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After this update (1207) I can't Use hidden stage (stage 0) to get promotion team for league

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In some reseaon, i need a whole league teams (14 team) to get last year 6-14 team play small qualify league and cup to get 8 team play regular league.
then get promotion teams.

So i make 14 team table in stage 0, in order to get position last year. but i don't wanna show this stage, so i hide it.
then i use league fate action to trans regular league (stage4) promotion team to stage 0.
It work correctly whatever stage 0 is hidden stage or not before.

but after new update, it only work when stage 0 is not hidden stage. ( if don't choice this level, let league as inactive league , it worked too)
when hidden, it will show no promotion teams at this league.
all rule are the same. just choose hidden stage or not.
is it new bug or new policy?

anyone have same problem?

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