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Loss of Momentum in Second Half

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Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forums, but I've noticed that my team has struggled with momentum in the second half of many games, and I am unsure why. I assume it must be something tactical, but I am unsure what, especially as we generally seem to do well in the first half of games.

Is ir a fatigue thing? Or the AI making halftime adjustments that I'm just not picking up on?

I've tried using the data hub, but I guess I am just not very good at reading these things :) (which is probably why I also have trouble against some AI formations :lol:)

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17 hours ago, CARRERA said:

is there a correlation between loosing momentum and the area of the pitch where your team regains possession is dropping lower? If both drop it may be a fatigue problem.

Good question - where can I find that in the data hub? Does it break it down by half? (Sorry, I'm not particularly good at understanding what the data hub is supposed to be telling me at times :lol:)

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2 hours ago, duff33 said:

where can I find that in the data hub? Does it break it down by half?

The data hub doen't break it down by half but you can go back to each match and look at the data in the second half and compare that to the first half but keep in mind that subs can make it look weird at times.

The "problem" with the data hub is that it's useless if you don't know how your tactic plays for example if I'm playing a low block counter attacking style and I don't know what that means, If I look at the data hub and see that we don't have a lot of possession or we are a little bit wasteful with the ball I might be worried but If I know exactly how the tactic plays then I know it's to be expected and I just need to find a way to make better use of the ball 

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