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Editor tool issues


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For some unbeknownst reason when using the editor tool, the 'people' database tab does not show any player details. It is the only tab where this occurs.

I can search for people in the database and the result will be returned, however the fields will be blank. For example if I search for Lionel Messi, 2 results will be returned, but the only way I can differentiate these blank results is to click in to them and see which is which. 

Has anybody else stumbled across this issue? It's only happened since today, no idea why, happens with the base database as well as any editor data I load. 


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14 minutes ago, Fredrik said:



These can be used to only see the columns you want to see. Maybe one day you're editing contracts and the other day abilities. I created a new custom view. Next time I opened the editor I had the error. 



That's worked perfectly my man. Hopefully I can avoid the potential crash. 


Thanks a lot.


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