles overall.

Former Club Watch

Tapajós (AP): Managed to stay up in the State Championship, but finished a disappointing 6th out 7 in the Seletiva.

Pimentense: Couldnt have had a worse year, finishing bottom of the second State tier and the Seletiva.

Pontaporanense: 6th in the second tier of the State Championship, just missing out on a place in the next phase again, but were then poor in the Seletiva and only finished 8th out of 9 in their group.

União ABC: Not a good of year, finishing 8th in the Second State tier and 7th in their group in the Seletiva.

Moreninhas: Managed to qualify to the final stage of the State Championship and finished 5th. In the Seletiva they finished 3rd in their group again.

Costa Rica (MS): Finished runners-up in the State Championship after winning it three year in a row. In Série D they managed to get out of the group stage but were then eliminated in the First Knockout Round. In the Copa do Brasil and Copa Verde they were knocked out in the first round again.

Palmas: Another disappointing campaign in the State Championship, losing to Tocantinópolis in the Semi-Final. They were also not good enough in Série D, finishing bottom of their group and being relegated.

Náutico (RR): Still dominating the State Championship but unfortunately finished 5th in their Série D group and were relegated. Knocked out in the First Rounds of the Copa do Brasil and Copa Verde.

Desportiva: Disappointment in the State Championship again by losing to Serra in the final. A stronger campaign in Série C where they just missed out on a spot in the Second Stage by finishing 5th in their group Also no good performances in the other cups, being knocked out in the First Round of the Copa do Brasil and Semi Final of the Copa Espírito Santo.

Brasília: Further disappointment after State Hunter left, with them losing to Gama in the State Championship final and not being able to go straight back up in the Série C, finishing 3rd in the Second Stage. Were knocked out in the First Round of Copa do Brasil and got to the quarter finals of the Copa Verde.

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2037 Campeonato Acreano Previewimage.png.aaf91c23e4b48e331f0e0432bd2ff59d.png

We are just about to start the second try at winning the competition. I have strengthened the team again but am not sure we are going to be able to close the gap to Vasco (AC) yet, especially as they got promoted to Série A this season and are looking really strong. The rest of the opponents should be easily beaten, with Atlético Acreano and maybe Galvez (AC) providing a bit harder of a test.




We have been very busy in the transfer market and most of the players brought in will be in our starting XI, with the exception of Gleycon Rodrigo who will be more of a rotation option but was someone I knew I could rely on back from my Costa Rica (MS) days and Diego Franco who seemed like a good back-up option up front. This does leave our squad very bloated so I will be looking to offload a few players, Lucas Hipólito being the first of those as he slipped to 5th in the central defence pecking order. Lets look at the the players who will be featuring in the first team.



Signed from the same club as Gilson Carlos, not as strong physically as him, but certainly more technically gifted which will suit us in the DLF role.



Decent option at the back, with Jhow getting on a bit.

Gabriel Vamberto


Hudson José was a bit of a makeshift at right back last season as a left footer. Gabriel Vamberto is older, but is a step up and being right footed will certainly help.



Was with me at Palmas and is certainly better than Antonio Carlos

Paulo Sérgio


Signed from our State rivals, he looks to be a great upgrade for the AP role.



Solid young player from the Vitória academy, will partner Renan at the back.

Initial Fixtures


We start with three easy fixtures, a huge gap and then the big one against Vasco (AC), where we probably need a win as I can see them having a better goal difference than us at the end of the First Stage,

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February 2037



What a month! We did play the three weakest teams first, but to come away with 28 goals in 3 games was insane and the best way possible to prepare for the big game against Vasco (AC) at the end of the month. We played well in the first half and went ahead before a mistake lead to us conceding a penalty just before half time. The game changed at the beginning of the second half though when Vasco (AC) had a player sent off for a rash challenge on Petterson. From there we dominated the game, even missing a penalty on the way to a solid 3-1 win.




Out go a bunch of youngsters on loan, as well as tow midfielders that were surplus to requirements. Gleison Guimarães was actually my first back up as DLP but he wanted to move on so I happily moved him on as I had Yago lined up on a free from Barcelona (RO), that is better than him and happy to be a squad player.


Next Fixtures


We end the first stage campaign in March and are favorites to win it if we keep up the good form. The games against Galvez (AC) and Atlético Acreano will be tricky so we need to ensure we remain focused. There is also the first round of the Copa do Brasil to contend with, we only need a draw away to a lower league side so I will certainly be rotating the team for that.


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Campeonato Acreano First Stage



We managed to finish the first phase with a 100% record and qualify for the final, but we were nowhere near as free flowing as in the first few games. That being said the opposition was better, especially Atlético Acreano, who we only beat after a late turnaround in the last 10 minutes.


Alecsandro Taborda


Couldnt resist bringing another midfielder in even though I have too many, but Alecsandro is young and will fit in well as our Mezzala, with Chicão being shifted to BBM.

Second Stage



We are already qualified for the Final so there is less pressure on us, but on the other hand if we win the Second Stage we win the State Championship without having to play a final so I want to go for it. Playing away against Vasco (AC) again doesnt help, but lets see what we can do.

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2037 Campeonato Acreano Review





And so, very surprisingly we manage to win the Second Stage and claim the State Championship without the need for a final! Have to say Vasco (AC) shot themselves in the foot again. We started the game well with that man Gilson Carlos opening up the scoring on 5 minutes and then Vasco (AC) had a man sent off in the 16th minute. After that we controlled the game again for a second consecutive away win against the Série A side. We then beat Atlético Acreano comfortably at home, so headed into the final game just needing a draw to seal the title, and even a loss would be OK depending on the score line of the other game. There had to be a little bit of drama as we went down 1-0 and Vasco (AC) raced to a 5-1 lead early on, which would have given them the Second Stage lead. We however pulled back in the second half to turn the game against Galvez (AC) and clinch the first State Championship since 2021!

