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Contract Promises - Why isn't this offer "better" than what the agent wants?

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I'm playing as Celtic on FM 2022 XBox Edition (via Windows Store - bought outright).


I'm trying to sign Patrick Cutrone on a pre-contact.  I have made multiple attempts to do so since his contract entered the last 6 months.

However, I can't get past the "Contract Promises" stage.    The reason is his agent believes I'm not offering what he expects.   I think I am - indeed I think I'm offering better than he expects,


I'm looking for an explanation on why this might happen, and what I could/should do different.


Specifically, in my first offer, one of the promises asked for by his agent was "Win a domestic cup in 2023/24".  I changed this to "Win the cinch Premiership in 2023/24" which is a better competition to win (i.e. win the league rather than domestic cup).

Since then, no matter what I promise, the agent is always unhappy that I've not offered what he wanted.  And I can't understand why that's the case.


Some screenshots to show the problem.

1. Scout Report - Note that his Transfer Interest is "Extremely Interested"



2. Contract Promises when I try to offer him a contract now.


NOTE: I believe some of the disinterest is due to repeated attempts by me.


First question

- Why are some contract promises in Orange (i.e. small orange icon next to them)?

I interperet this as "this is what Patrick Cutrone, or his agent, wants me to offer".  It may be what I offered last time.


3. Change the contract promises

Now look at what happens when I change the contract promises (long-term aim now win a domestic cup in 2023/25) - this is what I recall his agent asked for first time I tried to sign him.



Further Questions

- Why do the promises now have a White Logo next to them?

- Why do they remain white when I change it back to "Win the cinch Premiership in 2023/24"?

- I also note it remains white unless I press "Reset"


Fundamentally - it seems to me that changing Long-term aims for the club promise from "Win a domestic cup in 2023/24" to "Win the cinch Premiership in 2023/24" on my first discussion with the agent has meant I have no route back.


I've got a save to look at too - Celtic-PartrickCutrone-Promises.fm - from just before this negotiation, but not earlier.   It has been uploaded to the ownCloud.


I had initially thought to raise as a bug - but I'm not sure if I have just misunderstood the promises or the meaning of the coloured icons. 

I'd love to have a route back for this one - Cutrone on a Free Transfer is a good signing for a Gegenpressing team (and he was a legend for me in FMT 21).


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