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Game still won't show created players! Even after the 22.2 update.


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I hope you reported it. 

6 hours ago, TheMadScientistFM said:

The game still can't load all changes made in the editor. I have merged two files into one using the editor. But when i load the file in FM22 the game only shows some of the created players. Any work around this ? Please help.



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There is a bug for it. Just say that when checking after the update this has not been fixed.

I don't know if you will get any confirmation that it was or wasn't fixed, but it will make sure it stays on the radar.


Also seeing another Editors Mod has already added to the thread.

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I am getting the same still after the update. I've not checked players, but all staff added just don't show in game. 

I don't want to, but only thing I've yet to try is recreate the entire thing from scratch. Just want to rule out anything bad being carried over in the saved editor file.

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