Squad by Appearances



In a short campaign we used a primary core team, but a lot of players got at least sub appearances in. With 12 successive wins we had pretty high average ratings all around.

Top Performers

Gilson Carlos


This guy was phenomenal and scored in pretty much every game, was my absolute best signing at this club.

Paulo Sérgio


Great signing, made all the difference in creating more opportunities for us this campaign, as well as popping up with quite few goals himself.

Márcio José


Best left-back I have managed in this save so far, absolute weapon down the line.

Stats and Summary



This was probably my favorite club so far, I enjoyed spending a bit more time and getting the club up two divisions will hopefully leave a longer lasting impact. I also really enjoyed the challenge of not being favorites, although I did expect it to take another 1-2 years for us to challenge Vasco (AC).




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Chapter 9 - Piauí



Piauí is a state in the Northeastern Region of Brazil. It is the 11th largest State in Brazil by area at 251 755,485km2, a little bit bigger than the United Kingdom, but the 19th largest in population, with around 3.3 million inhabitants. It has the smallest coastline of any of the coastal States in Brazil, with just 66km and is the only coastal State which has a capital that is inland. The reason for this is that the State was first discovered inland, by explorers who brought cattle farming along, and explored towards the sea later on. The capital Teresina is one of the first planned cities in Brazil when it was built in 1852. The city is also the capital with the highest average temperature in Brazil (and I have a friend from there who can confirm that). It has around 860 thousand inhabitants and is the only city along with Parnaíba that has over 100 thousand inhabitants.

Piauí is one of the poorest States in Brazil and services represent 60% of GDP. Essential oils, soybeans and woven cotton represent over 50% of exports. The Serra da Capivara National Park is its most famous tourist attraction and is a UNESCO World Heritage site as it has the largest concentration of prehistoric rock paintings in the world.


Football in Piauí

The first State Championship was played in 1941, with the first professional Championship in 1963, before that there used to be local leagues in the two main cities Teresina and Parnaíba. River (PI) from Teresina are historically by far the most successful, with 31 titles pre-save. The second biggest winner is Flamengo (PI), also from Teresina, with 16 titles, with no other side having more than 10 titles. In FM River (PI) have continued to dominate, winning around half the titles in the save. The other successful club have been Altos (PI), who are in Série C in real life, who also won a fair share.


On the national front there is not a lot of success, with River (PI) participating in the Série A 8 times, finishing a highest of 8th in 1963 and not making an appearance since 1982. In FM the trend has been continued, with River (PI) and Altos the only sides to make it up to Série C, where the former currently is playing. Ideally an opening comes up at either one of those two, but I think I would be willing to consider jobs down to 4 de Julho depending on the budgets offered. The standard seems pretty low here so it might be easier to close the gap.


Off to holiday time we go again!


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8 hours ago, Punch said:

Congrats on ticking of another chapter! :applause:

Good luck with the next one

Thanks! Luckily I managed to get one of the jobs I wanted in this one so hopefully will be another quick completion.

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River Atlético Clube




River Atlético Clube (PI) is a club from the State capital of Piauí, Teresina. Founded in 1946 they are the most successful club in Piauí with 38 State Championships. They also have the best national performance by a club from the State by finishing 8th in 1963. They are often referred to the Eternal Champion in allusion to the 14 titles they won between 1948 and 1965, when they made 18 consecutive finals. Since the save began they have mostly played in Série D, however were able to gain promotion to Série C in 2033 and have stayed in the division since then.

They play their games at the Estádio Governador Alberto Tavares Silva, popularly knowns as the Albertão. The stadium is owned by the city of Teresina and is where the two main clubs River (PI) and Flamengo (PI) play, as well as Fluminense (PI)

Estádio Albertão pode ser privatizado para realização de eventos esportivos  e culturais - OitoMeia

The previous manager Iuri got sacked as the team lost to Altos (PI) in the final of the State Championship and is now in the relegation zone of the Série C, with 8 points after 10 games. They have already been knocked out of the Copa do Brasil and Copa do Nordeste, which is a regional cup for the Northeast teams. They do still have the local Copa do Piauí to play later in the year. Financially they are the club with the least debt I have been for a while, with only R$1.7M negative balance. There is a wage budget of just over R$500k a month which should be enough for the level of competition in the State.


So I landed at the top club in the State again but if we are not careful things could swing the other way. Altos (PI) are flying high in Série D, so I need to focus on keeping us in Série C and have 8 games to do that. The Copa do Piauí later on will be a good measure of how we stand against the other teams in the State, especially Altos (PI).


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July 2037



I have to be happy with my start at River (PI). We were fortunate that in the first game our relegation rivals Rio Negro (AM) had a player sent off after 20 minutes, which made our life a lot easier. We were stubborn against a superior Brasília and were fortunate to come out with the 3 points. At ABC we didnt show up and missed a chance to really get out of the relegation battle, but just being out of the zone after my first month in charge is good news.

Key Players

The squad at River (PI) is relatively balanced with no real stars in the team and some decent loanees. The only are of weakness in the team is at left-back, which I will address by beginning of next season at the latest. Here are the top 3 players in my view.



Very young players on loan from Fluminense, but key to us in the DLF role.



Well rounded defender, isnt too happy about playing at centre back but will have to deal with it for now.



Solid goalkeeper for this level.

Next Fixtures


A tough month ahead of us with games against the top 3 sides in the group. Will be happy to just be out of the relegation zone by the end of the month.

