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Enock Asante- How is he this good?

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He's apparently inconsistent and hates big matches, and although he works hard and has strong physical ability, his highest technical attribute is a heading of 11.


However, over 3 seasons he's almost scored a goal a game for me in both Vanarama North, Conference, and now in League 2.


I can't figure out quite how he's being so effective.




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Just played one more match. 3-1 victory, Asante hat-trick (3 headers from open play).

Upon reflection, I think he scores as many goals as he does due to his acceleration, pace and work rate letting him move to quickly get onto the end of 'bad' crosses, which takes him away from his marker so he gets a lot of free headers which he usually scores. I think around 80% of his goals come from headers.

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From my experience of non/lower league management, athletic stats are weighted a lot heavier than technicals.  He seems to be really balanced physically and has a good level of intelligence for that level of the game, and that can be all that's needed really! I had similar with Rakish Bingham at Ebbsfleet, at League One level the issues start to creep in..

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