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"Team Bonding" and "Community Outreach".

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I am currently using BTN's 2022 training schedules and has neither of the above figure in his schedules. I am doing very well with Millwall, top 6 in prem. Question is, I try and squeeze at least 2 team bonding and 1 community outreach per month. Is this enough or should I be using more or less? Or do they really matter?


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Very useful if you have low team cohesion and/or your happiness is suffering.  When you first take over a team or bring in a lot of new players, cohesion will be low.  The tradeoff is that you spend less time developing your players' attributes, tactics, fitness.  But these training sessions will improve playing form. 

Both sessions are very low intensity so I use them instead of Rest sessions (but never the first session the day after a match).  For example, after 'Match Practice', you can insert 'Team Bonding' with almost no additional burden on your players. 

I use 'team bonding' more but stop using it after cohesion goes up.

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