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19 hours ago, Bitner said:

Gl at River. This name just make me have bad feelings... just like you, i imagine.


Thanks! Haha yes, it is even a little bit painful having to manage them, but you gotta do what you gotta do :lol:

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August 2037



An incredible 100% record against the sides that were in the top 3 at the beginning of the month sees us go from relegation strugglers to potential Second Stage qualifiers. The Grêmio Anápolis game was full of twists and turns and we came back from behind twice and then came back in the 79th minute to clinch an excellent win. The game against Confiança (SE) by comparison was terrible and looked to be heading for a 0-0 draw before Philip Luiz struck a beauty of a free kick into the top corner with 6 minutes to go. We then rounded up the month with our best performance at Remo, keeping the score tied until a couple of breaks in the middle of the second half sealed our win.

In terms of transfers I had not done much other than get a couple of players on pre-contracts, but the our starting left-back, who isnt great, wanted to leave and with a bid from Saudi Arabia coming in I had to let him go for R$110k. Now one of my pre-contracts is a young left back I was planning to have as a starter so I just needed a temporary gap to be filled. I found a very good, albeit expensive, one in Peruvian Jhonny Uechi. His salary is over 10% of my overall wage budget but it will only be afor a few months so worth doing it, especially as I had spare wage budget and no intention of signing anyone else this season.


Next Fixtures


We round up the First Stage with a home game against relegation candidates Imperatriz before a tough away game against our parent club Santa Cruz. We have a good chance of making the Second Stage if we beat Imperatriz and get something from the Santa Cruz match, but I am not too bothered anyway. The main aim was to stay in the division and that is pretty much sealed.

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September 2037




We were terrible at home against Imperatriz and made qualification to the next stage very difficult with that result. We essentially had to beat Santa Cruz away to stand a realistic chance, so when we only managed a draw, which included a missed penalty for us in the second half, I thought that was it. However after the game I noticed we somehow managed to squeeze in 4th on the same number of points as 3 of the other teams, beating two of those on number of wins and Confiança (SE) on goal difference.

A week later the Second Stage began and with a 50-50 chance to qualify you always believe. Things didnt get off to a good start though as Álvaro lunged with two feet against Madureira in the first minute and got sent off. We then conceded a penalty 15 mins later and it looked like we would be well beaten, but then somehow we got back into the game and when Madureira had a player sent off in the 83rd minute we went all out to get an equalizer, which arrived in stoppage time. Finally, we beat Paranavaí comfortably to give us decent start in the Second Stage

Next Fixtures


It will be a crazy busy month for us with 7 games, potentially 9 if we make it to the Série C final. We finish that campaign and start the Copa Piauí too, which consists of two 4 team groups, playing each other once and top two making it to the semi-finals. That will be an interest test for next years State Championship and we have not won this in 4 years, so will take it seriously.

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October 2037



Campeonato Brasileiro Série C - Second Stage


Copa Piauí


A near perfect month with a lot of fixtures and rotation. We made easy work of the Série C Second Stage and the Copa Piauí Group Stage, only conceding one goal the entire month, when Paranavaí got an equalizer in stoppage time in one of our Série C games. We also now have a very comfortable lead in the Copa Piauí semi-finals after we beat Piauí 3-0 away from home.

I am really impressed with how the squad is performing, especially as they are not as strong individually as others I have had, but the team works really well as a unit.

The only bad news this month was our starting DLF Cléverton getting a pretty serious injury that ruled him out of the season, which meant I terminated his loan so he could recover at his parent club.

Next Fixtures


3 scheduled fixtures with another two to be added when we make the final of the Copa Piauí, probably against Altos (PI). I play in my third Série C final and it would be nice to finally win the title, but Oeste are a strong side.

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With so many games in so little time and two finals being played around the same time I completely forgot to do game by game updates, but safe to say things went well...Season Review coming up



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2037 Season Review

Campeonato Brasileiro Série C




A very unexpected victory here as the initial aim was just to not get relegated. We just about squeezed into the Second Stage on the last day, where we were dominant and deservedly topped the group. In the first leg of the final against Oeste we were playing a very even game before Edson Luiz got injured with 7 minutes to go and we had made all our subs. Oeste capitalized on it and I thought the title was gone by then, but we managed to wipe their lead within the first half and then were extremely composed to win the penalty shootout. Very pleased to have won the third tier in my third final.

Copa Piauí




A perfect campaign with 7 wins, 21 goals scored and none conceded, which bodes really well for the State Championship next year. We were somewhat fortunate that Flamengo (PI) knocked out Altos (PI) in the Semifinal, so our first test against what is on paper the second best team in the State will have to wait until 2038.

Squad by Appearances



I was lucky to inherent a well balanced and competent squad. The only signing brought in was Jhonny Uechi as the starting left back left for Saudi Arabia. I did use three other loanees in the starting XI, but only managed to get Edson Luiz to extend his stay. Náutico were asking for a commitment to buy Alex José which we couldnt make and Cléverton left around a month ago as he sustained a pretty serious injury and we will not be able to have him back.

Other than the loanees leaving we do have a bit of strengthening to do, probably not for the State Championship, but I do want to leave the club in a position to survive Série B if I leave before then.

Top Performers



Great AP, consistently carving defences open,



Even though he is not the most suited for a wing back role he performed consistently well.



Was very good in goal, as testified by the fact he kept clean sheets in half his matches.



Not great as usual, but we get a good wage budget pump with promotion to Série B, doubling to R$1.2M per month.


