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[FM22]The San Marino project/Building a Nation


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Hi everyone,  I am quite new on this forum. In short: My name is Thomas and I live in the Netherlands. My favorite club is FC Twente and I have been playing FM since CM 04. If my English is soms a little bit bad it is because of that





But FC Twente is not the club I'm playing with in this edition of FM. I've always been a fan of the San Marino Challenge. In FM 14 I attempted this challenge and with a little bit of succes. I got to 2 euros and even a world cup. In al three editions I survived the group stage. This all happened between 2040 and 2050. After that the game died down because I didn't get good regens anymore so I had tot quit. I attempted it again in FM 20 with a special database but it didn't last long. 


I didn't like to play in the Serie A. For this edition I decided to play in San Marino. I got the Claasen database and I started in San Marino. I have chosen to manage the club Folgore. They were the champions last year so I got to the qualifying round of the Champions League so it would be a little bit easier because this challenge is already hard enough if you start in San Marino. There is no time to settle, in few days I already have to play in de qualifying round of the Champions League so let's move on quickly.


San Marino national team




I'll also play with the national team but the first seasons the focus wil be on Folgore


European games




My very first game was against Prishtina from Kosovo. We played very well and won 2-0. Then we got HB from the Faroe Islands. We had no difficulties with them and won 5-1. After 37 minutes it was already 3-0. In the first Qualifying rounds was HJK from Finland too strong for us. We never had a chance really in both games. In the Conference League we lost against Mura from Slovenia. We were close to  a stunt. After a 1-3 home defeat we got ahead from a corner in the second leg. Unfortunately we did not manage to make a second goal so the European run is now over. First we have a super cup and then the competition wil start. The goal: Ofcourse become the champions!


*I play FM in Dutch. For this thread I made screenshots in English but it can happen that you occasionally see a screen in Dutch by accident

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End table



We managed to end up on top of the table at the end of the season. Everything was easier than I expected. After 16 games we won all of our games. Towards the end of the season everything went a little bit laborious and we even lost 2 games. That is a bit concerning heading towards the play-offs. In the play-offs we play agains Domagnano that finished 11th. 


Cup run


In the cup there are 15 teams. The winner of last season gets a bye in the first round and after that it is already the quarter final. We had no problems heading towards the cup final. Juvenes Dogana, Domagnano and even Tre Penne. They were no threat to me and we got to the final easily. In the final we battered Virtus but we didn't score our chances. We payed the prize for that because after the penalty shoot out Virtus wins the trophy while they really did not deserve it.

Super Cup



At the beginning of the season we played against La Fiorita for the Super Cup. Is was the same story as against Virtus. We created a lot of chances but forgot to score them. Also the Super Cup we didn't win where we should have. Such a shame. Hopefully we can learn from this so that it won't happen again.


Youth intake


I apologize because this screen is in Dutch but the Youth intake was not good. Actually is was really bad. It looks decent but in a few years we need more quality than this

Next update

In the next update you will see if we managed to win the league. We lost the cup final so it is a MUST win in the play-offs otherwise we won't get European football wich we need to create us some money.



As I am making this update I am noticing a mistake. In the screen above you can already see who became the champion. Well, no need to wait right?



First we played against Domagnano. They were no treat as we win 0-4 away. Against Murata is was more difficult. A away draw put us in a kind of a iffy situation. At home we won 4-1 but is was really not as easy as it seemes. Murata created a lot of chances and it was a open game, something I do not want. We scored 4 goals so we got trough. In the final I was nervous. It was do or die in this game. We played very good and won 4-0. Nothing to be afraid of. We won the title so we go to the Champions League. Well, the preliminary rounds but you know what I mean

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End of season

Finances and European rankings





It is starting to look good. We have €1,1 million in our balance and we ware financially really stable and there is a little bit of place to improve our facilities. Hopefully we can get far in Europe in season 2.


Season 2 super cup


Payback time! Last season we lost against Virtus in the final of the cup last year. Because of that we play them in the super cup this season. De game started off really good but the goal from Fedeli was disallowed. 26 minuten later he scores again and the goal counts, 0-1. We had the initiative the whole game as you can see in the xG. We only forgot to score. Does that sound familiar? Luckily it didn't cost us so we won. Even a missed penalty did not cost us. 

New Stadium?


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European qualifying rounds


We started the journey this year against KR from Island. We went ahead two times but we bottled it. We lost 3-2 but it was a justifiably result. So we fell down towards the Conference League. In the second qualifying round we got a game in Ireland. Waterford was the opponent. In the away game we played good and scored once. In the 82th minute we scored the 0-2 but 0-2 was a little bit flattered. In the home game we didn't had any trouble and the score stayed 0-0. Then we drew KR again and it was time for revanche. Unfortunately they werd simply better then us and they won 2 times again. The European journey ends here already. Hopefully next year better



Our season was okay but I was not really happy. We ended on the first place but we lost to many points along the way.



