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Improve Staff Who Sign Players


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I don't really understand if there is any logic involved with staff who are assigned to sign players, is it literally random?

I have a Head of Youth Development, the idea is I assign him to make bids on promising young players. This hasn't worked properly for the last the two releases, but it does seem to be working for me this time round.

The issue I have is the dude continuously bids for the same player position..... Every few weeks he bids for 16 year old striker, some of which are completely useless. They get D- rating if I sign them sometimes, I assume the idea is he supposed ot be scouting them, thats why when they sign the club gives them a rating. Is he knowingly bidding for terrible talents who the club know aren't going to make it?

Surely the way this should work is the HoYD bids for players how will fit the managers system, so players who are at least reasonable at the roles in your starting formation.

Surely he should then bid for the players that particular squad needs, not the same role over and over again. So buy a ST, then a MC etc. etc. When you have a team he can start buying reserves for these postiions. When he has a full squad he stops buying players.

To me it just feels like he makes a random bid every few weeks. If it doesn't work like this then more should be done as this is how it feels, it seems to be a completely redundant feature and really takes away from the immersion. Is there even a point hiring higher skilled staff for these roles etc.?

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