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2037 Brazil Review

Série A: For the first time in a while we had a very comfortable win in the Série A, with Flamengo finishing a huge 15 points ahead of São Paulo and claiming their 11th title, and are now just one behind record holders Palmeiras. Vasco (AC) erase memories of a shameful first campaign in Série A a few years ago by finishing a very respectable 11th place. The other promoted teams however go down, Athletico Paranaense, Novorizontino and Botafogo (BP) all go down and are accompanied by Fortaleza, who were overtaken by Corinthians on the last day of the season. Sport, Fluminense and CSA are all up again at the first attempt along with Série B champions Mirassol.


State Championships (in Ranking ord er)

1. São Paulo: RB Bragantino get revenge by beating Corinthians and winning their 5th title, with the runners-up still record holders at 33.

2. Rio de Janeiro: Vasco beat Fluminense to win their 26th title. Flamengo are still record holders with 46.

3. Rio Grande do Sul: Internacional beat rivals Grêmio in the final again to claim their 49th title and are now 3 behind their rivals who have 52.

4. Minas Gerais: Atlético Mineiro beat América (MG) to extend their record to 54 titles.

5. Paraná: Athletico Paranaense end Foz do Iguaçus run and beat them in the final to win their 32nd title, still 10 behind Coritiba with 42.

6. Santa Catarina: Chapecoense beat Avaí to win their 15th title. Avaí are still biggest winners with 20.

7. Ceará: Fortaleza beat Ceará in the final for the third successive year and extend their record to 58 titles.

8. Goiás: Grêmio Anapolis beat Goiás to claim their 5th title. Goiás are record holders with 36..

9. Bahia: Bahia make it three in a row and extend their record to 60 titles.

10. Pernambuco: Náutico beat Porto (PE) in the final to claim their 29th title, still way beund Sport with 50.

11. Alagoas: CSA claim a title at the right time by beating CRB in the final and extending their record title lead to 2 with the  44th title. 

12. Mato Grosso: Cuiabá win their tenth title in a row and 25th overall overtaking previous record holders Mixto (MT).

13. Pará: Remo beat Tuna Luso to win their 52nd title and are now just 3 from record holders Paysandu with 55.

14. Maranhão: Sampaio Corrêa win their second title in a row to extend their record to 49 titles.

15. Rio Grande do Norte: ABC win the title back and extend their record to 67 titles now.

16. Paraíba: Botafogo (BP) make it four in a row to win their record extending title number 39.

17. Sergipe: Big shock as Barra (SE) beat Itabaiana to win their 1st ever title. Sergipe are still record holders at 38.

18. Amazonas: Atlético Amazonense beat Manaus to win their 5th title. Nacional (AM) are still record holders with 49.

19. Piauí: Altos (PI) beat River (PI) in the final to end their 3 year streak and win their 9th title. River (PI) are still record holders with 38.

20. Acre: State Hunters Rio Branco (AC) break Vasco (AC) 5 year streak and extend their record to 33 titles.

21. Distrito Federal: Brasília win the title back from Gama to claim their 12th overall, 5 behind the beaten finalist with 17.

22. Espírito Santo: After two years Desportiva are back to winning ways and claim their 27th title. Rio Branco (ES) are record holders on 39 titles.

23. Roraima: Baré end Náutico (RR) 5 year run and win their 10th titleAtlético Roraima are record holders on 23 title wins.

24. Tocantins: After 4 years Palmas are champions again and extend their record to 15 titles.

25. Mato Grosso do Sul: Costa Rica (MS) claim the title back and go up to 7 in total. Operário (MS) are record holders with 19.

26. Rondônia: Barcelona (RO) beat Genus to claim their 2nd title. Ferroviário (RO) are record holders with 17 despite not existing anymore.

27. Amapá: Ypiranga (AP) win four in a row and extend their record as biggest winners in the State with 20 titles overall.

Former Club Watch

I took away some of the Mato Grosso do Sul teams and just left Costa Rica (MS) who I won the title with.

Tapajós (AP): Relegated in the State Championship and finished a disappointing 5th out 7 in the Seletiva.

Pimentense: The terrible run continues, finishing bottom of the second State tier and the Seletiva again.

Costa Rica (MS): Retained the State Championship and in Série D they managed to get out of the group stage but were then eliminated in the First Knockout Round again. In the Copa Verde they had a better campaign, making it to the Quarter Final.

Palmas: They finally won the State Championship again after four years, but finished the year disappointingly not making it out of the Seletiva group.

Náutico (RR): A terrible State Championship saw them finish in third, but they did make up for it by winning the Seletiva. Out in the first round in both the Copa do Brasil and Copa Verde.

Desportiva: Won the State Championship after two years by beating Rio Branco VN in the final. Also another decent performance in Série C, just missing out on qualification to the Second Stage. The other cups were all disappointing.

Brasília: Had a good year overall, winning the State Championship and the Copa Verde. In the Série C they didnt qualify to the Second Stage but had a decent campaign.

Rio Branco (AC): After State Hunter left they unfortunately were not able to make it in Série B and were relegated. In the Copa Verde they were knocked out in the Quarter Final.

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2038 Campeonato Piauiense Preview


We are back to a more straightforward format in Piauí, with a League Stage where all teams play each other twice and at the end the bottom two are relegated and the top two go into a two legged final. With our promotion to Série B we are now by far the highest ranked team in the State. Altos (PI) are still in Série D, but both Piauí and Flamengo (PI) were legated to the Seletiva, with surprise package Caiçara being promoted to Série D. Realistically only Altos (PI) will provide a tougher challenge.



The season starts early here so I still have a bunch of players on trial and have not closed a lot of transfers yet. Most of these are younger players that come in to replace outgoing squad and fringe players. Fernandes was a bit of a nostalgic signing as he did well for me at Rio Branco (AC) but he may not get into the team. The only starter (for now) is Thiago Galhardo. We still havent found a good alternative at left-back but he should be OK covering the position until then.