The play-offs started against La Fiorita who we played in the final last season. La Fiorita is not that good this season and it showed here in the play-offs. We had no problem whatsoever with them, 2-4 and 1-0. Against Virtus we had more trouble. Away we drew 0-0 in a game that was not good from both sides. No problem, just make it up in the home game right? We played not bad but we didn't create a lot of chances. It was the worst time to have a offday. Nothing helped, we just coudn't score. Virtus scored from a corner and they won. No champions this year, it was devastating. We got third place but it didn't matter, there were only 2 European spots. Tre penne won the League this year. It showes how dangerous the play-offs can be.




The road to the final started aginst Juvenes Dogana. We had no trouble with them. Against La Fiorita we won 1-3 away but we made it unnecessary hard for ourself because we gave La Fiorita a chance to come back. Luckily we hung on en it stayed 0-1 but it showes that we have to be on the top of our game. Fiorentino was no problem, we won easily.



In the final we drew Domagnano. Tre Penne was eliminted before. We had to win this game to get into Europe. We played good, gave away some chances but we were 0-2 up after 35 minutes. We didn't gave our head start away and we hadn't any trouble the rest of the match. We won the trophy wich makes up a little bit for losing the League title.

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Breaking: Folgore announces new stadium!


The details are here! At the ending of season 1 the board said they had plans to build a new stadium. Our current stadium has a attendence of 370 wich was actually pathetic. The new stadium has a attendence of 5.175 wich is a lot better. In the competition we won't get it full but it is a great step into the future. Hopefully in the next like 10 years we can expand the stadium for our European matches. The cost is also not that high. We can pay it on our own without a loan wich is perfect. We get €1,2 from the authorities and 75K of a sponsor. With all it will only cost €1,5 million. That money we can earn back easily by qualifying for the group stage in Europe somewhere the next few years

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Conference League

First 3 matches


Sorry for the Dutch screen. We started in the first qualifying round for the Conference League. Our first opponent was Ballkani from Kosovo. In our first season we also beat FC Prishtina and we had no trouble with Ballkani whatsoever. In our home game we won 7-1 en also on the away ground we didn't had to break a sweat during the game. In the second round we went against Olimpija from Slovenia. Olimpija was better than us, we didn't create much in this game. We also did not concede so the end result was 0-0.

Away game


In the away game we played a hella lot better but the defence was not on point today. It killed us because after playing for a hour we were 3-0 down. The result is really bad but we can be happy about how we performed. We take the money and try to improve this season

Improving junior budget


Speaking about improving...

Super cup


In the Super Cup we played Tre Penne. We started very good and got the first goal wich was justifiably. In the extra time of the first half we concede a goal en we were tied again. The second half starts and Spighi gets a direct red card for a disgrace tackle. The game flipped since then. Tre Penne scored and went ahead and we coudn't keep up with 1 man down unfortunately. We lost. Now the Super Cup is nog that important but it sucks either way. Not the best start to the season

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San Marino Cup

The road to the final


We started in the quarter final of de cup. The first result was dissapointing. We drew 0-0 at home against Murata wich is by far not good enough. In the away game we also struggled but we won 0-1. The semi final was a lot better. We started with a 2-0 win against Juvenes Dogana. Juvenes Dogana is a very decent team this season and they win a lot of games and concede very little goals. This result was very good. The away game was a bit tougher. We scored from a corner but before half time Juvenes Dogana equalized. Spighi got a red card in the 50th minute. Luckily it didn't brought us in trouble so we got to the final. But it was very laborious.



Ofcourse we play Tre Penne in the final. Tre Penne also has a good season so it definately won't be easy. We were better but also Tre Penne was dangerous. The score was 0-0 for a long time and I got a little bit nervous. Luckily after playing for an hour we finally scored a goal and went 0-1 up. It changed the game. Tre Penne had to take more risk and so there was a lot of space for us too to become dangerous. In the 66th minute we scored 0-2 and we secured the cup win this year



End Table


It was a very tough season. We weren't at our best this year. We drew a lot. Juvenes Dogana and Tre Penne really gave us a run for our money. Both teams played very good. In the fist season half we lost a lot of points but in the second season half we started winning every game including the games against Tre Penne and Juvenes Dogana. We had to work very hard to get first place this season.

Quarter and semi finals


We were in form and we needed to bring that to the play-offs. Long story short; we did. Our defence was top level and we only conceded one goal in the quarter and semi final. We had no trouble with San Giovanni. Even our angstgegner/feared opponent Virtus gave us no trouble.



In the final we are playing - ofcource - Tre Penne. In this game there happened a lot that it didn't even fit in one screen. Our second season half was masterly and we also showed it in this final. After playing for 20 minutes we were already 0-2 up. Tre Penne got back in the game but before half time we made the difference 2 goals again. In the second half we walked away from our opponent. 1-5 after 70 minutes of football. To make matters worse for Tre Penne they also got a red card. After that red card we didn't score anymore but is wasn't nessecary. We got a clear win against them and showed who is the best team.



