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Make new features matter and give a step up on PvP


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I play the game since 1998, i love it but every year i feel the same, with 0 changes on the heart of the game. Ok we all take our favourite team or a small or big team and we conquer our nation or the world. This year you gave us datahub, previous years you gave us improved training and so on... but nothing matters if you got that overpowered tactic that wins it all. There are so many youtubers, so many sites and every year, every update, everyday they will find overpowered unreal tactics that break the ME. I wil not accept "you must have the right players blah blah blah". We all know how it works. Don't tell me "you can make your own difficulty with the way you play the game bla bla". ΅

We want to play online, we want to  interact with each other, this will give a magic boost to the game, it will take it to a whole different level. You gonna give us the draft for online but it will be less enjoyable than people think. I will explain myself better. Overachieving on a normal way is acceptable if you do what you have to at all parts of the game. Let's say you have a great tactic, ok but you have to do  the training for this tactic and you have to adjust a few only things every match and you have to do all the right things (take data from datahub and apply so you can make use of this great new feature, listen to your staff, apply the "normal and right principles" of the game so you can overachieve. But even if you do all these, the overachieving must have a roof. I cannot win the champions league with a team that is only for europa league conference, it should never happen with players that have 11-12-13 attributes just because there is a gamebreaking tactic and you plug it in.

Don't start asking for my save or what team i had what players etc... You all get what i mean if you play the game for years now.

When i play alone the game i play it as realistic as i can, but nothing compares with online, to play with 10 more people.. This is the game.. This is the future of the game and it must be.. People want just to win fast and easy, they don't want to get through the whole game and feel the whole experience of it and of all the new features that every year are introduced. Overachieving must be happening only when you do right everything on everypart of the game. A good run is ok, its fine if you take 4th place with Aston Villa and once in 10 or 20 years a "Leicester" win the league, but it's not right if you win the Champions League with Fiorentina at 2nd year with no transfers and just a plug and play tactic and nothing more.

The game breaks online even if a small part of people takes advantage of the exploit tactics and there will be always these people around online, so SI must apply hotfixes to balance the game, they must be tracking of the overpowered unreal tactics. Balance on everything, take FM one step ahead, you can't deliver us the game for a life just for single mode mostly. Online is the future and pvp gonna take the game to the sky. Don't sit on the game. Small things can make it even greater. Just few and small things.

Sorry for being long, i just felt i want to say all these things for those years i had with the game. "It's not just a game for us"

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I play the game since 96 (the days of Championship Manager 2 season 96/97).

I think the game is wonderful but I have some suggestions for improvement please,

List of improvements and requests for game developers:

1. Possibility to talk with players and staff outside my club. try to convince them to come to my club, develop relationships, talk to player agents, develop relationships with them, talk to club owners and have personal conversations.

2. More options and conversations with players and staff within my club.

3. During a game add the possibility to press the bench players and they will start training on the lines and this will improve and inspire the players who are currently playing in the active game lineup. 

4. Add the stadium picture to the stadium description. 

5. Add the ability to change sponsor or discuss with a current sponsor a new contract. As for sponsors, you can add real companies from the reality that will want to advertise with you and thus get some extra money from advertising in the game. 

6. When a player refuses a new contract I offer him, it does not make sense that if he refused once he does not want to talk to me anymore or not talk for two/three  weeks, because I want to improve the contract I offered him and meanwhile enough weeks pass that another club offers him a better deal. 

7. Audio Commentary in game 

8. A more realistic press conference, with a room and speech simulation of all present, photographers and journalists in the audience. 

9. Improve fan graphics in the stands, their movements and fan songs. 

10. There is a situation in the game where you take a championship in an unrecognized and unqualified league in Europe (like Israel, for example) and yet after a year or two you get job offers from leading teams in Europe it really does not make sense and needs to be improved. I took a championship with Maccabi Haifa in Israel and got an offer to coach Atletico Madrid, it really does not make sense (by the way I refused, because I wanted to build a better team). Please improve so that there is a more real feeling to the game. There are coaches in the Israeli league who took a championship 3 years in a row and in the end were fired from the league and moved to weaker teams in the league and certainly did not receive job offers from very high quality teams like Atletico Madrid. Even in reality a coach who takes a championship in Portugal with Sporting after a season or two will not receive offers from very high quality teams in Europe.


I would be very happy to receive a reference
Thank you very much!

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  • SI Staff

In response to the OP, improving our online modes and capabilities is something we are working on and striving to achieve, and while it may not be quick to implement, I assure you it's something we have under careful consideration as to how best approach it. :) 

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