Initial Fixtures


It is going to be a very busy start of the year as we will potentially be playing 3 qualifying rounds of the Copa do Nordeste, a regional cup for Northeast sides, before we even get started with the State Championship. If we get to the Group Stage there are another two games scheduled, but I dont think we will get there. We have a straightforward path until the Third Qualifiying round but then probably play Série A Bahia who should knock us out. Other than I look forward to the game against Altos (PI) to see how they stand up against us.



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2 hours ago, TokyoWanderer said:

The Piaui logo may be the ugliest one I have ever seen. 

:D we can put them on the shortlist, I am sure we will see some other ugly ones from other more obscure teams haha

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January 2038



A busy but succesful month. In the Copa do Nordeste as predicted we got through the first two preliminary rounds, but could not get through a strong Bahia side in the third one. Once we got to the Piauiense it was very straight forward. I was particularly surprised at how poor Altos (PI) were. We beat them easily and they have dropped more points that will make their bid at retaining the title even more difficult.


This has been a bit of a struggle as the free transfer market that usually serves me well has not given me a lot of decent players. And when it does, they have ended up mostly choosing to join other teams. This will be OK for the Piauiense but will make the stay in Série B difficult. We did manage to sign to players that fitted into the first team.



Not my first choice striker, but better than what we had and helps fill the gap loanee Cléverton left last season.



Good option down the left and the fact he can cover at RB is a bonus.

Next Fixtures


February will be a lot lighter with just the Piauiense to focus on and I expect we will be picking up a lot of the available points in the coming weeks.


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February 2038



A perfect month, even though Caiçara, Flamengo (PI) and Altos (PI) proved harder to break down. We are pretty much through to the final, but the race to 2nd place is getting interesting. Piauí appear to be in pole position but unlike Altos (PI) they do still have to play us one more time.


Quiet on this front again as we continue to get snubbed by player. We only brought in Celso for the first team, who is a very versatile player but will primarily play as centre back for us. I did also bring a young and promising Colombian goalkeeper in and he will play for the Reserves or be loaned out.On the outgoing front we did sell our 4th choice left back Pires for R$10k.


Next Fixtures


We start the month off with a Copa do Brasil tie. Considering our comfortable position in the State Championship and the R$1M prize money per round we will be fielding a strong side for the game. The League Stage of the Piauiense wraps up in the beginning of April so will report out after that.

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March/April 2038



The month started with an FMing in the Copa do Brasil as we had triple the xG and would have gone through with a draw, but conceded from a corner in stoppage time...In the State Championship the games were a lot closer too, especially against Piauí, where we left it late to get a winner and with Flamengo (PI), where we were actually behind for most of the game. They would have made it through with a win, but with the draw Piauí overtook them and will be our opponents in the final. It is worth to mention that this is the worst performance of Altos (PI) in the State Championship since the save began, they hadnt finished lower than 3rd before and even that only happened a couple of times with them making the final almost every year.

Up next the two games against Piauí as we hope to tick this State off!

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Campeonato Piauiense Final - First Leg


In control of the tie now. Fernandes came in for the suspended Jorginho and immediatly made his mark with a well taken goal. Cruised the game from there, PIauí hardly had a sniff of the goal. Just need to confirm the title in a weeks time now.

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2038 Campeonato Piauiense Review





I expected us to dominate, but this was a little bit easier than anticipated with no single side getting close to us. We did have a few wins by a single goal and last minute winners but the whole campaign was played in cruise control. And so we win the title back from Altos (PI)!

Squad by Appearances



We did stick to a core team again and there was little rotation, especially later on in the campaign when we were just playing once a week. I really struggled to bring in extra quality to the squad and whilst it was more than good enough for the State Championship I dont feel it is Série B level and my hopes are not high for River (PI) to stay in the second tier after I am gone.

Top Performers



Really stepped up and improved this season, was key to our play at AP with 18 goal contributions in 21 games. Also hits some mean free kicks.



One of the few new signings, not a natural goalscorer but did the job for us here consistently.



I thought his place was at risk with me signing Fernandes from my previous club, but he gave me absolutely no reason to drop him.

Stats and Summary



3 trophies and a promotion in less than year, with a crazy high win percentage - this was as straightforward as it gets!






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  • corinthiano changed the title to [FM22] State Hunter - Gotta Catch 'Em All: 9 down - 18 to go!

Chapter 10 - Amazonas



Amazonas is a State in the North Region of Brazil, which borders Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. It is the largest State in Brazil by area and 9th largest, bigger than France, Spain, Sweden and Greece combined - it would be the 16th largest country in the world if it was a separate country, being a little bit larger than Mongolia. In terms of population though it is only the 16th largest State, with around 4.3 million inhabitants. It is sparsely populated due to the Amazon forest that encompasses the entire State. The forest and the River Amazonas, which cuts through the State are what has given Amazonas State its name.

The capital city Manaus is by far the largest city in the State with over 50% of population at 2.2 million inhabitants, with Parintins, Itacoatiara and Macapuru the next largest cities with around 100 thousand inhabitants. The Free Trade Zone of Manaus, which gave tax incentives for the deployment of industrial, commercial and agricultural ventures in the city has been a major factor in the growth and economic development of the city. Almost 70% of the GDP comes from the indsutrial sector, with Amazonas exporting mostly mobile phones, other electronics and motorcycles.

Tourism in the State is focused on ecotourism nowadays with the Amazon Rainforest and River obvious popular destinations. There are also culturally historic sites in the city of Manaus, Parintins and São Gabriel da Cachoeira.