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Season 4: Champions League preliminary rounds

Game 1: Folgore - FC Santa Coloma


Finally we are back where we belong, in the Champions League... Well the qualification rounds ofcourse. We started first in the preliminary rounds. Our first opponent was FC Santa Coloma from Andorra. A league below us in the rankings. It sure was that way. We really whooped their asses. 6-0 we won. Or as we call it in Dutch: 2 vingers in de neus.

Game 2: Folgore - Buducnost


Next game was against Buducnost from Montenegro. They also won their first match easily. You don't see it back in the score but we actually played pretty good. Unfortunately we were very unlucky. And I know, it is a very easy thing to say. But we were unlucky, well I as a manager. Take a good look at the xG. Buducnost went 1-0 ahead from a set piece, yes always the set pieces. In the second half, one counter and boom 0-2 and so our destiny was sealed, and it was not in the Champions League. We deserved the win tho

Conference League

Second qualifying round


So it is the Conference League again. We got a small team again because we played against Lincoln from Gibraltar. It was the same match as against Santa Coloma, we won very easily. In the away game we doze off a little bit but it didn't matter because we already did the job on our own ground

Third qualifying round


In the third round we got Olimpija from Slovenia. Does it ring a bell? We also played them last year and they were simply better than us. How are we competing this year against them? We actually played very damn good! But we went 0-1 down..... In the game we tried to flip the game and we did it very good. We created a lot of chances. But the thing is, you have to score them. Vrioni got 2 clear cut chances and only scored 1. We had to score more but we couldn't. So we drew 1-1 wich was a bit dissapointing if you look at the match


We played a lot better than last year so it is really good to see the progression. Did it got us somewhere? Also in Slovenia we played quite good. Unfortunately we gave away a penalty and we were 1-0 behind. We got back in the game quickly and we levelled the score. That's a good thing because otherwise it would become very difficult. What happenend next was a game with 2 sides that created chances, it could go either way. Within 90 minutes the score stayed 1-1. In extra time we were also evenly matched and it looked like we were going to take penalties. But unfortunately they scored in the 120+1th minute and it was devestating. So our European journey had come to an end again

@Jono Cpfc Thanks, appreciate it

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Season 4: The competition



We had a great season and we dominated. Only 2 draws and no losses. It seems like we are now definitely on top of everyone. We scored a lot of goals and conceded very little, only 7 goals. But the playoffs are the playoffs and you never know

Quarter and semi final


We had some favorable draws in the playoffs. No Tre Penne and no Juvenes Dogana. Juvenes Dogana had a horrible season and ended on the 13th place. We had no trouble with Fiorentino and even our feared opponent Virtus was no problem. We blew them away, this was our revanche for earlier games. 



Ofcourse the final is against Tre Penne, who else right? Our start was magnificent. 0-2 up after 11 minutes, bam! After we went 0-2 up we controlled the game fully. We didn't create much but we gave nothing away. The end result is that we won very easy. So we are champions again and we go to the Champions League again

Super cup


In the beginning of the season we played also against Tre Penne for the Super Cup. It was like the same game, a good first half and 3-0 up. Tre Penne created some chances but we didn't concede


Road to the final


The road to the final was easy. Caulungo and Faetano were no trouble for us.



In the final no Tre Penne this time. We played against Virtus. Virtus is no threat for us anymore. The final was a very attractive game with two teams that wanted to attack. The audience was the big winner. There were a lot of goals scored. We played very good and created a lot of chances. After half and hour we were 3-0 up. Virtus scored 3-1 but we had no reason to worry. In half time it was even 5-1 and the game was already over. Virtus tried their best, I have to give that to them but ofcourse it was not enough. They scored another time tho. In the end the scoreboards says 7-2. If you look het the xG, we blew them away.

Treble and unbeaten


That means we got the treble this season. Not only that, we were unbeaten in al national games including the cup games and the Super Cup. A great performence this year.

Key players












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National team

First win in 2021


Next to Folgore I also play with the national team. It didn't take me long to get the first win however it was very lucky. We were losing and then al of a sudden 3 goals in the last minutes. A crazy ending to the match and my first win already so soon. But I can give away that this is NOT something to get used to

Friendly win against Liechtenstein in 2022


Also in 2022 we won a match. In Olimpico we won against Liechtenstein. A good game. In half time the score was 3-1. In the second half everything became a little bit more difficult but we survived.

Nations League 2022


Good news on the first 2 screens. All fun and games aside, in the Nations League we lost and we lost quite hard. The is lots of work to do in the next years

2022 World Championship qualifyers


We won against Andorra as you can see on the first screen. We got the 5th place instead of 6th place and that is all I can ask for.

2024 Euros qualifyers


Tough group and I didn't play any of these matches myself (I went on holiday). Is was extremely hard and it was just a wast of time basically. We are nowhere near where we need to be to get some points in groups like this. Time to move on!

Next update:

In the next update you'll see how we did in the Nations League in 2024. We play against Liechtenstein and Malta


@dsousa96 That's very true as you can see above. That's also why I did the whole season in 1 update

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