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World Cup / Major Competition Stadiums


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Hi guys

Something I was thinking about when looking at the World Cups, and Stadiums in general recently on wikipedia in a lunch break. I was looking at this article in particular: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FIFA_World_Cup_stadiums

Whenver a major tournament / event comes around, such as the World Cup, one of the following scenarios occurs:

- If it's already a major footballing nation, in general you have a mixture of the biggest stadiums in the country (Wembley in England for Euro 2020, Parc de Princes in World Cup 1998) and rebuilding / modernising major football clubs stadiums; a good example would be Germany 2006 - Dortmund's Westfalenstadion (Signul Iduna Park) was modernised, the Allianz Arena was built and subsequently used by Bayern and 1860 Munich, and so on. From my research, the clubs (or at least the owners) bid to be a "host city" and then subsequently rebuild / modenise their stadium for use at the world cup, and therefore beyond. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FIFA_World_Cup_stadiums#2006

- If the infastructure is already (Euro 2020) then it's simply a case of the best stadiums in each city being used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020#Group_stage_hosts

- UCL and USC finals can be held at newly rebuilt stadiums, who have bid for the purpose. Cardiff City Stadium was updated for the SC final a few years ago, with an additional tier added (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiff_City_Stadium#Stadium_expansion)

- If it's a really small nation, then sometimes the stadiums are built on a semi-temporary basis, not being used after the event, or if used for another sport (Olympics / Commenwealth Games!!) with a reduced capacity thereafter. The Olympic Stadium used in London 2012 was repurposed for West Ham with a reduction from 80,000 to 66,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Stadium Or World Cup  2014, the Brasilia Stadium (Estadio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha) is now used as a bus car park. https://says.com/my/sports/here-s-what-happened-to-stadiums-after-world-cup-matches


My idea is to implement at least some of this into the game.

- As a club, if the host is from my nation, perhaps we could submit a bid to be host, either with the current stadium or with a rebuilt / new stadium?

- Perhaps we could bid to host a major tournament final (UCL or similar) with the same concept?

- Perhaps there would be funding available from the host country?

- Perhaps, after a major tournament / event is held in a country we could bid to move into that stadium, just like West Ham did?

- Perhaps we could choose to sell our assets off if we are a small nation that won the WC rights (South Africa, for example)?

- If managing a national team, maybe we could submit a bid to host a WC and there would be a small "choose your best legends to help promote it" type idea, such as asking Lampard and Gerrard to help with a WC bid?

Or make the above at least a board request! :)

I think it would be a neat feature, and would be an alternative way of boosting a nations chances at moving up the league ranks, or helping an individual club (say if Portugal hosted a WC, I could submit for a stadium expansion).


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I suspect that none of what you suggest would be within the remit of any club/international manager. Bids, costings and organisation for any major tournament are done by bid committees and the team manager would have no input at that stage.

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  • SI Staff

Seconding what Fraz has said I'm afraid, it wouldn't fall under the jurisdiction of the club manager to organise this. 

That said, nationwide stadium improvements when a host nation is chosen is something I'll put forward to see if it's feasible. :)

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