Amazonas - State of Brazil

Football in Amazonas

The Amazonas State Championship was first played in 1914, becoming professional in 1963. The tournament only had participants from Manaus, as clubs from the smaller cities in the State only started showing up in the 80s. The State Championship was only won by teams from outside Manaus on 5 occasions pre-save, with the first one in 2008 being won by Holanda from Rio Preto da Eva. Penarol and Princesa are the other tow clubs outside Manaus with titles. Nacional (AM) are the biggest winners pre-save with 43 titles, followed by Rio Negro (AM) with 17. Since the save began there has not been one team dominating proceedings, with 6 different winners -  Nacional (AM) with 6 titles and Atlético Amazonense with 5 have won it the most.


On the National front there has not been a lot of success, with Nacional (AM) having the best finish with16th place in the first tier in the 70s. Pre-Save Manaus are the highest placed team in the State, having been in Série C for 3 seasons, but they nosedived in the Save. Atlético Amazonense have been the best team in the save and spent 3 seasons in Série B before being relegated last year. They would be the obvious preference but things are quite close in the State so I will apply for any of the first 6 clubs in the list should the job become available and the wage budget be OK.


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Amazonas Futebol Clube




Amazonas Futebol Clube is a club from the State capital of Amazonas, Manaus. They are a very young club, being founded in 2019 by businessman Wesley Couto. They won the Second Tier of the Amazonas State Championship in the same year they were founded and fisnished 3rd in the State Championship in 2021. Since the save began they have won the State Championship 3 times and are the current holders. They have spent most of the time in the save in the Seletiva, but were promoted to Série D last season.

They play their games at the Estádio Ismael Benigno, also known as Estádio da Colina, which is owned by São Raimundo (AM), but which most teams in Manaus use.

Estádio Ismael Benigno • OStadium.com

The previous manager left for Barcelona (RO), which opened up the way for me to step in. They have just won the Campeonato Amazonense, but have not started the Série D well, sitting in 7th place after 5 games.


This could be a move that comes back to haunt me, although they just won the State Championship the club is in a dire financial situation, with almost R$5M in debt, so the board has given me a R$190k per month wage budget when we are spending R$250k....staying in Série D will be crucial as the finance situation could spiral out of control if we are relegated, so focus will be on rescuing the club with the 9 games left in the Group Stage.

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June 2038



A great start as we dispatch and overtake two Acre sides to move out of the relegation zone. The game against Galvez (AC) was comfortable, but against Atlético Acreano we spent a good portion of the game behind and then got lucky on two instances. First when they had a player sent off with 20 minutes to go, and second when we were awarded a dubious penalty in stoppage time. I will take any win I can though :D

Top Talents

This is going to be interesting at Amazonas - there is a lack of strength and depth in the squad and we have to trim it! There are a couple of stand out players but to be honest I am not sure if I will be able to renew their contracts. I will worry about that once we have secured our status in Série D, for now here they are.

Marcos Aurélio


By far our best player and only 19, just checked and he has no interest in renewing his contract so guess he will leave at the end of the season.

Marcus Vinicius


Our other striker, also young but not as good as Marcos Aurélio - at least we have him tied down until the end of 2039.

Felipe Manoel


We are using him as our AP - does earn quite a high wage compared to our budget so not sure if he will stick around either.

Next Fixtures


A tougher month as we play the top 3 teams in the group, as well as bottom placed Rondoniense. Difficult to predict how we will do but hopefully we still are out of the relegation zone by the end of the month.

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July 2038



We continue the good form and are now 3 points from the relegation zone with 3 games remaining. The month did not start well with Barcelona (RO) beating us well in a game where we had a lot of missing players due to injuries and suspensions. We were very inconsistent against Rondoniense, romping to a 2-0 lead before letting them turn the game around to 3-2 and the scoring two goals in quick succession again to finish the game at 4-3. Against Rio Negro (AM) and Genus the games were surprisingly comfortable and we won both relatively easily.

Next Fixtures


We end the Group Stage of Série D in August and the first game is going to go a long way in deciding our fate. If we win we are practically cleared from relegation, if we lose then we have a tense final two games.

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August 2038 - End of Group Stage



Survival ensured! We romped to a 3-0 against old club Náutico (RR), before they put pressure us with a late comeback which ultimately fell short. That effectively guaranteed our stay in Série D, which was 100% confirmed with a narrow victory over Galvez (AC) where our goalkeeper was man of the match. We then rested a few players that were 1 booking away from a suspension and saw out a boring 0-0 to seal second place in the Group - which is handy as it gives us a second leg at home in the First Knockout Stage.



Since taking over I have taken opportunities to move players on where it made sense and now that we have secured our place in Série D next season I will be more proactive about it. The first one to move was our Star Player Marcos Aurélio, whose contract would expire at the end of the season. I offered him out and managed to get interest from Série A side CSA. We get a little bit of cash, but more importantly for the club there is a 50% sell on clause which hopefully is worth a lot when he moves on again.

I will now look at moving all those players that dont want to stay at the club next season or that we cannot afford. With the wage budget we have I cant really have first team players on more than R$10k per month and back-up players at less than that. 

Next Fixtures


We draw Tuna Luso in the next Stage and I will be doing game by game updates in the Knockouts. With me looking at trimming the squad already I dont think we will get a lot further, we might beat Tuna Luso but would struggle against the stronger sides in the division.

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Campeonato Brasileiro Série D First Knockout Round - First Leg


Solid result for us to take to the second leg. We conceded early on but never panicked and eventually got the equalizer we deserved from the game.

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Campeonato Brasileiro Série D First Knockout Round - Second Leg


A humbling defeat. We created a lot of chances but were wasteful in front of goal and really missed Marcos Aurélio here. Not too disappointed, focus shifts on renewing the right contracts now.

