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Manager Press Releases/Actions


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Hello everyone! 

I had been talking with some members of the community recently and I got an interesting idea that could be featured on the next versions of the game. 

Why the managers can't call for a press release? It could be valuable to say something about a player you are trying to acquire, or to make critics to your own players or board. Some ideas like that. 

It could be possible as well to announce you are leaving a club when the season ends or when a particular tournament gets finished. For an example, I am currently coaching a club and a national team. I am not interested to continue for another four years cycle for the World Cup, but I want to play the continental tournament that is close in the calendar. I would like to announce that I will be coaching the team in the tournament and, doesn't matter the outcome, I will be leaving as soon as it ends. So I could call for a press release to announce it, so the federation could already start seeking for another manager to sub me as I am leaving just after the completion of the continental tournament. 

Also it would be nice for us to ask to give an interview as well, so it would be nice to choose a topic to talk about and see how it impacts on the football world, not only answer random questions to media and normal press releases before games, after and when announcing new signings. That's very common in real life. 

That's something we can build on. I would like to know your feedback. 


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Definitely a nice idea but one we don't currently have the capabilities of implementing - imagine how many possible reasons we'd have to list to call that initial press conference!

We'll consider it in future, but not one we can do much about just now. :) 

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