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MP High Octane Vertical Football (3-5-2 | 3-4-1-2 | 3-4-3) FM21 and 22

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Hello fellow managers, so I just decided to post and share my tactics. I've been using them since the last FM21 patch and current patch on FM22, nothing really changed in the tactics, just a nuance in the 3-4-3 with the WCB. I do not recomend using the WCB in this 3-5-2, only in the 3-4-3.





The Tactics

3-5-2 (main one)













Some guidelines for some positions (VERY IMPORTANT!)

GK - Good Long Range Passing Ability

WB(R)(L) - Pace, Strenght, Resistance, Dribling, Crossing, Good Defensive abilities all round

CD - Tall, Strong, Pace, Good passing ability

DM - Tall, Strong, Pace, Good passing ability

CM (L) - He's your number 8, the lung of the team, he needs to fit the needs of a box-to-box midfielder, the reason why I chose the generic CM role instead of the B2B was that in some matches I need a more creative player in that position and a generic role lets me play more with players traits and profile.

CM (R) - He's your creative outlet. Pace, strong on the ball, good dribbler, passer, crosser, you can even adapt a winger in this position if he has the mental stats for it. (These are the ones who will also play behind the striker in the 3-4-3)

CF - Like the role sugests, he's complete, needs to be good on the ball, but he also needs to have a good phyisical ability, not only is he important in providing precision and decision making moments in attack he also provides alongside with the AF a strong first press (Doesn't work so well in FM22, altough the latest patch did find some improvements as we are being able to create problems again with the press)

AF - He and the CF will be making a lot of counter movements, making the defenders "dance" from position. The AF is a strong, quick and phyically imposing player, tall, and with the plus of being a decent crosser at least since he is going to be making a lot of movements on the wing, trying to stretch that defensinve line.

I use the 3-5-2 against teams who use an offensive mid

3-4-3 vs 3-4-3 or 4-3-3

3-4-1-2 vs. 4-4-2 or lower league sides (switch back to the 3-5-2 if the opponent is causing problems)

MP 352.fmf

mp 3412.fmf

mp 343.fmf


Well, that's enjoy

PS: This is not plug and play, it won't win 100% of the games, nor I guarentee you'll win the Champions League right away :D But if you follow the guidelines for each position, you should do fine.



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