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2038 Season Review



Happy to have been able to save Amazonas from relegation, which will hopefully help with finances and wage budget for next season.

Squad by Appearances



A small squad that will get even smaller for next season as we really have to make the most of the money we have.

Top Performers (Still at club)

Felipe Manoel


Involved in most things we created, high wages means I dont think he will stay for next season

Marcus Vinicius


Our best striker with Marcos Aurélio gone and thankfully will be here next year.

Raimundo Henrique


Solid in goal and another I can count on for next season.



Obviously not looking good. As you can see I have been able to bring our committed spending down to what the wage budget is. We will have to see what we will get next season, which will determine how many of my high earners I let go as I will need to add a little bit of depth to the squad with all the outgoings.


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2038 Brazil Review

Série A: São Paulo claim the title back from Flamengo and are now joint biggest winners with Palmeiras on 12 titles. São Paulo and Flamengo were fighting for it throughout the season, but São Paulo managed to claim the title with a couple of games to go. Mirassol, CSA and Fluminenese all go straight down again, with Internacional surprisingly joining them. From the teams that were relegated last season only Athletico Paranaense make it back up, with Ponte Preta, Náutico and CRB joining them.


State Championships (in Ranking order)

1. São Paulo: Santos beat São Paulo on penalties to win their 24th title and first since 2026. Corinthians are still record holders at 33.

2. Rio de Janeiro: Flamengo beat Fluminense to win their record extending 47th title.

3. Rio Grande do Sul: Grêmio end the three year run Internacional had and extend their lead to 4 with record title number 53.

4. Minas Gerais: Cruzeiro beat Atlético Mineiro on penalties to win their first title since 2029 and 43rd in total. The beaten finalists are still record holders with 54 titles.

5. Paraná: Athletico Paranaense beat Foz do Iguaçu again to win their 33rd title, still 9 behind Coritiba with 42.

6. Santa Catarina: Chapecoense beat Avaí again to win their 16th title. Avaí are still biggest winners with 20.

7. Ceará: Fortaleza beat Ceará in the final for the fourth successive year and extend their record to 59 titles.

8. Goiás: Goiás win the title for the first time in 3 years and the record holders now have 37 titles in total.

9. Bahia: Vitória break Bahia s three year run to win their 36th title. Bahia are still record holders with 60 titles.

10. Pernambuco: Porto (PE) beat Sport on penalties in the final to claim their 3rd title, Sport are still record holders with 50.

11. Alagoas: CRB beat rivals CSA in the final to retake their title and go up to 43 in total, just one behind their rivals.

12. Mato Grosso: Cuiabá win their eleventh title in a row and 26th overall, extending their lead as record title holders.

13. Pará: Paysandu beat Tuna Luso to win their 56th title and extend their lead to 4 from rivals Remo.

14. Maranhão: Sampaio Corrêa win their third title in a row to extend their record to 50 titles.

15. Rio Grande do Norte: Surprise package Globo win their 2nd title and first since 2021. ABC ware still record holders with 67.

16. Paraíba: Botafogo (BP) make it five in a row to win their record extending title number 40.

17. Sergipe: Record holders Sergipe beat rivals Confiança (SE) in the final to win their 39th title.

18. Amazonas: Surprise package Amazonas FC beat Fast Club in the final to win their 3rd title. Nacional (AM) are still record holders with 49.

19. Piauí: State Hunters River (PI) easily beat Piauí in the final to claim record extending title number 39.

20. Acre: Vasco (AC) easily retain the title by winning both stages and now go up to 14 titles in total. Rio Branco (AC) are still the biggest winners with 33.

21. Distrito Federal: Brasília make it two in a row to claim their 13th title overall, 4 behind Gama with 17.

22. Espírito Santo: Desportiva beat Serra in the final again and claim their 28th title. Rio Branco (ES) are record holders on 39 titles.

23. Roraima: Náutico (RR) reclaim the title from Baré and win their 12th in totalAtlético Roraima are record holders on 23 title wins.

24. Tocantins: Tocantinópolis beat Palmas to win their 6th title. The runners-up are record holders with 15.

25. Mato Grosso do Sul: Costa Rica (MS) make it tow in a row to go up to 8 in total. Operário (MS) are record holders with 19.

26. Rondônia: Genus beat Rondoniense to claim their 6th title. Ferroviário (RO) are record holders with 17 despite not existing anymore.

27. Amapá: Ypiranga (AP) win five in a row and extend their record as biggest winners in the State with 21 titles overall.

Former Club Watch

I took away some of the Mato Grosso do Sul teams and just left Costa Rica (MS) who I won the title with.

Tapajós (AP): Reached rock bottom by finishing last in both the second tier of the State Championship and the Seletiva.

Pimentense: The terrible run continues, finishing 6th in the second State tier and bottom in the Seletiva.

Costa Rica (MS): Retained the State Championship but were relegated from Série D. Knocked out at the first attempt in both Copa Verde and Copa do Brasil.

Palmas: A year of almosts as Palmas lose both the State Championship and the Seletiva in the final. They were also knocked out in the first round of Copa Verde and Copa do Brasil.

Náutico (RR): Reclaimed the State Championship but were then relegated from Série D.

Desportiva: Won the State Championship and Copa Espírito Santo this year and finished 7th in their Série C group, comfortably avoiding relegation.

Brasília: Won the State Championship again and finished a decent 6th in their Série C group. Had a very poor defence of their Copa Verde title by losing in the First Round, but did make it to the Third Round in the Copa do Brasil where Grêmio beat them.

Rio Branco (AC): A very disappointing year as they not only fail to retain the State Championship but also are relegated for a second successive year and will be playing Série D football next year again.

River (PI): As feared they were not strong enough to survive Série B, finishing 19th.

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2039 Campeonato Amazonense Preview


The format here is relatively simple, 12 teams play each other once in the league stage - after 11 games the top 8 qualify for the Quarter Finals and the bottom four are relegated. The Knockout Stages are always played over two legs with the higher seeded team progressing if scores are tied after 180 minutes. There is a bug however that is making the lower seeded teams go through...guess it will just add to the challenge and means we have to win the tie outright if we are the higher seeded team.

Atlético Amazonense were promoted back to Série B last season and I would consider them favorites for the title. You the have us, Rio Negro (AM) and Nacional (AM) in Série D who are around the same level, along with Fast Clube and Manaus in the Seletiva who are also good sides. The rest we should be beating comfortably, although our squad will be very thin for the first few games as we are still working on transfers.


The State Championship starts really early so I still have a bunch of trialists at the club that I have to sift through. I did bring in two players who had contracts expiring a fellow Série D side Azuriz and looked pretty decent.

Rubens Fernandes


Comes in to replace Marcos Aurélio, isnt as good as him but at this level I wasnt going to find anyone that good and Rubens should do a good job.



Very good midfielder and way better than anyone in this position at the club, can play the Mezzala and BBM role.

Initial Fixtures


Very busy start to the season with 7 games in 21 days. Luckily most of the games are against the smaller sides so hopefully we should be able to get results here.

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January 2039



Great start to the campaign and we are keeping pace with Atlético Amazonense. We beat the smaller sides comfortably and just edged out the stronger sides Nacional (AM) and Manaus. We were particularly lucky against Nacional (AM) as it was a very even game and a mix up in defence with almost the last kick of the game gave us the chance to take the win and Marcus Vinicius didnt hesitate to take it.



We have started making some signings to bolster the team and I feel we have added some decent quality to the team. We are still looking for players but I am getting to the point where I am happy with the squad apart from having to let go of a couple of players who would now be surplus to requirement.

Alessandro Weide


Maybe not best suited to the way we play but still our starting DLP.



Good well rounded midfielder, can play in any of our three more attacking midfield positions.



I like the look of him, especially the physical attributes, and think he is the attack minded left back we need.



Good versatile player, slots in initially as our AP, but can play up front and further back in midfield too.

Next Fixtures


We will finish the League Stage by the beginning of March and have probably the 3 toughest fixtures in a row. I am eager to see how we fare against Atlético Amazonense as they are clearly the team to beat.



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February/March 2039



The amazing run continues, other than Atlético Amazonense no one was able to stop us. More amazingly we knocked out Série B sides Chapecoense and Fluminense to make it to the Third Round of the Copa do Brasil, which is huge for the club financially as we earned R$2M in prize money and have another R$1.75M guaranteed when we play Série A side Bahia in June. The results have made me confident that we have a good shot of beating Atlético Amazonense this year, but I will not be too upset if that doesnt happen.



So I went a bit crazy with transfers here and you could say we have a bit of a bloated squad with players set to start complaining very soon. We brought in 5 new players since the beginning of February but we still have only used about 60% of our wage budget though and I will continue to improve the team where I think it makes sense, we can always offload players during the season. We actually already started with 4 fringe players let go as offers came in.



Naturally a defensive midfielder but will play at centre back for us.

Márcio José


I know I just signed a left back but when my scouts told me Rio Branco (AC) released my favorite left back of the save I just could not pass the chance to sign him. Their loss is our gain and I will deal with Gedeil being unhappy later.



Goalkeeper was one of our weaker spots and Vivinho comes in from Potiguar as a significant upgrade.



Also comes in to play as centre back and will partner up with Santos.



We didnt really need another AP, but he is young and better than Claudinho so we snapped him up too.

Next Fixtures


We play Holanda in the Quarter Finals, which should be straightforward, before playing the winners of Nacional (AM) and Manaus in the Semi Final. Both games against those teams were close so I do expect a tricky tie should we beat Holanda. Will be reporting match by match until the end of the Amazonense.

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Campeonato Amazonense Quarter Final - First Leg


Good win away from home sets us up nicely for the return leg, we should have really won by more but I am happy with 3-1. You may also have noticed I signed another midfielder :DJan Giovanella is young and better than what we had so had to move in for him.



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Campeonato Amazonense Quarter Final - Second Leg


I took a bit of a risk by rotating almost the entire team as I thought we would have the first leg of the Semi-Final in 4 days time. We were always comfortable and a 1-0 sees us through. Up next we play Manaus who knocked out Nacional (AM) through the bug I had mentioned where the lower seeded team goes through if there is a draw. Turns out the game is in 6 days so didnt really need to rest the team...



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2 hours ago, LUFCspeni said:

Really enjoying this, love a save in Brazil. Out of interest, what are some of the shorter state leagues? 

Thanks! By shorter do you mean with less games? I think most of them have more or less 15 games and some get creative to accommodate more teams within that. In São Paulo for example they have 4 groups of 4, but you only play against teams not in your group in the first stage, that way you are only playing 12 games. The they have the Quarters and Semi Finals over one game before having a two legged final which means in the end a team will play a max of 16 games.

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Campeonato Amazonense Semi Final - Second Leg


Qualification was never in doubt from the moment Marcus Vinicius smashed in a beautiful free kick in the top corner after 10 minutes.


Now on to the real test against Atlético Amazonense. We do have the advantage of winning the title if scores are tied so even though this is a bug I will try to use it to my advantage.

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  • corinthiano changed the title to [FM22] State Hunter - Gotta Catch 'Em All (Save ended due to technical issues)

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